Director: Gary Fleder, Jason Statham, James Franco, Kate Bosworth

Cast: Gary Fleder, Jason Statham, James Franco, Kate Bosworth


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A former DEA agent (Jason Statham) moves to a small town with his daughter to get away from the dangers of the job, only to be terrorized by a meth-head gang leader (James Franco) in this action thriller written by Sylvester Stallone and directed by


A former DEA agent (Jason Statham) moves to a small town with his daughter to get away from the dangers of the job, only to be terrorized by a meth-head gang leader (James Franco) in this action thriller written by Sylvester Stallone and directed by Gary Fleder. Kate Bosworth and Winona Ryder co-star.

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All Movie Guide - Jason Buchanan
A haunted stranger searching for a new life arrives in a small town, and keeps incurring the wrath of the locals until he is forced to become a one-man army to survive: If the plot of Homefront sounds strangely familiar, you may not be surprised to learn that the film was written by Sylvester Stallone, whose 1982 action classic First Blood contains many of the same core elements. Originally written as the final chapter in the John Rambo saga, this could have been a fascinating bookend to that iconic series following 2008's brutal, belated Rambo, but instead what we get is a fairly direct Jason Statham vehicle with a fair amount of crowd-pleasing action and some creative casting that gives the impression of something slightly more substantive than your standard meathead shoot-'em-up. Undercover DEA agent Phil Broker (Statham) has just busted a meth ring run by a ruthless motorcycle club when, in the heat of the moment, police gun down the son of the gang's ruthless president, Danny T. (Chuck Zito). Soon after, Broker loses his wife and leaves his career behind in favor of moving to his late spouse's remote Louisiana hometown with their 9-year old daughter Maddy (Izabela Vidovic). When Maddy uses the self-defense skills she's learned from her dad to school a playground bully, her young tormentor's meth-smoking mom Cassie (Kate Bosworth) convinces her meth-cooking brother "Gator" (James Franco) to "mess with their heads like you do with everyone else." That messing leads to trouble for Phil and his daughter when the snooping Gator finds the file detailing the deadly bust, which he gives to the vengeful, incarcerated Danny T. in the hope of getting greater distribution for his product. Meanwhile, Gator's girlfriend Sheryl (Winona Ryder) finds herself on the losing end of a bargain with Danny T.'s cold-blooded right-hand man Cyrus (Frank Grillo) and his murderous henchmen, who roll into town with a small armory and a plan to ambush Broker at his secluded home. Broker is ready for them, but when Maddie gets abducted by Sheryl in the heat of the fight, her enraged father will defy even the town's corrupt sheriff (Clancy Brown) in order to rescue his daughter from the dangerously unpredictable Gator. While the echoes of the original idea can still be felt throughout Homefront, what you see is mostly what you get; in this case, that means an action movie that aspires to pack an emotional punch, but primarily relies on the characters' fists for that. There's some genuine heart to Stallone's screenplay, and it's played surprisingly well not just by talented youngster Vidovic, but also by Statham in an emotionally raw scene dealing with the young girl's lingering grief over the loss of her mother. Outside of that, the plot mechanics feel like they could have been cranked out at an assembly plant for action-film screenplays. His face as rough as a chiseled chunk of granite, retired Hell's Angel Chuck Zito brings some welcome authenticity to the picture as the biker-club president obsessed with avenging his son's death, while Franco's Gator is a ferociously territorial yet bizarrely rational villain -- at least, until the glass pipe comes out and all bets are off. It's an oddly effective power balance that's constantly shifting thanks to the inclusion of psychotic wild card Cyrus, whom we never doubt is capable of killing young Maddy (even though we know this movie plays by the rules that reassure us that will never happen). Likewise, seasoned film and television director Gary Fleder approaches the endeavor from a workmanlike perspective, and indulges our bloodlust with the help of editor Padraic McKinley, here discovering his untapped talent for cutting viscerally satisfying fight scenes. For a movie like Homefront that aims to hit all the required action beats, a good editor is a necessity, and despite his background in lighter fare, McKinley proves an adept celluloid percussionist. Watching the film is like listening to a new song that we're somehow able to tap our toes along to. It could be rock, hip-hop, country, or even classical. The genre isn't important, it's the comfort of the tradition that counts.

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Deleted scenes; Standoff

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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Jason Statham Phil Broker
James Franco Gator
Kate Bosworth Cassie Bodine Klum
Frank Grillo Cyrus Hanks
Izabela Vidovic Maddy Broker
Clancy Brown Sheriff Keith Rodrigue
Omar Miller Teedo
Winona Ryder Sheryl Marie Mott
Rachelle Lefevre Susan Hetch
Marcus Hester Jimmy Klum
Chuck Zito "Danny T" Turrie
Pruitt Taylor Vince Werks
Linds Edwards Jojo Turrie
Austin Craig Teddy Klum
Owen Harn Clay
Stuart Greer Lewis
Christa Campbell Lydia
Amin Joseph Lead DEA Agent
Lance E. Nichols Senior DEA Agent
Michael Traynor Junior DEA Agent
Joe Chrest DEA Agent #1
Billy Slaughter DEA Agent #2
Christopher Alan Weaver Terry
Craig Stark Cook
Ritchie Montgomery Mechanic
Karen Kaia Livers Waitress
Raeden Greer Young Girl
Amber Dawn Landrum Young Girl #2
Eddie Matthews Gator's Goon
Greg Sproles Hitman #1
Luke Hawx Hitman #2
William Weber Hitman #3
Michael Papajohn Hitman #4
Ronn Surels Hitman #5
Carlos Navarro Trooper
Marjorie A. Parker Bridge Operator
Nicole Andrews Mrs. Etherby
Kenny Cook Mechanic #2
Joshua Brady Tweaker #1
Robert Fortner Bouncer

Technical Credits
Gary Fleder Director
Selena Arizanovic Musical Direction/Supervision
René Besson Executive Producer
Steve Danton Asst. Director
Boaz Davidson Executive Producer
Barbara Fiorentino Casting
Mark Gill Executive Producer
Douglas E. Hansen Executive Producer
Eric Hays Asst. Director
A. Todd Holland Art Director
Mark Isham Score Composer
Kelli Jones Costumes/Costume Designer
Kevin King-Templeton Producer
B.J. Lehn Sound Mixer
Avi Lerner Executive Producer
Erik Magnus Sound Mixer
Duane Manwiller Cinematographer
Padraic McKinley Production Designer
Jay Meagher Sound Mixer
Robert Ortiz Co-producer
Jonathan Parham Sound Mixer
Walter Schneider Set Decoration/Design
Trevor Short Executive Producer
Sylvester Stallone Producer,Screenwriter
John Thompson Producer
Theo Van de Sande Cinematographer
Brian A. Waits Set Decoration/Design
Nicole Williams Associate Producer
Martyn Zub Sound/Sound Designer

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Homefront
1. Scene 1 [4:55]
2. Scene 2 [4:18]
3. Scene 3 [5:41]
4. Scene 4 [6:46]
5. Scene 5 [3:20]
6. Scene 6 [6:19]
7. Scene 7 [2:40]
8. Scene 8 [4:56]
9. Scene 9 [6:46]
10. Scene 10 [3:41]
11. Scene 11 [1:54]
12. Scene 12 [3:52]
13. Scene 13 [6:38]
14. Scene 14 [7:00]
15. Scene 15 [3:31]
16. Scene 16 [3:33]
17. Scene 17 [3:13]
18. Scene 18 [4:47]
19. Scene 19 [5:36]
20. Scene 20 [5:37]


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