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Director: Robert Schwentke

Cast: Jodie Foster, Peter Sarsgaard, Sean Bean


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A woman is forced to prove her own sanity to save the life of her daughter in this taut thriller. Kyle Pratt (Jodie Foster) is a successful aircraft designer who has recently been dealing with the traumatic death of her husband. After traveling to Berlin on business with her six-year-old daughter, Julia (Marlene Lawston), Kyle falls asleep on their flight back to New… See more details below


A woman is forced to prove her own sanity to save the life of her daughter in this taut thriller. Kyle Pratt (Jodie Foster) is a successful aircraft designer who has recently been dealing with the traumatic death of her husband. After traveling to Berlin on business with her six-year-old daughter, Julia (Marlene Lawston), Kyle falls asleep on their flight back to New York, only to discover that her daughter has gone missing. While not knowing where Julia has gone is troubling enough, even more disturbing is the insistence by sky marshal Gene Carson (Peter Sarsgaard) and Captain Rich (Sean Bean) that no records indicate that the child ever boarded the jet. As Kyle becomes increasingly desperate to find her daughter, she must prove to the men in charge that her daughter did in fact board the plane with her, and that this turn of events is not a product of her imagination. But if Julia has gone missing, who has taken her and why? Also starring Erika Christensen and Kate Beahan, Flightplan was the first English-language feature from German director Robert Schwentke.

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Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
A chilling variation on the old “locked room” whodunit, Flightplan is a tense thriller that, like the best of that type, tells a highly improbable story with cold, implacable logic. Jet-propulsion engineer Kyle Pratt (Jodie Foster), accompanied by her young daughter, Julia (Marlene Lawston), flies from Berlin to New York on an airliner she helped design. The journey is already a sad one for Kyle: She’s bringing home the body of her recently deceased husband. But the trip gets worse when she wakes up from a mid-flight nap to find Julia gone -- and nobody remembers having seen the child to begin with. Working from a nearly airtight script, director Robert Schwentke (Tattoo) extracts the fullest possible measure of suspense from every sequence. His job is made easier by Foster’s sensational performance. The Oscar-winning actress is so convincing as the distraught, tightly wound -- and possibly mentally disturbed -- widow that you’ll begin to wonder if the child isn’t a figment of her overworked imagination. The supporting players deliver naturalistic, casual portrayals that reinforce Schwentke’s depiction of a normal transatlantic flight thrown into turmoil by the increasingly harsh ravings of what appears to be a deranged woman. Peter Sarsgaard is competence personified as a no-nonsense air marshal; Sean Bean impresses as the concerned captain; and Erika Christensen shines as a sympathetic flight attendant. For its first two-thirds the film recalls Alfred Hitchcock’s classic The Lady Vanishes, but the third act shifts into action-movie mode and brings to mind Die Hard, among others. Once the film is over you may be able to chip away at the solution and find some inconsistencies, but while it’s unfolding Flightplan will keep you glued to your seat -- and that’s just what you want in a nail-biter, isn’t it?

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Touchstone / Disney
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[Full Frame]
[Dolby AC-3 Surround Sound]
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Special Features

Closed Caption; "The In-Flight Movie: The Making of Flightplan" featurette; "Cabin Pressure: Designing the Aalto E-474" featurette; Filmmaker audio commentary

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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Jodie Foster Kyle Pratt
Peter Sarsgaard Gene Carson
Sean Bean Captain Rich
Kate Beahan Stephanie
Michael Irby Obaid
Erika Christensen Fiona
Shane Edelman Mr. Loud
Mary Gallagher Mrs. Loud
Brent Sexton Elias
Judith Scott Estella
Marlene Lawston Julia
Assaf Cohen Ahmed
Haley Ramm Brittany Loud
Forrest Landis Rhett Loud
Jana Kolesarova Claudia
John Benjamin Hickey David
Matthew Bomer Eric
Gavin Grazer FBI Agent
Christopher Gartin Mike
Bess Wohl Katerina
Kirk B.R. Woller Grunick
Stephanie Faracy Anna
Christian Berkel Mortuary Director
Cooper Thornton West
Klaus Schindler Metal Detector Guard #1
Eva Plackner Ion Tracker Guard #1
Amanda Brooks Irene
Jesse Burch Row 19 Male Passenger
Greta Scacchi Therapist
Drake Johnston Main Deck Kid
Lois Hall Main Deck Grandma
Dirk Vahle Helicopter Pilot

Technical Credits
Robert Schwentke Director
Deborah Aquila Casting
Florian Ballhaus Cinematographer
Roy Barnes Set Decoration/Design
Steve Barsony Set Decoration/Design
Annette Borgmann Casting
Sarah Bowen Associate Producer
Mick Cukurs Set Decoration/Design
Robert DiNozzi Executive Producer
Tony Donno Stunts
Peter A. Dowling Screenwriter
Christopher Duskin Camera Operator
Timothy M. Earls Set Decoration/Design
Robert Eber Sound Mixer
Eagle Egilsson Cinematographer
Megan Godfrey Stunts
Nina Gold Casting
Hector M. Gonzalez Set Decoration/Design
Adrian H. Gorton Set Decoration/Design
Brian Grazer Producer
David Hallinan Asst. Director
Alexander Hammond Production Designer
Julie Hewett Makeup
James Horner Score Composer
Erica Huggins Executive Producer
Kevin Ishioka Art Director
Josh Kent Animator
Kim Robert Koscki Stunts
Sebastian Krawinkel Art Director
Gary Kudroff Set Decoration/Design
Colleen La Baff Makeup
Tom Lappin Camera Operator
Susan Lyall Costumes/Costume Designer
Picture Mill Producer
Marcel Muller Makeup
Thom Noble Editor
Harry E. Otto Set Decoration/Design
Sam Page Set Decoration/Design
Billy Ray Screenwriter
Simon Rhodes Sound Mixer
Andrew Rowlands Camera Operator
Lynn Salvatori Stunts
Petra Schaumann Makeup
Captain Barry Schiff Consultant/advisor
Valeska Schitthelm Makeup
Charles Schlissel Executive Producer
Jennifer Smith Casting
Vera Steimberg Makeup
Jordan Steinberg Set Decoration/Design
John Streiber Special Effects Supervisor
David G. Stump Cinematographer
Jon Title Sound/Sound Designer
Caroline Veyssiere Asst. Director
Michelle Vittone-McNeil Makeup
Jonathan Watson Asst. Director
Sylvia Wells Musical Direction/Supervision
James Whitaker Executive Producer
Joerg Widmer Camera Operator,Cinematographer
Gigi Williams Makeup
Tricia Wood Casting

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Flightplan
1. Opening Credits/Berlin
2. Departure
3. Boarding
4. Julia Is Missing
5. No Record
6. Cabin Search
7. Delusion or Reality?
8. Believing Something Else
9. Search the Holds
10. Descent
11. Demands
12. Arrival
13. Taken Away
14. End Credits
1. Proof

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