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Homicide Life on the Street - Seasons 1 & 2

Homicide Life on the Street - Seasons 1 & 2

4.2 9
Director: Alan Taylor, Bruce Paltrow, Christopher Menaul

Cast: Barry Levinson

Homicide: Life on the Street -- The Complete Seasons 1 & 2 utilizes the series' full-frame transfer and offers an acceptable presentation. The images contain a significant amount of grain, unfortunate for such a long-awaited show. However, much of the hazy atmosphere stems from the original style of the early seasons, which conveyed muted colors and little


Homicide: Life on the Street -- The Complete Seasons 1 & 2 utilizes the series' full-frame transfer and offers an acceptable presentation. The images contain a significant amount of grain, unfortunate for such a long-awaited show. However, much of the hazy atmosphere stems from the original style of the early seasons, which conveyed muted colors and little backlighting. This release's 2.0 channel audio transfer does not incorporate overwhelming sound experience. However, the memorable opening sequence and musical interludes remain an essential part of its success. This four-disc collection includes a few notable extra features, but it lacks the depth needed to please fans of the series. It does contain a commentary from creators Barry Levinson and Tom Fontana during the opening episode. Neither of them had viewed this entry for a long time, which makes their comments seem less rehearsed. Disc one also provides cast and crew biographies and the commercials for the Super Bowl premiere of the show. Disc two's extra feature is "Homicide: Life at the Start," a ten-minute documentary narrated by Richard Belzer. Levinson and Fontana give insights while speaking about their initial ideas. While far too brief to offer a comprehensive depiction, it does provide more info about the stylistic devices used. Located on disc three, "To Catch a Killer: Homicide Detectives" is a 45-minute episode of the A&E series, American Justice. It describes several peculiar murder cases and the methods used by homicide detectives to solve them. A list of the musical numbers from the two seasons appears on disc four.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Cree McCree
Diehard fans boiled it down to initials: H:LotS was TBDSoTV (The Best Damn Show on Television). As gritty as its Baltimore environs and as messy as the murders dumped on its detectives, the one-hour drama hit its stride from the moment it debuted on NBC in 1993. With Baltimore auteur Barry Levinson serving as executive producer, Homicide mustered a superb ensemble cast: Andre Braugher as the intensely introspective Pembleton; Ned Beatty as blustery Bolander; Richard Belzer as wisecracking Munch; and Yaphet Kotto as Lt. Al "Gee" Giardello, the squad's chief and moral compass. Levinson himself directed the Emmy-winning pilot, which introduces rookie Tim Bayliss (Kyle Secor) and many of the show's signature technical elements. These include jittery, handheld camera shots, fast-cut repetitions that underscore emotional dialogue, and open-ended cases that may remain in red on the infamous Board for weeks or even years. (Bayliss's first case, the murder of 11-year-old Adina Watson, haunts him throughout the show's six-year run.) Many of these scripts are based on actual Baltimore cases chronicled in David Simon's book Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets. But even tales drawn from the producers' imaginations smack painfully of real life. Partners routinely bicker and banter while sifting through clues left in disturbing bits of flesh, skull, and intestine. The Emmy-winning "Three Men and Adina" gives Bayliss and Pembleton just 12 hours to grill their prime suspect before he's released -- and we feel every minute tick by. In "Bop Gun," Robin Williams redeems his string of sappy movies with an edgy performance as a tourist whose wife is killed during a holdup. Episodes rarely wrap up neatly, which may help explain why Homicide never killed in the ratings. But the show, now stripped of commercials, plays magnificently on DVD, where you can delve deeply into complex characters and convoluted story lines. Smart episode commentary by the show's creators only add to this set's considerable charms.

Product Details

Release Date:
A&E Home Video
[Dolby Digital Stereo]

Special Features

Commentary with Barry Levinson and Tom Fontana on the pilot episode; "Homicide: Life at the Start" - an interview with Barry Levinson and Tom Fontana ; "To Catch a Killer: Homicide Detectives" episode of A&E's signature series American Justice; SuperBowl XXVII commercials for season one premiere; Homicide: Life on the Street song listing; Cast and crew biographies; Interactive menus; Scene selection

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Daniel Baldwin Det. Beau Felton,Det. Beauregard 'Beau' Felton
Ned Beatty Det. Stan Bolander,Det. Stanley 'Stan' Bolander
Richard Belzer Det. John Munch
Andre Braugher Det. Frank Pembleton,Det. Francis Xavier 'Frank' Pembleton
Clark Johnson Det. Meldrick Lewis
Yaphet Kotto Lt. Al Giardello,Lt. Al 'Gee' Giardello
Melissa Leo Det. Kay Howard
Jon Polito Det. Steve Crosetti
Kyle Secor Det. Tim Bayliss

Technical Credits
Alan Taylor Director
Barry Levinson Director,Executive Producer
Bruce Paltrow Director
Christopher Menaul Director
John McNaughton Director
Martin Campbell Director
Michael Lehmann Director
Nick Gomez Director
Peter Markle Director
Stephen Gyllenhaal Director
Tom Fontana Executive Producer
Wayne Ewing Director

Scene Index

Side #1 -- Vol. 1
1. Day One [6:45]
2. Outspoken [8:15]
3. Team Player [6:21]
4. Digging Up the Past [3:58]
5. Lost & Found [6:00]
6. Mr. Right [3:31]
7. The Rules [9:19]
8. New Line of Work [3:23]
1. Face of an Angel [6:12]
2. Gut Reaction [8:16]
3. Lightning Strikes [6:27]
4. A Show of Force [4:57]
5. Voices of Reason [5:49]
6. Loss for Words [5:11]
7. Behind the Back [5:36]
8. Last Call [5:28]
1. The Heat Is On [6:57]
2. Friendly Advice [4:28]
3. Co-Dependents [6:46]
4. Finger Pointing [6:23]
5. Baby Talk [5:32]
6. Social Disservice [5:51]
7. Kind Words [4:50]
8. Keepers of the Flame [6:01]
Side #2 -- Vol. 2
1. Search & Seizure [4:49]
2. Good Neighbors [5:48]
3. Invitation to Disaster [6:00]
4. Making a Point [5:51]
5. Snail's Pace [7:13]
6. The Power [4:52]
7. Broken Hearts [6:08]
8. What Matters Most [6:15]
1. Expectations [5:54]
2. Growing Concern [7:11]
3. Blow Outs [5:46]
4. Personal Business [2:50]
5. Name Game [3:11]
6. Solutions [4:26]
7. Brick Walls [5:49]
8. Team Spirit [5:22]
1. Game Face [3:02]
2. The Arabber [9:43]
3. Men of Honor [3:12]
4. Boiling Point [4:41]
5. Getting to the Truth [6:30]
6. One Rule [3:52]
7. Inside Information [9:57]
8. Out of Time [4:43]
Side #3 -- Vol. 3
1. Festive Mood [6:33]
2. Squeeze Play [5:25]
3. A Timely Life [5:49]
4. Man's Best Friend [5:45]
5. Out of Control [5:12]
6. Kid Stuff [3:52]
7. Legitimate Questions [6:18]
8. Dividing Line [7:28]
1. Foundations [6:52]
2. Waiting Game [6:29]
3. Foreign Affair [4:24]
4. Missing Persons [6:03]
5. Trials & Tribulations [5:22]
6. Three's a Crowd [7:21]
7. Special Occasions [4:28]
8. One of the Boys [5:19]
1. Health Hazards [7:35]
2. Sick Puppies [3:54]
3. For Better or Worse [6:09]
4. Truth & Consequences [5:26]
5. Coming Clean [4:46]
6. Copy Cats [7:07]
7. Guilt Trip [6:29]
8. Toast to Tomorrow [4:39]
Side #4 -- Vol. 4
1. Sensitive Areas [5:54]
2. Good Intentions [8:23]
3. Deceptive Appearance [5:04]
4. Silent Treatment [5:23]
5. Too Close for Comfort [6:03]
6. Company Line [5:03]
7. Birds of a Feather [6:29]
8. Brother to Brother [4:48]
1. Mi Familia [5:43]
2. Friends & Enemies [5:30]
3. Keen Instincts [4:52]
4. Choosing Sides [4:44]
5. Diversions [5:06]
6. By Any Means Necessary [9:53]
7. Suspect Motives [5:10]
8. Duets [5:13]
1. Sense of Possibilities [4:24]
2. Paper Trail [5:13]
3. Professional Embarrassment [5:59]
4. Long Shot [6:04]
5. In the Shadows [4:32]
6. Head Games [5:44]
7. Missing Pieces [7:24]
8. Mysteries of Life [6:55]
1. Red Ball [5:16]
2. Q & A [6:59]
3. Stone Cold [6:15]
4. Positive I.D. [4:54]
5. Extended Family [6:32]
6. Taking the Fall [3:02]
7. Battle for the Soul [5:16]
8. Exclusive Club [8:21]

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Homicide Life on the Street - Seasons 1 & 2 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Don-Jose More than 1 year ago
I can't understand why the language options are not easily encountered. I have looked at this program for twenty minutes and still cannot determine if it has any foreign language sound track!
tchr7681 More than 1 year ago
I've not bought this item yet, but I am ordering it...I used to watch it when it first aired. Great writing, great characters...and it was created by the same minds that went on to bring "The Wire" to cable. This is not the usual police procedural. This show made me a big fan of Andre Braugher and Kyle Secor...and the rest of the cast. It made me appreciate good, smart writing, which I try to find in other shows. I think this series was under-appreciated...it deserves a look. You won't be disappointed.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is literally like an introduction to a homicide squad as we enter with Bayliss, the series's most sensitive, contradictory, and mysterious characters. The greatest ensemble of characters mustered on a police show, Andre Braugher steals the attention as the thoughtful, steaming, rampaging, brilliant, and difficult Pembleton, who starts out as a loner in Season One to gain affection for the rookie Bayliss. The chemistry between them is stunning as it forms the basic two seasons and the case of "Adena Watson" haunts brings them the two formidable minds together, as their partnership is the most serious and philosophical of the shift room. The core of Belzer as the satirical, wisecracking Munch yet ever the conspiracy theorist and downtrodden romantic along with his equally lazy and melancholy Bolander. Then you cannot forget Corsetti, Lewis, Felton, Howard, and of course, G.
Guest More than 1 year ago
One of the best shows of all time. Great cast,Great writing,original style. Better than most films you will see. Give it a try if you are not familiar. If you are and dont agree,go back to watching Full House reruns.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I'm writing this just before I order it, because I watched the series on t.v. and know what a GREAT show this was. Having a busy lifestyle and no time to watch t.v., I MADE time to watch Homicide each week. So, you won't be sorry if you order it if you like quality viewing, no 'fluff' & great acting. ENJOY!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago