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Hamish Macbeth: Series One

Hamish Macbeth: Series One

4.2 5

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Barnes & Noble - Christina Urban
Based on the mystery novels of M. C. Beaton, the 1995 BBC Scotland television version of Hamish Macbeth resembles more of a homey version of Monarch of the Glen than a whodunit murder mystery series. Full Monty star Robert Carlyle portrays Macbeth, a policeman in the sleepy Scottish Highland town of Lochdubh. Joined by his beloved West Highland terrier, Wee Jock, Macbeth keeps an eye on the colorful locals, including: father-and-son troublemakers Lachlan and Lachie Junior (Jimmy Yuill and Stuart Davids); village store owner Rory Campbell (Brain Pettifer) and his sweetheart, Esme (Anne Lacey); Barney Meldrum (Stuart McGugan) and his wife, Agnes (Barbara Rafferty), who operate the Lochdubh Hotel, the village's social center and pub; Doctor Dougal Brown (Duncan Duff); and buddy TV John (Ralph Riach). The object of Macbeth's affections is the laird's daughter, Alexandra Maclean (Valerie Gogan), who once had a passionate affair with him but is now blissfully ignorant of his continuing interest. But one Lochdubh resident has her eye on the policeman: local reporter Isobel Sutherland (Shirley Henderson). This Series 1 set includes six episodes: "The Great Lochdubh Salt Robbery"; "A Pillar of the Community"; "The Big Freeze"; "West Coast Story"; "Wee Jock's Lament"; and "A Bit of an Epic."

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Hamish MacBeth: Series One
1. No Police Involvement [5:32]
2. Entrepreneurs [5:43]
3. Baffling Burglary [4:16]
4. Lies [4:22]
5. Alex [3:50]
6. Where's Big Geordie? [8:06]
7. Fatal Errors [3:04]
8. War [6:56]
9. Golf Shoes [7:00]
10. End Credits [1:06]
1. The Chuck Sadler [6:52]
2. Heritage Hubbub [6:11]
3. Vanishing Culture [5:09]
4. Vendetta [6:12]
5. This Place! [4:59]
6. Police Incident [4:57]
7. Lochdubh Day [5:44]
8. End of the Trail [4:36]
9. Plans Gang Aft A-Gley [4:01]
10. End Credits [1:02]
1. Runaway Paperwork [4:20]
2. Inside Job [6:03]
3. Police Crackdown [5:25]
4. Interfacing Problems [4:41]
5. Not a Good Time [5:27]
6. A Problem With Me [4:33]
7. A Mess [7:51]
8. Manhunt [7:40]
9. School Prizes [2:29]
10. End Credits [1:04]
Disc #2 -- Hamish MacBeth: Series One
1. Visions [4:35]
2. It's Happened [5:36]
3. A Lot of Sympathy [5:01]
4. A Tip From Rose [4:16]
5. Following Premonitions [6:59]
6. Happy Campers [4:04]
7. Ghosts [8:37]
8. Frontier Justice [3:33]
9. Redemption [6:40]
10. End Credits [1:08]
1. Outward Bound [4:45]
2. All Present and Correct [5:16]
3. Welcome Back [5:50]
4. Dissension [5:39]
5. Let's Push On [3:20]
6. The Party Splits [7:56]
7. Mountain Rescue [4:32]
8. Conquering Fear [5:30]
9. Young Love [3:43]
10. End Credits [1:18]

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Hamish Macbeth: Series One 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
While I love this show, I was rather baffled at the fact that EVERYONE except Hamish is re-named (or eliminated altogether) from the books I love by MCBeaton. Although she's written about 2000 Hamish MacBeth books, I certainly didn't recognize any of her plots.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Curled_Up_and_Comfy More than 1 year ago
Rarely do I find a series that can make me laugh and cry and still love it. Great quirky characters but also great story lines. Serious with lighthearted comic relief or is it comedy with a darker side. Either way, I'm hooked. I too had a hard time understanding the Scottish accent-being from the Pacific Northwest USA. I watched the first 20 minutes 3 times until I learned to hear it properly. I still hit replay whenever a phrase catches my ear, and look it up online if I really want to know what it means-but so far most is self-explanitory. I am a huge Midsomer Murders fan. To compare: this series has more "heart and soul" than Midsomer which glues me to the t.v. but has never brought me to tears. But both rate high on the scale for great characters and script.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Hamish McBeth is a small town constable in the Scottish Highlands, charged with imposing the world's view of right and wrong upon a close knit community of personalities. In each episode, McBeth, along with his faithful dog "Wee Jock" and his assistant "TV John", inventively figure out the latest cause of concern within the community and solve it in a manner that best meets the needs of the community. This program highlights Scottish humour and sentimentality in a way that draws in viewers who delight in being entertained by programs that are both lighthearted and nonstressful. Some of the accents and phrases may be indecipherable to those who do not originate in the Scottish Highlands, but the fun of watching this program make the extra effort worthwhile.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Hamish McBeth (Robert Carlyle) is a constable content to stay in his small highland village. The characters in this series are all rather comically dysfunctional. Still, this series is weird but fun. But be warned, if you are a serious M.C. Beaton fan, the only resemblence between the series and her books is the name Hamish McBeth. She even wrote a book called "Death of a Script Writer". Kind of made me wonder. Anyway, I've enjoyed the series and the books.