Director: Brett Ratner, Dwayne Johnson, Ian McShane, John Hurt

Cast: Brett Ratner, Dwayne Johnson, Ian McShane, John Hurt


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Dwayne Johnson stars as the son of Zeus in this Brett Ratner-directed adaptation of Steve Moore's Radical Comics graphic novel The Thracian Wars. As the story opens, a haunted Hercules (Johnson) travels Greece with his five loyal companions, capitalizing on his heroic reputation by selling his services for gold. When a malevolent


Dwayne Johnson stars as the son of Zeus in this Brett Ratner-directed adaptation of Steve Moore's Radical Comics graphic novel The Thracian Wars. As the story opens, a haunted Hercules (Johnson) travels Greece with his five loyal companions, capitalizing on his heroic reputation by selling his services for gold. When a malevolent warlord threatens to thrust the kingdom of Thrace into chaos, however, its desperate ruler and his daughter turn to Hercules to restore the peace. In order to succeed, Hercules must once again summon the strength and valor that once made him a myth among men. Joseph Fiennes, Ian McShane, and Rufus Sewell co-star.

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All Movie Guide - Tim Holland
No one will ever accuse Dwayne Johnson of being a great actor. Fortunately, he doesn't have to be one to portray the legendary Hercules, the half-man, half-god son of Zeus. Pretty much all he has to do is look buff, slay beasts, and engage in battles in which he kills scores of men. And the charismatic Johnson does all of that and more, with aplomb, in Brett Ratner's swift, intensely violent sword-and-sandal spectacle. The story begins with a thrilling, brisk prologue that quickly establishes Hercules' background, his well-known 12 labors, and his growing legend. But is he really an all-powerful god or merely a man who has embraced the myth and made his fortune from it? Initially, all Hercules wants to be is a husband and a father. But when his wife and children are murdered, he becomes a mercenary for hire, with a ragtag bunch that includes a droll seer (Ian McShane), an expert archer (Ingrid Bolsø Berdal), and an animal-like mute (Aksel Hennie). Also along for the adventure are Hercules' sheltered nephew (Reece Ritchie), who can't wait to prove he is as good a soldier as he is a storyteller, and Autolycus (Rufus Sewell), our hero's cynical childhood friend, who isn't interested in glory, only gold. And plenty of gold awaits them when they are hired by Cotys (John Hurt), the lord of Thrace, to train his army and defeat a rebel faction that is slaughtering innocents far and wide. As for plot, that's about it, with a sinister, unsurprising twist thrown in. What is most surprising about Hercules is its PG-13 rating. Hercules and his comrades kill hundreds and hundreds of men, with swords, spears, arrows, and good old-fashioned beatings. There is even a chariot equipped with protruding, razor-sharp blades that would make James Bond envious. While there isn't much gore, there is enough blood and bone-crushing mayhem to cause parents to take the rating seriously before taking young kids into the theater. Ratner, the director of Rush Hour, X-Men: The Last Stand, and Tower Heist, clearly isn't interested much in character development, engaging dialogue or a profound story. What he is interested in is delivering rousing action scenes that will entertain fanboys around the world, and they will find much to like here. What they may be disappointed in is the running time. The movie clocks in at just over 90 minutes and some may swear that it's shorter because Ratner rarely takes his foot off the throttle with almost endless brawls and battles. But in a time when many Hollywood tent poles run well over two-and-a-half hours, the film's brevity is a blessing. Dwayne Johnson's Hercules isn't great cinema, but it is rock solid. It is a well-made B-movie that conjures memories of classic adventures like Captain Blood and Spartacus, and more recently the Pirates of the Caribbean films. But with a lot more deaths. The film looks great in IMAX 3D, but it isn't necessary, like most movies in the more expensive format. Use the extra money for a soda and popcorn. After all, Hercules is, if nothing else, the definitive popcorn flick.

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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Dwayne Johnson Hercules
Ian McShane Amphiaraus
John Hurt Lord Cotys
Rufus Sewell Autolycus
Aksel Hennie Tydeus
Ingrid Bolsø Berdal Atalanta
Reece Ritchie Iolaus
Joseph Fiennes King Eurystheus
Tobias Santelmann Rhesus
Peter Mullan Sitacles
Rebecca Ferguson Ergenia
Isaac Andrews Arius
Joe Anderson Phineas
Stephen Peacocke Stephanos
Nick Moss Demetrius
Robert Whitelock Nicolaus
Irina Shayk Megara
Christopher Fairbank Gryza
Ian Whyte Bessi Leader
Karolina Szymczak Alcmene
Matt Devere Cotys Guard
Mate Haumann Cotys Guard
Barbara Palvin Antimache
Tonia Sotiropoulou Vixen
Caroline Boulton Vixen
Robert Maillet Executioner
Oliver Doherty Hercules' Child
Tom Doherty Hercules' Child
Panka Kovacs Hercules' Child
Mark Phelan Corsair
John Cross Lt. Marcos
Peter Ivanyi Wolf Handler
Erika Marozsán Ergenia's Maiden
Nora Horich Ergenia's Maiden
Athina Papadimitriu Midwife
Anna Trokan Midwife
Judit Viktor Tavern Madame
Csilla Baksa Tavern Vixen
Elena V. Holovcsak Tavern Vixen
Petra Piringer Tavern Vixen
Erika Lajos Tavern Vixen
Dora Kanizsa Tavern Vixen
Sydney van den Bosch Tavern Vixen
Lilla Bozoki Tavern Vixen
Dalma Lorincz Tavern Vixen
Patricia Hegedus Feasting Hall Server
Timea Palacsik Feasting Hall Guest
Ben Blankenship Feasting Hall Guest
Erik Orgovan Feasting Hall Guest
Shay Sabag Athenian Citizen
Anna Zsiros Athenian Citizen
Jean Pigozzi Athenian Lord
Anna Skidanova Athenian Lady
Kristina Starostina Dancer
Dorottya Podmaniczky Dancer
Lilla Babos Dancer
Aden G. Wright Child Hercules
Allan Wilson Conductor

Technical Credits
Brett Ratner Director
Sarah Aubrey Producer
Alvise Avati Animator
Gary Barber Producer
Peter Berg Producer
Jesse Berger Executive Producer
Roger Birnbaum Producer
Gabi Borsoviczky Casting
Steve James Brown Animator
Ferran Casas Animator
Thom Chang Animator
Tim Chau Sound/Sound Designer
Ryan Condal Screenwriter
Neil Corbould Special Effects Supervisor
Zsolt Csutak Casting
Nikhil Deshmukh Animator
Bence Erdelyi Art Director
Enrico Fioretti Animator
Beau Flynn Producer
Remi Gamiette Animator
Hiram Garcia Associate Producer
Benn Garnish Animator
Jonathan Glickman Producer
Robert P. Grayson Asst. Director
Tom Harrison-Read Asst. Director
Sandy Heslop Animator
Christopher Hurtt Animator
Stephen Hutchinson Special Effects Supervisor
Chris Jackson Asst. Director
Clive Jackson Camera Operator
Yogesh Kaushal Animator
Paul Lee Animator
Barry Levine Producer
Terry Madden Asst. Director
Colin McEvoy Animator
Sebastian Meuschel Camera Operator
Orsolya Muranyi Makeup
Tom O'Flaherty Animator
Harish Pawar Animator
Matthieu Poirey Animator
Darren Rodriguez Animator
Mac Ruth Sound Mixer
Evan Spiliotopoulos Screenwriter
Dante Spinotti Cinematographer
Tom Still Art Director
Miklós Tóth Production Manager
Gang Trinh Animator
Fernando Velázquez Score Composer
Johannes Vogel Score Composer
Clay Weber Sound/Sound Designer
Ben Wiggs Animator
James Wilson Animator

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Hercules
1. Scene 1 [:36]
2. Scene 2 [3:10]
3. Scene 3 [3:05]
4. Scene 4 [:12]
5. Scene 5 [1:05]
6. Scene 6 [5:49]
7. Scene 7 [:15]
8. Scene 8 [6:44]
9. Scene 9 [2:37]
10. Scene 10 [4:29]
11. Scene 11 [1:53]
12. Scene 12 [5:03]


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