Foyle's War - Series 1-5

Foyle's War - Series 1-5

Cast: Michael Kitchen


History meets mystery in this award-wining PBS series (which originally aired on ITV in the U.K.), with four all-new feature-length episodes set at the height of World War II. Michael Kitchen returns as the laconic Christopher Foyle, detective chief superintendent in the British town of Hastings. War has torn the social fabric of thisSee more details below


History meets mystery in this award-wining PBS series (which originally aired on ITV in the U.K.), with four all-new feature-length episodes set at the height of World War II. Michael Kitchen returns as the laconic Christopher Foyle, detective chief superintendent in the British town of Hastings. War has torn the social fabric of this once-quiet coastal community, and Foyle's investigations explore the violence and opportunism that the conflict has fostered on the home front. Among the set's bonus features are a making-of documentary, production notes, and historical anecdotes behind each episode. The four mysteries on the set are from Seasons 4 and 5, and include:
"Invasion" (January 15, 2006) -- As the first American GIs arrive to build an airbase near Hastings, the murder of a barmaid further strains already tense relations between the locals and the Yanks.
"Bad Blood" (January 22, 2006) -- A top-secret experiment in biological warfare goes horribly wrong, complicating a murder investigation and threatening the life of Foyle's faithful driver, Sam (Honeysuckle Weeks).
"Bleak Midwinter" (February 11, 2007) -- The death of a young munitions worker and the murder of Paul Milner's (Anthony Howell) wife seem linked, and Foyle strives to clear his sergeant from suspicion.
"Casualties of War" (April 15, 2007) -- While investigating gambling and sabotage, Foyle takes in his troubled goddaughter and her severely traumatized son, who refuses to speak.Combining uncompromising historical accuracy with compelling mysteries, this acclaimed series continues with three feature-length episodes. Michael Kitchen stars as Detective Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle, investigating wartime crimes in an English coastal town. With the end of World War II slowly but inevitably approaching, Foyle and his fellow citizens learn the price of victory and face a peace that will transform their lives in unexpected ways. The Foyle mysteries costar Anthony Howell and Honeysuckle Weeks, and feature Nicholas Day, Malcolm Sinclair, Nicholas Woodeson, Duncan Bell, Julian Ovenden, Mark Bazeley, Julian Wadham, and Phyllida Law. The mysteries included here -- which aired on Britain's ITV in 2008 before making their way to the U.S. via PBS.-- include:

  • "Plan of Attack" (2008) -- With the Hastings police force suffering attrition and low morale, Foyle comes out of retirement to probe the mysterious death of a cartographer from the Air Ministry.
  • "Broken Souls" -- The murder of an ambitious young doctor at the local psychiatric clinic produces no shortage of suspects among the staff and patients, many of whom still experience the war's horrors.
  • "All Clear" -- With final victory expected any day, Hastings looks ahead to a radically different postwar life. But the end comes too soon for two men, one a murder victim, the other an apparent suicide.

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    The "Foyle" of the title is Detective Inspector Christopher Foyle (Michael Kitchen), and the "War," much to his chagrin, is one that he must engage in on English soil, while the real war against Germany takes place across the Channel on the Continent. Nonetheless, he is a formidable sleuth, and his cases reflect the turmoil and tensions of the WWII period, even if he isn't in the battle zone. Set 2 of Foyle's War includes the four films that aired weekly on Britain's ITV1 beginning November 16, 2003. The opener, "Fifty Ships," finds Foyle trying to solve a murder wherein his old flame (Jenny Wentworth) happens to be a suspect, while his young sidekick, Sam (Honeysuckle Weeks), looks for a new home after hers is bombed. Sam goes undercover in "Among the Few," as Foyle tries to flush out illegal petrol traders. Dastardly corporate doings draw our hero's attention in "War Games," when an unscrupulous businessman gets into bed with the Nazis. Finally, in "The Funk Hole," Foyle winds up on suspension from duty when he's charged with rumor mongering, which makes his investigation of the titular countryside retreat all the more challenging.
    All Movie Guide - Michael Hastings
    The initial four-mystery series of Foyle's War introduces Michael Kitchen as the program's titular detective. Set amidst the backdrop of England at the dawn of World War II, the first Foyle's War outing is The German Woman, which examines the effects of nationalist paranoia in the normally sleepy burgh of Hastings, where Foyle is stationed. It seems that a German immigrant has been interned by the local authorities in a manner so traumatic, it causes his wife to suffer a severe heart attack. As Foyle investigates the death, he learns that the town's detainment of Germans is more selective than one might think, and he begins to uncover suspicious activities that may have led to the woman's death. The White Feather revolves around The White Feather, a pro-fascism group that's gaining some support in Foyle's part of town. But when one of the group's most prominent members is shot at a rally, Foyle is left to sort out who did it: the young Jewish man beaten by some of the group's members, the boyfriend of a girl who's been indoctrinated into the group, or someone else entirely. The White Feather co-stars Anthony Howell as Foyle's home-from-the-war partner Paul Milner. A Lesson in Murder concerns the mysterious circumstances involving the death of a conscientious objector to the war effort. It seems that he died while in police custody, and the man who had him arrested, Judge Gascoigne (Oliver Ford Davies), is coming under a lot of scrutiny since the incident. Gascoigne rules over his court -- and his family -- with an iron fist; and, as a result, has made many a citizen more than a little perturbed. What's more, when Foyle learns of the secretive nature of the victim's former workplace -- a munitions factory -- he discovers yet another wrinkle to the case. Finally, in Eagle Day, Foyle and his partner Milner (Anthony Howell) struggle to uncover the killer of a young cab driver found stabbed to death in the midst of an air raid, with nothing on his person but a golden locket. As Foyle tries to trace the memento, complications arise as his pilot son Andrew (Julian Ovenden) arrives in Hastings, transferred by the R.A.F. to help test its radar system, the latest advance in British warfare. Andrew stumbles upon a cover-up of his own at his station, and soon both father and son are embroiled in a mystery larger than they could have imagined.

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