Hercules against Moon Men/the Witch's Curse

Hercules against Moon Men/the Witch's Curse


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Image Entertainment
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[Full Frame, Wide Screen]
[Dolby Digital Mono]
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Special Features

Digitally remastered; Original theatrical trailer for Hercules Against the Moon Men; Bonus sword-&-sandal-style trailers for: Alone Against Rome, The Avenger, Damon and Pythias, Gladiators Seven, Goliath: Sins of Babylon, Goliath and the Vampires, Hercules of the Desert, Mighty Ursus, The Mongols, Sabu and the Magic Ring, and Son of Samson; Muscleman Poseidon pummels a monster monkey in the superstrong short subject: The Terror of Rome Against the Son of Hercules; Maciste declares war on an underground city of albino evil in the 32-minute muscleman featurette: Mole Men Against the Son of Hercules; Gallery of sword & sandal exploitation art; Total running time: over 3½ hours of flexing and fighting

Scene Index

Side #1 --
1. Main Title [2:40]
2. The Mountain of Death [4:21]
3. Hercules [2:33]
4. Evil Sexpot Queen Samara [2:47]
5. Muscleman on Demand [5:05]
6. Tunnel of Death [11:07]
7. Hero of the People [5:14]
8. Off to Battle [5:50]
9. Food of the Gods [6:37]
10. A Jock Trap [3:23]
11. Sibling Sacrifice [9:10]
12. Faking a Headache [9:07]
13. Let's Storm the Palace! [8:20]
14. Reviving the Dead Moon Queen [8:09]
15. The Evil of Uranus [2:24]
16. Hercules vs. the Moon Men [4:14]
1. Main Title; Burn Witch Burn! [5:05]
2. One Hundred Years Later [2:23]
3. The Witch Is Back [10:20]
4. Maciste to the Rescue [4:17]
5. This Way to the Underworld [8:44]
6. Behind the Great Iron Door [4:36]
7. A Godsend [7:20]
8. Bridging the Gap [7:53]
9. Trip Down Memory Lane [7:05]
10. Hungry Bird Is Back [5:17]
11. Ending the Curse [7:26]
12. It's a Miracle! [4:48]

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