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Freak Show Box Set

Freak Show Box Set


Product Details

Release Date:
Image Entertainment
Region Code:
[Full Frame]
[Dolby Digital Mono]

Special Features

Fiendishly freaky trailers for Blood Freak, Blood Feast, Basket Case, The Blood Spattered Bride, Bloody Pit of Horror, Color Me Blood Red, She Freak, The Dorm That Dripped Blood, I Drink Your Blood/I Eat Your Skin, Night of the Bloody Apes, Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks and Flesh Feast; Shocking short subjects: The Monster and the Maiden, Beggar at the Gates, The Walls Have Eyes, A Day of Thanksgiving, Turkeys in the Wild, Frankenstein and the Naughty Nurse, Brad Grinter, Nudist and Narcotics, Pit of Despair; Basket Case audio commentary by director Frank Henenlotter and others; She Freak audio commentary by producer David F. Friedman; Basket case TV and radio spots, gallery of exploitation art and photos, video short In Search of the Hotel Broslin, outtakes and behind-the-scenes footage, clips from Beverly Bonner's Laugh Track and two radio interviews with actress Terri Susan Smith; Rare archival sound footage of actual 1930s carnival sideshow; Rare newsreel footage of Siamese twins, including the Hilton Sisters and the Gibb Sisters; Ghastly gallery of ghoulish comic cover art with horror audio rarities

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Allan Collins Hans
Sean McCabe Young Duane
William Bagdad "Pretty Boy"
Claire Brennan Jade Cochran
Kevin Van Hentenryck Duane Bradley
Rossano Brazzi Count Frankenstein
Tina Anderson Actor
Dana Culliver Actor
Ilze Balodis Social Worker
Lynn Courtney Pat Mullins
Michael Dunn Genz
Edmund Purdom Prefect Ewing,
Madame Lee Actor
Randy Grinter Actor
Terri Susan Smith Sharon
Beverly Bonner Casey
Bill McKinney Steve St. John
Gordon Mitchell Igor
Steve Hawkes Actor
Heather Hughes Actor
Tom Robinson Thief in Theater
Chris Babson Casey's Date
Robert Vogel Hotel manager
Diana Browne Dr. Judith Kutter
Maria T. Newland Patient

Technical Credits
Brad F. Grinter Director
Byron Mabe Director
Dick Randall Director
Frank Henenlotter Director
Steve Hawkes Director

Scene Index

Side #1 -- Basket Case
1. Main Title; First Strike! [3:31]
2. Hotel Broslin [8:51]
3. Nosy Neighbors [2:55]
4. A Visit to the Doctor [8:41]
5. All Worked Up [8:48]
6. Don't Touch That Dial [3:27]
7. Belial Goes Bonkers [9:09]
8. Brotherly Love [6:02]
9. The Split [4:49]
10. Apart, but Not Alone [6:36]
11. Simply Irresistible [7:19]
12. An Adolescent Punk With a Smoldering Grudge [4:47]
13. Jealousy [4:37]
14. A Horny Little Devil [7:11]
15. Falling Out [2:49]
16. End Credits [1:18]
Side #2 -- Blood Freak
1. The Definition of a Catalyst [2:09]
2. Main Title; Digging the Bible [11:03]
3. The Fantastic Order of Things [2:37]
4. Poolside Pot Party [5:54]
5. The Turkey Man [6:19]
6. Hooked! [3:41]
7. Tasty, Tainted Turkey Meat [5:18]
8. Herschell's New Head [6:30]
9. Homicidal Poultry [14:18]
10. Punishing the Pusher [10:01]
11. Mind Games [2:56]
12. Turning to God [5:15]
13. Ignoring the Warnings [1:45]
14. A New Beginning [1:59]
Side #3 -- She Freak
1. The Midway [3:01]
2. Main Title [4:29]
3. A Couple of Nobodies [6:09]
4. The Carnival Comes to Town [6:36]
5. Setting Up Shop [4:59]
6. The New Kid on the Block [6:36]
7. Break Time [5:08]
8. Va-voom! [1:31]
9. Girl Talk [4:23]
10. The Big Brawl [4:05]
11. A Whole New Life [8:11]
12. From the Heat to the Altar [8:12]
13. The Marriage Montage [4:50]
14. Carnival Tramp [7:30]
15. Shorty Shoves Off [4:24]
16. Vengeance Is Mine [2:45]
Side #4 -- Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks
1. Main Title; Necropolis [10:38]
2. The Arrivals [5:09]
3. More Than a Rumor [5:27]
4. Bumps in the Night [7:26]
5. Out of the Castle and Into the Woods [9:27]
6. A Peculiar Pair [4:49]
7. Goliath [2:31]
8. Cave of Desire [6:18]
9. Perverted Pigmy [7:55]
10. Flashback [4:06]
11. In the Name of Science [6:54]
12. Unshackled [8:41]
13. Killer Colossus [4:29]
14. The Big Brawl [2:01]
15. Mob Justice [3:23]
16. End Credits [:46]

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