Hollywood Legends of Horror Collection
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Hollywood Legends of Horror Collection

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Director: Charles J. Brabin, Karl W. Freund, Tod Browning

Cast: Charles J. Brabin, Karl W. Freund, Michael Curtiz, Tod Browning

In The Devil Doll, Falsely convicted Lionel Barrymore escapes from Devil's Island with fellow prisoner H.B. Walthall. A brilliant scientist, Walthall reveals to Barrymore that he has developed a process to shrink human beings. Upon Walthall's death, Barrymore makes his way back to the old scientist's lab, intending to use


In The Devil Doll, Falsely convicted Lionel Barrymore escapes from Devil's Island with fellow prisoner H.B. Walthall. A brilliant scientist, Walthall reveals to Barrymore that he has developed a process to shrink human beings. Upon Walthall's death, Barrymore makes his way back to the old scientist's lab, intending to use Walthall's formula to exact vengeance on those who have wronged him. He does so, clearing his name and securing the future happiness of his daughter Maureen O'Sullivan (who believes that Barrymore is dead) in the process. But Barrymore's crazed assistant Rafaela Ottiano isn't satisfied. "We'll make the whole world small!" she hisses, forcing Barrymore to kill her and destroy the formula. To save his daughter from scandal, Barrymore disappears into the night, the implication being that he plans to commit suicide at the first opportunity. The excellent miniature work in The Devil Doll (much of it accomplished with outsized sets, a la the Laurel and Hardy comedy Brats) successfully takes the viewers' minds off the rather silly plot. Director Tod Browning was always stronger with atmosphere than with plot and dialogue, and this film is no exception. Far less logical than the miniaturization process is Barrymore's decision to disguise himself as an old woman, since this transparent guise wouldn't convince a 2-year-old in real life. Based on the novel Burn, Witch, Burn by Abraham Merritt, The Devil Doll was scripted by several hands, including Erich Von Stroheim.

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Warner Home Video
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Special Features

Expert commentaries on 5 titles; Twice the Fright: 2 movies per Disc!; Closed Caption; Mad Love/The Devil Doll - Mad Love commentary by Steve Haberman, author of Chronicles of Terror; Doctor X/The Return of Doctor X - Doctor X commentary by Horror Scholar Scott MacQueen; The Return of Doctor X commentary by Director Vincent Sherman and Chronicles of Terror Author Steve Haberman; The Mark of The Vampire/The Mask of Fu Manchu - Mark of the Vampire commentary by Genre Historians Kim Newman and Steve Jones; The Mask of Fu Manchu commentary by Greg Mank, author of Karloff and Lugosi: A Story of a Haunting Collaboration

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Humphrey Bogart Marshall Quesne
Lionel Atwill Dr. Xavier,Inspector Neumann
Lionel Barrymore PaulLavond,Prof. Zelen,Paul Lavond (The Devil Doll)
Peter Lorre Dr. Gogol,Dr. Gogol (Mad Love)
Bela Lugosi Count Mora,Count Mora (Mark of the Vampire)
Frances Drake Yvonne Orlac
Lee Tracy Lee Taylor
Maureen O'Sullivan Lorraine Lavond
Rosemary Lane Joan Vance
Boris Karloff Dr. Fu Manchu,Fu Manchu (The Mask of Fu Manchu)
Colin Clive Stephen Orlac
Dennis Morgan Michael Rhodes
Elizabeth Allan Irena Borotyn
Fay Wray Joanne Xavier,Joanne Xavier in (Doctor X)
Frank Lawton Toto
John Litel Dr. Francis Flegg
Lewis Stone Nayland Smith
Preston S. Foster Dr. Welles
Robert Greig Coulvet
Ted Healy Reagan
Arthur Edmund Carewe Dr. Rowitz
Carroll Borland Luna Mora
Huntz Hall Pinky
Karen Morley Sheila Barton
Lucy Beaumont Mme. Lavond
Sara Haden Marie
Charles Starrett Terrence Granville
Jean Hersholt Baron Otto von Zinden
Wayne Morris Walter Barnett
Myrna Loy Fah Lo See

Technical Credits
Charles J. Brabin Director
Karl W. Freund Director
Michael Curtiz Director
Tod Browning Director
Vincent Sherman Director
Charles Vidor Director
King Vidor Director

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Mad Love/ The Devil-Doll
1. Credits [1:02]
2. Yvonne's Admirers [3:52]
3. I Must See You Again [4:47]
4. Gogol's Galatea [2:47]
5. Rollo the Murderer [4:30]
6. Train Disaster [3:11]
7. Execution [2:15]
8. Gogol's Idea [2:46]
9. The Operation [4:47]
10. Rehabilitation [3:07]
11. Dangerous New Ability [4:23]
12. Nosy Reagan [4:16]
13. Life of Their Own [3:13]
14. You Must Be Mine! [5:08]
15. I Am Rollo [3:17]
16. Under Arrest [2:10]
17. Living Statue [3:06]
18. Fingerprint Match [4:28]
19. Kill What One Loves [2:22]
20. Dead Aim [1:59]
1. Credits [1:01]
2. Devil's Island Escapees [4:03]
3. Miniature Mutts [4:04]
4. Human Subject [6:25]
5. Fugitive at Large [2:26]
6. Mme. Mandilip [3:39]
7. Radin in His Clutches [4:08]
8. Visiting Lorraine [5:21]
9. Daughter of a Criminal [3:15]
10. I Have No Father [4:29]
11. If Levond Shows [2:01]
12. Objects of Beauty [2:42]
13. Thief in the Night [4:16]
14. Coulvet Pinned [3:02]
15. Dancing Dolls [1:47]
16. Behind the Mask [4:38]
17. Ornamental Intruder [4:46]
18. Matin Confesses [3:04]
19. Maniacal Malita [3:57]
20. Up in Flames [1:28]
21. Proper Ending [2:50]
22. A Father's Love [4:41]
Disc #2 -- Doctor X/The Return of Doctor X
1. Credits [:52]
2. Another Moon Murdered [4:49]
3. Dr. Xavier's Theory [5:11]
4. Dr. Wells [3:57]
5. Dr. Haines [3:26]
6. Dr. Rowitz [1:57]
7. Meddling Fools [2:58]
8. Have a Cigar [1:48]
9. Unwelcome Mat [4:35]
10. Blackstone Shoals [3:51]
11. Inside Man [2:54]
12. Parts to Play, Bones to Pick [3:13]
13. One Less Observer [3:52]
14. Terror Told in Tubes [3:01]
15. Scientific Victim [2:07]
16. Out of the Closet [2:56]
17. Staying the Night [3:01]
18. Body Harmer [2:00]
19. Terrible Thoughts [2:59]
20. Midnight Deadline [3:05]
21. All a Little Strange [2:47]
22. Synthetic Flesh [4:20]
23. Killer's Grasp [2:26]
24. Fiery Fall [2:13]
25. Ticklish Spot [1:29]
1. Credits [1:14]
2. Murdered and Missing [5:15]
3. Very Much Alive [2:42]
4. Dead White [3:25]
5. Blood and Date Lines [4:07]
6. His Number Was Up [3:47]
7. Quesne and Rabbit [3:30]
8. Artificial Quality [3:36]
9. Fill Her Up [1:47]
10. Graveyard Look [2:52]
11. The Lady is Ill [4:45]
12. The Lady is Dead [2:54]
13. Not-So-Natural Causes [2:30]
14. Dead Man Walking [3:37]
15. It's Alive [4:48]
16. Flegg's Confession [3:45]
17. Joan in Danger [3:09]
18. Return to the Grave [2:39]
19. Sign Him Up [1:18]
20. Cast List [:38]
Disc #3 -- Mark of the Vampire/ The Mask of Fu Manchu
1. Credits [:51]
2. Vampire Jitters [3:52]
3. Death in the Family [4:29]
4. Cause Unknown [1:58]
5. Fedor's Wounds [3:07]
6. Afraid of the Dark [3:06]
7. Irena's Visitor [2:39]
8. Corpse for a Lessee? [4:42]
9. A Matter of Souls [3:12]
10. Enter Count Mora [3:24]
11. Eerie Quartet [2:11]
12. Another Visitation [4:18]
13. Horrible Truth [1:58]
14. Lower Depths [3:59]
15. Nerves at Nightfall [3:08]
16. The Horror of It [3:51]
17. Reenacting One Year Ago [5:09]
18. Point of Murder [3:12]
19. All of Me [1:12]
1. Credits [:55]
2. Urgent Expedition [4:34]
3. Determined Daughter [2:16]
4. Torture of the Bell [5:34]
5. Genghis Khan's Curse [5:59]
6. Powerful Prophecy [2:19]
7. Deadly Sword Vigil [4:31]
8. Message From Fu [4:15]
9. Sword Forgery [3:43]
10. Not Unhandsome [1:55]
11. Smith's Instructions [2:28]
12. Diversionary Tactics [3:32]
13. Penetrating Fu's Lair [2:53]
14. Mind Control Serum [6:04]
15. Terry's Not Himself [3:50]
16. All Fu's Prisoners [3:38]
17. Torture Chambers [2:34]
18. Narrow Escapes [3:49]
19. High Voltage Rescue [1:27]
20. Giving Back the Sword [1:41]

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Hollywood Legends of Horror Collection 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The films in this set vary wildly in content, style, and quality, but all are worthy of a viewing, and some are out-right classics. The weakest titles in this set are the two from Tod Browning, Mark of the Vampire and Devil Doll, and the Bogart oddity, Return of Dr. X. Mark of the Vampire looks like a museum piece, with its static camera and cop-out non-supernatural ending. Devil Doll is better, if only for the outrageous plot and the spectacle of Lionel Barrymore in drag. Alone in this box, Return of Dr. X is a post-Preduction Code title, and it shows. Everything about it feels toothless and safe, with none of the flair or passion that even the cheapest and most incompetant hack-work had in the Pre-Code era. The other films in the set are a different story, though. Mask of Fu Manchu is pulpy fun, with Karloff as the "Yellow Peril incarnate" and the very sexy Myrna Loy as his sadistic daughter. The last two films in this set are truly out-standing. Mad Love features great performances from Peter Lorre, Colin Clive, and Frances Drake, has a marvelously demented plot, and is shot with exquisite style by Karl Freund. A film that easily justifies its classic reputation. Doctor X was the surprise in the set for me. Directed by Michael Curtiz in two-strip technicolor, the film feels like an odd mish-mash of a Fleisher Superman cartoon and a David Lynch film. The beautiful, but patently unrealistic color gives everything a dream-like feeling, and during a climatic scene, that dream turns nightmarish. The reveal of the identity of the film's "Moon Killer" is a two minute tour-de-force, a sequence of great power and genuine horror. Doctor X and Mad Love alone make this set worthwhile, but all of the titles are interesting if only for their value as curios.