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Hamlet 2

Hamlet 2

4.8 6
Director: Andrew Fleming,

Cast: Andrew Fleming, Steve Coogan, Catherine Keener, David Arquette

Steve Coogan stars in the comedy Hamlet 2, which follows a drama teacher who tries to put together a production of "Hamlet 2" to rescue his high-school theater department. Catherine Keener co-stars in the Andrew Fleming-helmed production.


Steve Coogan stars in the comedy Hamlet 2, which follows a drama teacher who tries to put together a production of "Hamlet 2" to rescue his high-school theater department. Catherine Keener co-stars in the Andrew Fleming-helmed production.

Editorial Reviews

All Movie Guide
The Apatow Revolution in comedy has been pretty cool; it's been refreshing to see movies taking their cues from the hilariously foul-mouthed young guys in this comedic cadre, where half the dialogue is improvised -- an easy task when the actors are all playing somebody we all seem to already know a version of in our real lives. The only problem is that between the Apatow crowd and its compatriot group the Frat Pack, the late 2000s don't provide much room in comedy for anything else. It's a shame, because it means that an awesomely crazy movie like Hamlet 2 could slip through the cracks. Let's be clear, though, this isn't a hokey, old-timey comedy. It's full of excellent deadpan sarcasm and the kind of total-madness non sequitur humor that's come to define modern comedy. It's also laden with just enough irreverence, shock, and subversion (there's an awesome musical number called "Raped in the Face"), not to mention tons of funny references that lampoon seemingly ephemeral and indefinable concepts with biting accuracy. It's just that, despite all this, it's also full of balls-out nerdery and silliness. Case in point, Steve Coogan plays lead character Dana, a relatively talentless actor who's climbed down the ladder from infomercials and ads for herpes meds to an unpaid job teaching drama at a high school in the human wasteland of Tucson, AZ. Coogan's performance as that certain brand of suicidally enthusiastic theater freak with unresolved daddy issues and a never-ending stream of babble about "craft" is spot-on. It's committed and hilarious and awesomely cringe-worthy, calling to mind the zany but weirdly true-to-life characters of Christopher Guest movies like Waiting for Guffman and A Mighty Wind. The movie also doesn't waste your time building up or resolving a complex plot, or endeavoring to endear the characters to you through stupid emotional blackmail. In fact, the film is pretty irreverent and unmerciful toward everybody, especially its main character, who works through his extended wince of a marriage (and fairly serious insecurities) with nary a teary-eyed close-up or piano-tinged moment of forced sympathy from the audience. As a result, somewhere in there we actually start to feel a little genuine compassion for Dana (and guys like him), despite (or maybe because of) the fabulously offensive sequel to Hamlet that he produces with his students, in which he himself plays the returned Jesus Christ -- back to Earth via a time machine, rather than the Rapture. The lack of contrived touchy-feeliness also has the added bonus of letting the movie opt out of wasting precious minutes of its runtime tying up loose ends for a neatly packaged ending. The film is silly, so the ending is silly -- and I won't give it away, but it involves Elisabeth Shue, who plays a version of herself almost as delicious as Neil Patrick Harris' fictionalized caricature in Harold and Kumar. Shue never takes ecstasy and steals anybody's car, but then again, Harris never put on a cute little nurse's uniform.

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Focus Features
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[Wide Screen]
[Dolby AC-3 Surround Sound]
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Special Features

Deleted scenes; Making Number 2; Sing Along with Hamlet 2

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Steve Coogan Dana Marschz
Catherine Keener Brie Marschz
David Arquette Gary
Marshall Bell Principal Rocker
Melonie Diaz Ivonne
Joseph Julian Soria Octavio
Skylar Astin Rand Posin
Phoebe Strole Epiphany Sellers
Michael Esparza Chuy
Arnie Pantoja Vitamin J
Natalie Amenula Yolanda
Nat Faxon Glenn From Copy Shop
Shea Pepe Noah Sapperstein
Elisabeth Shue Herself
Amy Poehler Cricket Feldstein
Marco Rodriguez Mr. Marquez
Deborah Chavez Mrs. Marquez
Kevin Wiggins Policeman #1
Johnnie Hector Policeman #2
Steve Corona Horace
Aaron Shriver Virgil
Josh Berry Mr. Mann
Margarita Wilder Julia de la Huerta
Evan Adrian Danny the Waiter
JD Garfield Man With Envelope
Mary Sue Evans Parent #1
Tomas Sanchez Parent #2
Mike Hatfield Man In Truck
John Hardman Old Dude
Stephen Eiland Scary Gang Banger
Cynthia Strauss Hysterical Woman
Will Gluck Man at Play #1
Tom Romero Man at Play #2
Jenny Gabrielle Prayer Girl
Frank Bond Ron From the Times
Todd Anderson Redneck Parent
Daniel Quinines Giggles

Technical Credits
Andrew Fleming Director,Executive Producer,Screenwriter
Guy Barnes Art Director
Albert Berger Executive Producer
Pam Brady Executive Producer,Screenwriter
Paul Cusak Sound/Sound Designer
Pam Dixon Casting
Eric Eisner Producer
Tony Fanning Production Designer
Michael Flynn Executive Producer
Jeff Freeman Editor
Alexander Gruszynski Cinematographer
Evan Lesser Associate Producer
Nicholas Mastandrea Asst. Director
Pam Dixon Mickelson Casting
Jill Newell Costumes/Costume Designer
Leonid Rozhetskin Producer
Jacob E. Ryan Associate Producer
Aaron Ryder Producer
Ralph Sall Score Composer
Ron Yerxa Executive Producer

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Hamlet 2
1. To Act is to Live [1:51]
2. Act I - The West Mesa High Spring Drama Spectacular [2:58]
3. The Only Elective [7:08]
4. Act 2 - Having Mexican Food [2:59]
5. Drama Canceled [4:25]
6. Finding Inspiration [6:35]
7. Act 3: The Creative Process [6:19]
8. In the Fun Zone [6:30]
9. Parents' Consent [2:01]
10. Unwholesome Content [6:40]
11. Act 4: Hope is a Demon Bitch [5:33]
12. On Your Side [3:36]
13. Bruised But Not Broken [1:03]
14. Don't Give Up [4:00]
15. Act 5: No Turning Back!!!!!!!! [4:11]
16. "Raped in the Face" [4:31]
17. "Rock Me Sexy Jesus" [2:20]
18. No Intermission [3:52]
19. On Broadway [6:56]
20. End Titles [1:34]


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Hamlet 2 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The concept seems rediculously absurd, but Steve Coogan brings this film alive with a comedic talent not seen since -- well, never. His portrayal as a high school drama teacher is so perfect that it defies comparison. The musical numbers are so catchy that they stick in your brain like a hot spoon. If you pass on this film, you will miss out on some of the greatest lines ever written and one of the greatest comedies ever made.
Bella_Quileute More than 1 year ago
This was a fun funny film. I adore Steve Coogan and he was great! The kids in the film did a great job!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago