Good Night & Good Luck

Good Night & Good Luck


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Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
The legendary, televised showdown between veteran news broadcaster Edward R. Murrow and Cold War-era Communist hunter "Tail Gunner Joe" McCarthy is portrayed here by director George Clooney as an epic struggle between light and darkness. It's something of an oversimplification by Clooney, who has admitted he intended the film to be allegorical, a commentary on media complacency in an era of governmental overreach. In his eyes Murrow is a titan, a courageous Everyman who publicly challenges the motives and methods of a powerful U.S. senator who sees Commies everywhere, terrorizing an entire nation with his fear-mongering and intimidation. As played by David Strathairn, CBS commentator Murrow is an almost phlegmatic figure, impervious to both the obvious threats from McCarthy (seen only in actual newsreel footage and kinescopes of live broadcasts, a genius move by Clooney) and the thinly veiled ones from network boss William Paley (Frank Langella). Along with producer Fred Friendly (Clooney) and reporter Joe Wershba (Robert Downey Jr.), Murrow uses McCarthy's own words to pillory him, setting into motion a chain of events that culminates in the senator's discrediting and censure. In actuality, Tail Gunner Joe was already on the ropes when Murrow attacked him in the now-famous episode of See It Now, and the broadcaster's wryly delivered commentary didn't resonate with Americans nearly as much as the famous exchange between the senator and attorney Joseph Welch in the Army-McCarthy hearings of 1954. But why quibble about facts? Good Night, and Good Luck (whose title is Murrow's famous sign-off line) is a crackling good drama.
New York Post - Lou Lumenick
Vividly re- creates TV news icon Edward R. Murrow's historic face-off with Sen. Joseph McCarthy in devastatingly low-key detail -- is the right movie at the right time.
Newsweek - David Ansen
It's a passionate, serious, impeccably crafted movie tackling a subject Clooney cares about deeply: the duty of journalism to speak truth to power. It also happens to be the most compelling American movie of the year so far.

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Special Features

Closed Caption; Commentary by director/screenwriter George Clooney and producer/screenwriter Grant Heslov; Good Night, and Good Luck companion piece; Theatrical trailer

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Scene Index

Disc #1, Side B -- Good Night, and Good Luck: Standard Definition Version
1. 1958 Prologue [5:23]
2. Are You Now? [2:29]
3. Isn't It McCarthy? [4:16]
4. Talking Costs [2:56]
5. Dangerous Waters [3:37]
6. Running the Story [5:48]
7. Poke With a Stick [4:52]
8. Their First Shot [4:07]
9. Terror Right Here [4:21]
10. See You at the Office [1:30]
11. No Time to Keep Silent [6:32]
12. Feedback [5:58]
13. Tell What You Know [2:36]
14. Don't Read the Papers [3:45]
15. The Evil of It [4:34]
16. McCarthy Fires Back [4:39]
17. I Require No Lectures [3:56]
18. How High the Tragedy [3:40]
19. For the Greater Good [5:05]
20. Downfalls [4:12]
21. This Instrument [3:00]
22. End Credits [5:20]

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