Hong Kong Phooey: the Complete Series
  • Hong Kong Phooey: the Complete Series
  • Hong Kong Phooey: the Complete Series

Hong Kong Phooey: the Complete Series

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Barnes & Noble - Donald Liebenson
Between the 1972 TV series Kung Fu and the Bruce Lee film Enter the Dragon in 1973, everybody, it seemed, was kung fu fighting. So it was a natural for William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, who brought animation into prime time and brightened Saturday morning television, to combine pop culture's newest sensation with the world's most popular pet to create Hong Kong Phooey, "number one super guy." Hong Kong Phooey is a cult fave in the Hanna-Barbera canon. It is a stylistic departure from the usual HB fare, and Hong Kong Phooey (voiced by Scatman Crothers) is an especially winning character. Like Top Cat, the fact that he’s a dog seems not to matter in the human world, where he interacts as if one of the crowd. HKP’s alter ego is Penrod, a klutzy, mild-mannered police department janitor; but he transforms into "America's secret weapon against crime" when trouble calls, utilizing the moves he’s gleaned from the Hong Kong Book of Kung Fu. He's got his adoring public, including Rosemary, the station's miniskirted telephone operator. He's got the Pagoda-shaped Phooeymobile. Most important, he's got Spot -- a silent, striped cat who is always there to bail him out of trouble. "Ever get the feeling something was happening, but you didn't know what?" Hong Kong Phooey asks rhetorically at one point. He has that feeling a lot throughout these cartoons. This set of two double-sided discs is a vast improvement over previous Hanna-Barbera series and season collections, in that the episodes are presented complete with opening titles and end credits. That means more than 30 opportunities to enjoy the theme song, one of the best ever for a Hanna-Barbera series. Series fans will also get a kick out of the creative team's commentaries on three episodes, as well as a "fan-riffic" retrospective, "The Phoo-Nomenon."

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Closed Caption; Phabulous retrospective documentary The Phoo-Nomenon; Hong Kong Phooey - The Batty Bank Gang: The Complete Storyboard; Expert commentary on 3 key episodes

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