Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. - Season 1

Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. - Season 1

Cast: Jim Nabors, Frank Sutton


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Barnes & Noble - Donald Liebenson
Jim Nabors earned his stripes as Gomer Pyle on The Andy Griffith Show and was promoted to star in his own spin-off series. Surprise, surprise, surprise (as the unabashedly enthusiastic Gomer might say): In its debut season, Gomer Pyle marched right past Andy Griffith in the ratings to rank as television's No. 2 show. An even more pleasant surprise is that time has not jaded this series' simple pleasures. We also salute Frank Sutton as Sgt. Vince "I Can't Hear You" Carter, who is charged with transforming "good old happy Private Pyle" into a Marine. Nothing he does to make Gomer fear or hate him can wipe that goofy grin off Gomer's face. And nothing -- not an obstacle course, a barracks bully, a wilderness survival test, or even being set up to kiss the local bar's dreaded "Dragon Lady" -- gets him down. He never loses his indefatigable spirit, can-do attitude, and boundless optimism. We could use more like him on prime time. This five-disc set boasts some commanding extras, including new audio introductions for each episode by Nabors; the series' pilot episode as broadcast on The Andy Griffith Show; select commentaries by Nabors and costar Ronnie "Duke" Schell; a clip from The Lucy Show's "Lucy Gets Caught in the Draft" episode, in which Gomer makes an appearance; a sketch from The Jim Nabors Hour with Sutton; and an interview from The David Frost Show that captures the essence of Nabors's endearing aw-shucks personality.

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Audio intros by Jim Nabors; Audio commentaries by Jim Nabors and Ronnie Schell on select episodes; Pilot episode: "Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C." from the Andy Griffith Show; The Lucy Show clip "Lucy Gets Caught in the Draft"; Jim Nabors on the David Frost Show; Jim Nabors Hour clip

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