Forever Knight  - Trilogy Part 3

Forever Knight - Trilogy Part 3

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Cast: Geraint Wyn Davies, Nigel Bennett


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Barnes & Noble - Christina Urban
In the pre-David Letterman era, CBS stations briefly offered "Crime Time after Prime Time" following late local news, and the vampire-cop series Forever Knight was its Tuesday night staple. Low ratings and Letterman’s August ’93 arrival left the series in limbo, but the active Forever Knight fan base helped get the show revived in first-run syndication. Those same fans were vocal about the DVD releases as well, and now the Forever Knight Trilogy closes the coffin lid on the series. Star Geraint Wyn Davies is back as Nick Knight, the 13th-century vampire working as a cop in modern-day Toronto. He's aided by best friend (and secret paramour) Dr. Natalie Lambert (Catherine Disher), the medical examiner who knows his secret. And Nick's nemesis, Lucien LaCroix (Nigel Bennett), returns as the master vampire father figure who seeks to bring Nick back into his dark "family." Season 3 (airing in 1995) begins with a bang -- literally -- in "The Black Buddha" when a plane explodes, leading to the introduction of some new characters: police captain Joe Reese (Blu Mankuma), who takes over the 96th Precinct night shift; Tracy Vetter (Lisa Ryder), Nick's new partner; and Tracy's eventual love interest, Javier Vachon (Ben Bass), who also happens to be a vampire. Season 3 follows the regular police procedural-with-vampires twist, as Nick and Tracy investigate strange murders and vampire-related killings. The standouts of the season include "Night in Question," during which Nick is shot in the head but survives, thanks to his vampire nature; the return of Nick's vampire love, Janette (Deborah Duchêne), in "Human Factor"; the pivotal "Ashes to Ashes" features the evil Divia (Kathryn Long) and her mission of revenge against Lucien; and in "Last Knight," the series comes to a sad -- if satisfying -- conclusion. And keep an eye out for Anakin Skywalker himself, Star Wars' Hayden Christensen, in a small role in "Fallen Idol."

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