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In the world of the emperor penguin, a simple song can mean the difference between a lifetime of happiness and an eternity of loneliness. When a penguin named Mumble is born without the ability to sing the romantic song that will attract his soul mate, he'll have to resort to some fancy footwork by tap dancing his way into the heart of the one he loves. Directed by See more details below


In the world of the emperor penguin, a simple song can mean the difference between a lifetime of happiness and an eternity of loneliness. When a penguin named Mumble is born without the ability to sing the romantic song that will attract his soul mate, he'll have to resort to some fancy footwork by tap dancing his way into the heart of the one he loves. Directed by Babe mastermind George Miller, Happy Feet tells the tale of one penguin's quest for love, and features an all-star cast of vocal talent that includes Robin Williams, Hugh Jackman, Elijah Wood, Nicole Kidman, and Brittany Murphy.

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In 2005, March of the Penguins identified a real appetite among moviegoers for flightless waterfowl. (As movie characters, mind you, not menu items.) The next year, Happy Feet drove that phenomenon over the top, grossing just shy of 200 million dollars on its way to upsetting perennial favorite Pixar for the Best Animated Feature Oscar. The victory was an upset not just because Pixar's Cars was better than expected, but also because Happy Feet isn't as good as the numbers suggest. George Miller's film does benefit from a delightful concept. According to Happy Feet, the mating ritual made famous by March is actually a matter of mutual serenade, with penguins finding their soul mates to the strains of modern pop music. But Happy Feet gets kind of stuck in this concept phase, never blossoming into an involving narrative. Mumble, voiced by Elijah Wood, is your standard outsider -- insert your favorite ugly duckling metaphor here. But his supposed deficiency is that he dances rather than sings -- a complementary skill, one would think, whose uniqueness should elevate him, rather than ostracizing him toward a mission of heroic redemption. This mission allows for some strong set pieces and breathtaking images of the Antarctic landscape and fauna, but it also brings audiences into contact with two super-annoying Robin Williams characters, both voiced as politically incorrect racial stereotypes. By the time it's finished, Mumble's journey has gone places that stretch even the minimal logic required for a kid's movie. Perhaps that gets at the shortcomings of the entire film. While it's infectious enough to slot right in as a new classic for young children, and visually advanced enough to wow audiences of any age, it's also flawed enough that adults won't want to join in on their kids' inevitable repeat viewings.

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Product Details

Release Date:
Original Release:
Warner Home Video
Region Code:
[Wide Screen]
[Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Carlos Alazraqui Nestor
E.G. Daily Baby Mumble
Lombardo Boyar Raul
Miriam Margolyes Mrs. Astrakhan
Fat Joe Seymour
Alyssa Shafer Baby Gloria
Cesar Flores Baby Seymour
Robin Williams Lovelace
Jeff Garcia Rinaldo
Danny Mann Dino,Zoo Penguin
Mark Klastorin Vinnie
Michael Cornacchia Frankie
Johnny Sanchez Lombardo
Nicholas McKay Nev
Tiriel Mora Kev
Dee Bradley Baker Maurice
Richard Carter Barry
Lee Perry Elder,Zoo Penguin
Alan Shearman Elder
Larry Moss Elder
Peter Carroll Elder
Chrissie Hynde Michelle
Giselle Loren Adelie Chica
Michelle Arthur Adelie Chica
Denise Blasor Adelie Chica
Roger Rose Leopard Seal
Kelley Abbey Motion Capture Principal
Savion Glover Motion Capture Principal
Matt Lee Motion Capture Principal
Leanne Cherny Motion Capture Principal
Penny Martin Motion Capture Principal
Kate Wormald Motion Capture Principal
Caroline Kaspar Motion Capture Principal
Wayne Scott Kermond Motion Capture Principal
Renae Berry Motion Capture Performer
Kane Bonke Motion Capture Performer
Rohan Browne Motion Capture Performer
Jason Coleman Motion Capture Performer
Amy Delves Motion Capture Performer
Shannon Greensill Motion Capture Performer
Jaclyn Hanson Motion Capture Performer
Keith Hawley Motion Capture Performer
Shannon Holtzapffel Motion Capture Performer
Michelle Hopper Motion Capture Performer
Leah Howard Motion Capture Performer
Camilla Jakimowicz Motion Capture Performer
Simon Lind Motion Capture Performer
Tracie Morley Motion Capture Performer
Amy Petsalis Motion Capture Performer
Troy Phillips Motion Capture Performer
Chris Pickard Motion Capture Performer
Danielle Playel Motion Capture Performer
Dianne Rakebrandt Motion Capture Performer
Jesse Rasmussen Motion Capture Performer
Kristen Rogers Motion Capture Performer
Troy Rowley Motion Capture Performer
Adam Scown Motion Capture Performer
Annie Semler Motion Capture Performer
Ben Veitch Motion Capture Performer
Nathan Wright Motion Capture Performer
Charlotte Gillman Live Action Cast
Warren Coleman Live Action Cast
Richard Carter Live Action Cast
Felix Williamson Live Action Cast
Carly Andrews Live Action Cast
Cassandra Swaby Live Action Cast
Winston Cooper Live Action Cast
Henry Nixon Live Action Cast
Kelly Tracey Live Action Cast
Yann Le Berre Live Action Cast
Belinda Bromilow Live Action Cast
Alan Zitner Live Action Cast
Dasi Ruz Live Action Cast
Helmut Bakaitis Live Action Cast
Simon Westaway Live Action Cast
Olivia DeLaurentis Other Voices
Grant Albrecht Other Voices
Logan Arens Other Voices
Charles Bartlett Other Voices
Shane Baumel Other Voices
T.J. Beacom Other Voices
Kwesi Boakye Other Voices
A.J. Buckley Other Voices
Erin Chambers Other Voices
Rickey D'Shon Collins Other Voices
Jeff Fischer Other Voices
Scott E. Cox Other Voices
Django Craig Other Voices
Nicholas DeLaurentis Other Voices
Chris Edgerly Other Voices
Efrain Figueroa Other Voices
Sonje Fortag Other Voices
Spencer Lacey Ganus Other Voices
Khamani Griffin Other Voices
Khadijah Haqq Other Voices
Aldis Hodge Other Voices
Fisher Keene Other Voices
Arif S. Kinchen Other Voices
Michael Krepack Other Voices
Libby Lynch Other Voices
Diane Michelle Other Voices
Ryan Munck Other Voices
Christian Pikes Other Voices
Steve Pinto Other Voices
Zoe Raye Other Voices
Noreen Reardon Other Voices
Eliana Reyes Other Voices
Nicole Richmond Other Voices
Aimee Roldan Other Voices
Kyndell Rose Other Voices
Alyssa Smith Other Voices
Mari Weiss Other Voices
Billy Williams Other Voices
Rachel York Other Voices
David Stanhope Conductor
Brett Weymark Conductor
Lynda Williams Conductor

Technical Credits
Kelley Abbey Choreography
David Drury Allen Animator
Simon Allen Animator
Nikki Barrett Casting
Bruce Berman Executive Producer
Bill Campbell Animator
Graham Burke Executive Producer
Tom Del Campo Animator
Kristy Carlson Casting
Leanne Cherny Choreography
Simon Clarke Animator
Warren Coleman Screenwriter
John Collee Screenwriter
Amanda Dague Animator
Paulino Rodrigo Diaz Animator
Richard Dixon Animator
Matt Ferro Associate Producer
James Thomas Finlay Animator
Colin Fletcher Asst. Director
Gianluca Fratellini Animator
Christian Gazal Editor
Colin Gibson Art Director
Savion Glover Choreography
Dana Goldberg Executive Producer
Philip Hearnshaw Associate Producer,Asst. Director
Wayne Howe Animator
Edward Jones Executive Producer
Ed Jones Executive Producer
James Kinnings Animator
Hael Kobayashi Associate Producer
Paul Lee Animator
Vincent Lemaire Animator
Andrew Lesnie Cinematographer
Stuart Lowder Production Manager
Kimberly Mann Animator
Robert McIntosh Animator
Craig McPherson Animator
Jeremy Mesana Animator
George Miller Producer,Screenwriter
Bill Miller Producer
Doug Mitchell Producer
Judy Morris Screenwriter
Zareh Nalbandian Executive Producer
Stephen Painter Animator
John Powell Score Composer,Musical Arrangement
Prince Songwriter
Rebecca Ruether Animator
Benjamin Sanders Animator
Mark Sexton Production Designer
Margaret Sixel Editor
David Smith Animator
Gabor Soos Animator
Anthony Sparapani Animator
Patrick Tasse Animator
Michael Twigg Associate Producer
Lesley Vanderwalt Makeup
P.J. Voeten Asst. Director
Simon Whiteley Art Director
Christine Woodruff Musical Direction/Supervision
Irina Yebenes Animator
Ryan Yee Animator
Bill Miller Producer

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Happy Feet
1. The Song Became Love [4:38]
2. Never Drop Your Egg [2:18]
3. Happy Feet [4:54]
4. No Heartsong [3:09]
5. Mrs. Astrakhan Can! [3:10]
6. Alien Abduction [4:11]
7. Into the Sea [5:08]
8. Take the Fish [2:19]
9. Graduation Concert [2:53]
10. Leopard Seal Chase [4:10]
11. Meet the Amigos [2:48]
12. Bobsled Run [4:03]
13. Ask Lovelace [5:21]
14. My Way By Way of Ramon [3:05]
15. Boogie Wonderland [3:52]
16. Banished [2:54]
17. Lovelace's Charade [1:45]
18. Stubborn Fool [2:57]
19. Crikey, Elephant Seals [3:22]
20. The Forbidden Shore [3:12]
21. Orca Encounter [3:23]
22. To Worlds Unknown [2:50]
23. Penguin Heaven [5:00]
24. Crowd Pleaser [3:26]
25. Return to Emperor Land [2:08]
26. Memphis Back In Step [4:14]
27. Everybody Dance Now [3:01]
28. End Credits [4:10]


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