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Frequency/John Q./Cellular

Frequency/John Q./Cellular

Director: David R. Ellis, Gregory Hoblit, Nick Cassavetes

Cast: David R. Ellis, Gregory Hoblit, Nick Cassavetes, Dennis Quaid


Product Details

Release Date:
New Line Home Video
Region Code:
[DTS 5.1-Channel Surround Sound, Dolby Digital Stereo, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Dennis Quaid Frank Sullivan
Denzel Washington John Q. Archibald
Kim Basinger Jessica Martin
Chris Evans Ryan
James Caviezel John Sullivan
Robert Duvall Frank Grimes
Andre Braugher Satch DeLeon
Eric Christian Olsen Chad
James Woods Dr. Raymond Turner
Elizabeth Mitchell Julia Sullivan
Jason Statham Ethan
Kimberly Elise Denise Archibald
Daniel E. Smith Mike Archibald
Matt McColm Deason
Noah Emmerich Gordon Hersch,Jack Tanner
Anne Heche Rebecca Payne
William H. Macy Mooney

Technical Credits
David R. Ellis Director
Gregory Hoblit Director
Nick Cassavetes Director

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Frequency
   Play Movie
   Audio Options
      5.1 Surround
      Stereo Surround
      English Subtitles: On/Off
   Scene Selections
   Special Features
      Audio Commentaries
         Director Gregory Hoblit
         Writer Toby Emmerich and Actor Noah Emmerich
         5.1 Isolated Music Track with Commentary by Composer Michael Kamen
      Fact & Trivia Track
      The Science Behind Frequency
         Play or Select a Topic:
            Solar Science
            Ham Radios
            Time Travel & Theoretical Physics
            Fighting Fires
            Creating Natural Phenomena for Film
      Deleted Scenes
         John Talks to Little Gordo
         Toby Emmerich Cameo
         Frank & Julia Dance
         Frank & Shep Confrontation
      Theatrical Trailer
      Conceptual & Solar Galleries
         Play Sequence Combined, using Four Angles
         Play Rough 3-D Animation
         Play Animation with Lighting
         Play Complex Animation
         Play Final Film
      Cast & Crew
         Dennis Quaid - Frank Sullivan
         Jim Caviezel - John Sullivan
         Elizabeth Mitchell - Julia Sullivan
         Andre Braugher - Satch DeLeon
         Noah Emmerich - Gordo Hersch
         Gregory Hoblit - Director
         Toby Emmerich - Writer
         Michael Kamen - Composer
      DVD ROM Game Demo
      New Line Home Entertainment
Disc #2 -- John Q.
   Play Movie
      What is infinifilm?
      Play infinifilm
      infinifilm Select a Scene
      infinifilm Features
         Beyond The Movie
            Fighting for Care Documentary
            infinifilm Fact Track
               Play infinifilm Fact Track
         All Access Pass
            Commentary with Director Nick Cassavetes, Screenwriter James Kearns, Producer Mark Burg and Director of Photography Rogier Stoffers
         All Access Pass
            Behind the Scenes of John Q.
            Deleted /Alternate Scenes with Director Commentary
               About HMOs
                  Play Without Commentary
                  Play With Commentary
               Mitch and John
                  Play Without Commentary
                  Play with Commentary
               Julie's Stand
                  Play without Commentary
                  Play with Commentary
               View All Deleted Scenes
                  Play without Commentary
                  Play with Commentary
            New Menu Item
            New Menu Item
   Set Up Screen and Sound Options
         Color Bars
         Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
         DTS 5.1 Surround
         Stereo Surround Sound
   Select a Scene
   Need Help
Disc #3 -- Cellular
   Play Movie
   Audio Set Up
      Audio Optimized for DVD No Equalization Required
      5.1 Dolby Digital Surround
      Stereo Surround Sound
         Subtitles: Off
   Select a Scene
   Special Features
      Deleted/Alternate Scenes
         Deleted/Alternate Scenes:
            Play All
               Play without Commentary
               Play with Commentary
            Alternate Ryan and Chad Intro
               Play without Commentary
               Play with Commentary
            Old Chad Scene
               Play without Commentary
               Play with Commentary
            Concert Introduction
               Play without Commentary
               Play with Commentary
            Chad Crowd Surfing
               Play without Commentary
               Play with Commentary
            Original Chloe Ending
               Play without Commentary
               Play with Commentary
            New Menu Item
      Feature Commentary with Director David Ellis, Larry Cohen and Chris Morgan
         Celling Out
         Dialing Up Cellular
         Code of Silence: Inside the Rampart Scandal
      Theatrical Trailer
      More From New Line
   DVD-ROM/Online Features
   New Line Home Entertainment

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