Final Destination 2

Final Destination 2

4.3 18
Director: David R. Ellis

Cast: Ali Larter, A.J. Cook, Michael Landes


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Death lurks, and two teenage girls try to figure out where he's heading, in this sequel to the unexpected teen horror hit Final Destination. As Clear Rivers (Ali Larter), the only surviving passenger of the ill-fated Flight 180, waits in a mental institution, certain Death will claim her, Kim (A.J. Cook), who has begun to display precognitive powers, is drivingSee more details below


Death lurks, and two teenage girls try to figure out where he's heading, in this sequel to the unexpected teen horror hit Final Destination. As Clear Rivers (Ali Larter), the only surviving passenger of the ill-fated Flight 180, waits in a mental institution, certain Death will claim her, Kim (A.J. Cook), who has begun to display precognitive powers, is driving along the highway when she sees a terrible accident in which several cars crash into a logging truck. Moments later, the horrible vision is gone, but Kim is certain she saw an accident that was supposed to happen but didn't...and now Death will track down the souls he meant to take that day who slipped through his fingers. A police officer, Thomas Burke (Michael Landes), believes there's a germ of truth in Kim's story, and teams her up with Clear in hopes that together they can help prevent Death from snuffing out any more of the people involves in the accident that wasn't. Tony Todd also returns from the first film as Mr. Bludworth.

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Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
Can we really cheat fate? That’s the question posed in this suspenseful sequel to the surprise horror hit of 2000. It begins vividly, just like the first Final Destination, with the leading character having a precognition of disaster. Twentysomething Kimberly Corman (played by relative screen newcomer A. J. Cook) is driving with three friends in an SUV when she suddenly has a vision of an apocalyptic traffic accident. Her quick thinking later averts a tragedy just like the one she imagined, but when the people apparently slated to die in that accident subsequently meet death in grisly ways, Kimberly becomes convinced that a malevolent fate is responsible. The first film’s only survivor, the oddly named Clear Rivers (again played by Ali Larter), returns to do battle with the unseen force of destiny she believes to be stalking her. Director David R. Ellis knows his mandate: He expends his creative energies on the death scenes, which are numerous in variety and hideously gruesome in execution; although he does so at the expense of character development or any deeper focus on potential ambiguities in the narrative that would foster psychological terror. The special effects are unusually convincing -- so much so that viewers with queasy stomachs might be well advised to seek gentler entertainment. But diehard horror fans will enjoy this cinematic wallowing in blood and gore. Final Destination 2 is one of those rare sequels that delivers exactly what it promises, in quality and quantity greater than its predecessor's.
All Movie Guide
With mixed reviews and a domestic gross just north of 50 million dollars, Final Destination was an unlikely candidate to spawn a sequel, despite its slick (and wickedly morbid) execution of a smart concept. But Final Destination 2 justifies all risks taken to give it a theatrical release, as a mostly new cast and crew reproduce the original formula in a manner that may actually be more self-assured and satisfying. It's certainly funnier, though most of the laughter comes in the form of head-shaking howls at the gruesome and gory abruptness of the deaths. J. Mackye Gruber's script understands how to set up these punchlines through seat-squirming red herrings -- the audience can't bear to watch a dentist aim his hypodermic needle at an impending victim's gums -- so even when viewers telegraph the twists that are meant to defy their expectations, it's still cathartic. The adroit staging of these scenes, veritable montages of fatal coincidence, makes it easier to forgive director David R. Ellis for overusing them to the point of redundancy. The film even constructs a somewhat intelligible plan to flout Death's design that links to the first film, though viewers should be prepared to make concessions in the logic department. Final Destination 2 reiterates the best strength of its surprisingly fertile franchise: a liberating format that doesn't rely on serial killers pouncing from the shadows, instead indulging in a genuinely inventive and comic view of predestined doom.

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Product Details

Release Date:
Original Release:
Alliance Canada
Region Code:
[Wide Screen]

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Ali Larter Clear Rivers
A.J. Cook Kimberly Corman
Michael Landes Thomas Burke
Terrence "T.C." Carson Eugene Dix
Jonathan Cherry Rory
Keegan Connor Tracy Kat
Sarah Carter Shania
Lynda Boyd Nora Carpenter
David Paetkau Evan
Justina Machado Isabella Hudson
James N. Kirk Tim Carpenter
Tony Todd Mr. Bludworth
Enid-Raye Adams Dr. Kalarjian
Andrew Airlie Mr. Corman
Don Bell Biker
Chilton Crane Mrs. Gibbons
Cam Cronin Paramedic at Hospital
Aaron Douglas Deputy Steve
Marke Driesschen Host
Noel Fisher Brian Gibbons
Marrett Green Anchorman
Benita Ha Dental Receptionist
Sarah Hattingh Nurse in Delivery Room
Fred Henderson Dr. Lees
Alfred E. Humphreys Mr. Gibbons
Rheta Hutton On-Ramp Lady
Christina Jastrzembska Administrator
Eric Keenleyside Deputy Suby
Jill Krop Anchorwoman
Jenny Lang Young Woman
Darcy Laurie Man in Elevator
Mark Lukyn Rescue Worker
Alison Matthews Physician
Odessa Munroe Biker's Girlfriend
Eileen Pedde Anaesthesiologist
David Purvis Guest
Alex Rae Dano
Klodyne Rodney Obstetrician
Shaun Sipos Frankie
Veena Sood ER Nurse
John Stewart Paramedic at Farm
John Stewart Paramedic at Farm
Lorne Stewart Skate Rat
John R. Taylor Man With Hooks

Technical Credits
David R. Ellis Director
Chris Bellamy Makeup Special Effects
Michael S. Bolton Production Designer
Heike Brandstatter Casting
Richard Brener Executive Producer
Eric Bress Original Story,Screenwriter
Josy Capkun Asst. Director
Gary Capo Cinematographer
Christopher Clark Makeup Special Effects
Douglas Craik Camera Operator
Toby Emmerich Executive Producer
Paul Garrison Asst. Director
Catherine Gaulin Makeup Special Effects
Scott Martin Gershin Sound/Sound Designer
Justis Greene Co-producer
J. Mackye Gruber Original Story,Screenwriter
Sheila Hanahan Associate Producer
Nicola Irwin Set Decoration/Design
Richard Marmion Makeup Special Effects
Jarrett P. Mass Makeup Special Effects
Nathaniel Massey Camera Operator
Coreen Mayrs Casting
Matt Moore Executive Producer
Yukiyo Okajima Makeup Special Effects
John Papsidera Casting
Ralph Parker Sound Mixer
Craig Perry Producer
WCT Productions Makeup Special Effects
Jeffrey Reddick Executive Producer,Original Story
Louise Roper Set Decoration/Design
Eric Sears Editor
Cinema Production Services Special Effects
Ric Stephens Makeup Special Effects
Jim Steuart Art Director
Vicki Syskakis Makeup Special Effects
Maureen Terezakis Makeup Special Effects
Bill Terezakis Makeup Special Effects
Berengaria Tomkies Asst. Director
Debbie Vandelaar Makeup
Shirley Walker Score Composer
Pete Whyte Asst. Director
Donna Williams Set Decoration/Design
Jori Woodman Costumes/Costume Designer
Vince Yoshida Makeup Special Effects
Warren Zide Producer

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