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Highlander: Endgame

Highlander: Endgame

4.0 5
Director: Douglas Aarniokoski

Cast: Adrian Paul, Christopher Lambert, Bruce Payne


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In this fantasy adventure tale, Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert) and his kinsman Duncan (Adrian Paul) are "Immortals," members of a secret clan who can be killed only through decapitation. Connor and Duncan find themselves thrown into a tournament where Immortals both good and evil battle one another in a bid to become the last of their kind. Highlander:


In this fantasy adventure tale, Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert) and his kinsman Duncan (Adrian Paul) are "Immortals," members of a secret clan who can be killed only through decapitation. Connor and Duncan find themselves thrown into a tournament where Immortals both good and evil battle one another in a bid to become the last of their kind. Highlander: Endgame was the fourth feature film in the Highlander franchise, but its narrative draws from the storyline of the Highlander television series and ignores the events of the second and third films.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
An energetic romp with dazzling special effects and a surfeit of sword-swinging action, Highlander: Endgame continues the epic saga of immortal Scottish warrior Connor MacLeod. The title character -- created in 1986's Highlander and portrayed for the fourth time by Christopher Lambert -- dominates the early reels but then yields center stage to dashing Adrian Paul, who plays Connor's younger clansman Duncan and is known best as the star of the successful Highlander television series. As the film opens, a bitter, disillusioned Connor retreats to the hidden sanctuary where battle-weary immortals seek seclusion when they tire of "the game" -- a flip abbreviation for hunting down and decapitating other immortals. The malevolent Kell (Bruce Payne), an archenemy of the MacLeods from the 16th century, lays waste to the sanctuary and then, to complete his revenge, hastens to the city in which the unsuspecting Duncan lives. Director Douglas Aarniokoski, working from a script that elaborates on concepts established by the TV show, brings a dynamic visual sensibility to the creatively staged clashes between Duncan and Kell, and he keeps things moving at a rapid clip to maintain the story's intensity. Replete with the quasi-mythical elements and warrior-ethos references that have made this screen franchise so popular, Highlander: Endgame will delight hard-core fans and series newcomers alike.

Product Details

Release Date:
Original Release:
Miramax Lionsgate
Region Code:
[Wide Screen]
[Dolby AC-3 Surround Sound]
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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Adrian Paul Duncan MacLeod
Christopher Lambert Connor MacLeod
Bruce Payne Jacob Kell
Lisa Barbuscia Faith/Kate
Donnie Yen Jin Ke
Jim Byrnes Joe Dawson
Peter Wingfield Methos
Damon Dash Carlos
Beatie Edney Heather
Sheila Gish Rachel Ellenstein
Oris Erhuero Winston
Ian Paul Cassidy Cracker Bob
Edge Lachlan
Adam Copeland Highwayman
Robert Hewett Photographer
Thomas Lockyer Matthew Hale
Jessica Leigh Mann Rachel #1 (8 years old)
Charmian May Lady
Daniel Parker Puffer
Wendy Partridge Colleague
June Watson Caiolin MacLeod
Douglas Aarniokoski Kirk
Donald Douglas Father Rainey
Candace Hallinan Rachel #3 (19 years old)
David Nicholls Drunk Friend
Mihnea Trusca Villager
Liviu Timus Executioner
Christopher Leps Hooded Monk
Vernon Rieta Manny
John Medlen Monk #1
Paul Bigley Knave
Kananu Kimiri Faith's Assistant
Abigail Kingsbury Rachel #2 (12 years old)

Technical Credits
Douglas Aarniokoski Director
Richard Alexander Sound/Sound Designer
Nick Allder Special Effects Supervisor
Christina Anton Costumes/Costume Designer
Effects Associates Special Effects
Robert Bernacchi Associate Producer,Cinematographer
Eric Bernt Original Story
Chris Blunden Editor
Tiberiu Borcoman Sound Mixer
Cristi Bostanescu Production Manager
Beth Anne Calabro-Oulman Executive Producer
Jonathan Carlson Production Designer
Brian Cook Executive Producer
Clive Copeland Sound Mixer
Peter S. Davis Producer
Rod Dean Editor
James Devis Cinematographer
Robert A. Ferretti Editor
Cary Granat Executive Producer
Tracy S. Granger Editor
Stephen Graziano Score Composer
H. Daniel Gross Executive Producer
Michelle Guish Casting
Rick Hart Sound/Sound Designer
Nick Hobbs Stunts
Gillian Horvath Original Story
Carmen Ilie Costumes/Costume Designer
Trevor Jolly Sound/Sound Designer
Michael Knue Editor
Gabriel Kosuth Camera Operator
Theo Kypri Stunts
Threshold Digital Research Labs Special Effects
Didier Lavergne Makeup
Christopher Leps Stunts
Casting Collective Limited Casting
Darren Marsman Stunts
Donald McInnes Makeup
John Medlen Stunts
Douglas Milsome Cinematographer
Cristian Niculescu Art Director
William N. Panzer Original Story,Producer
Donald J. Paonessa Editor
Wendy Partridge Costumes/Costume Designer
Oana Paunescu Costumes/Costume Designer
Patrick Peach Co-producer
Alina Petrini Translator
Ionel Popa Special Effects
Doina Raducut Costumes/Costume Designer
Buster Reeves Stunts
Richard Roberts Set Decoration/Design
Thierry Saelens Stunts
David Schulhof Musical Direction/Supervision
Stephen Scott Production Designer
Joel Soisson Screenwriter
Ian Stone Asst. Director
Gareth Tandy Asst. Director
Roland N. Thai Editor,Sound/Sound Designer
Ica Varna Set Decoration/Design
Andrea Vianu Costumes/Costume Designer
Renata Votrubova Costumes/Costume Designer
Harvey Weinstein Executive Producer
Bob Weinstein Executive Producer
Ben Zeller Art Director

Scene Index

Chapter Selection
0. Chapter Selection
1. Opening/Explosive Reaction [7:01]
2. "Your Mother Will Burn" [9:22]
3. Immortals [5:18]
4. Something Isn't Right [17:42]
5. One Got Away [6:17]
6. Old Enemies On Holy Ground [10:21]
7. To Love More Than Life Itself [3:39]
8. "A Woman Is A Temple, Built On A Sewer" [10:25]
9. Baptized In Blood [3:31]
10. There Can Be Only One [7:33]
11. Battle For Peace [10:03]
12. 'Til We Meet Again [3:21]
13. End Credits [5:31]


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Highlander: Endgame 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Being new to Highlander, Highlander EndGame was one of the first movies of the genre' that I had experienced. I was familiar with Highlander the TV series, but had only encountered it in bits and pieces. This movie offered not only a plot, but a complete explanation along with romance and a clear definition of heartfelt emotions. Making this a classic was to include Christopher Lambert and equally Adrian Paul, which pulled together both the Highlander movies and the Highlander TV series. In addition, Bruce Payne offered a riveting portrayal of evil. Sweeping vistas combined with haunting music and beautifully orchestrated combat scenes, enhanced the Highlander experience. I was most impressed by the physical skill of Adrian Paul. I didn't realize what a complete talent this actor continues to present to us. Adrian's portrayal alone not only in the movie but the series, makes you feel as though you are part of the drama.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Better than the first film? You be the judge. I can simply say that it is at least as good and definitively speaks volumes about the acting talent of both Paul and Lambert. This film is excellent, although one may feel so inclined to view the 6 years worth of the Television series to feel at home.......... an Outstanding Film that could'nt have been made any better!
Guest More than 1 year ago
By far the best of the Highlander films. A must see for any Highlander fan. True to the original Highlander film and the original television series, Endgame has wonderful flashbacks and location shots in Scotland. For the fan, Endgame fills in some of the information that is only hinted at in the earlier films and for the newcomer one of the best action films of the franchise. Full of surprises and suspense.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is the only interaction that the two MacLeods have besides the first episode of the series, and this one is far worse. Don't get me wrong, overall the story is passable, the cinematography is good, effects are well done. The ending, however, gives a mixed feeling of laughing, sadness, and anger. When seeing how this movie was ending I got up and left the theater. I will never watch this movie again and recommend that you don't either.