Hot Shots!

Hot Shots!

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Director: Jim Abrahams, Charlie Sheen, Valeria Golino, Cary Elwes

Cast: Jim Abrahams, Charlie Sheen, Valeria Golino, Cary Elwes


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The clichés found in the movie Top Gun are so widespread that this DVD release of Hot Shots! should even find favor with younger moviegoers who've never seen the 1980s Tom Cruise hit that this flick has such an infectiously good time spoofing. Wild spoof comedies aren't the first place to go to find examples of beautiful cinematography but the widescreen


The clichés found in the movie Top Gun are so widespread that this DVD release of Hot Shots! should even find favor with younger moviegoers who've never seen the 1980s Tom Cruise hit that this flick has such an infectiously good time spoofing. Wild spoof comedies aren't the first place to go to find examples of beautiful cinematography but the widescreen anamorphic transfer here is fine and returns the movie to its original theatrical aspect ratio. The disc includes a "making of" documentary and while nothing in it quite lives up to the witty title "The Making of an Important Movie," it does offer a diverting half hour. While Hot Shots! has more than its share of big laughs, the sequel Hot Shots! Part Deux, a spoof of the Rambo franchise, is actually funnier than the first picture, and both have been released on DVD at the same time.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Matthew Grimm
Airplane! co-conspirator Jim Abrahams bravely goes it alone as a writer-director with this absurdist Top Gun parody, delivering just as many laughs but adding a little more ribaldry than in his efforts with the Zucker brothers. Charlie Sheen's stony deadpan as troubled fighter pilot Topper Harley works to a tee. He copes with the love of a shrink out to ground him (Valeria Golino), wins over a squadron of fliers who distrust his maverick ways, and foils a commanding officer's underhanded scheme with an evil military contractor. As with Airplane!, though, the story is merely window dressing. Abrahams shoves a mishmash of film clichés into a meat grinder and churns out a raft of inspired hyperbole: There's Washout, the well-meaning flyboy with "Walleye vision"; Deadmeat, the intrepid, all-American guy who has everything going for him but is destined to buy the ranch; and even Topper’s disgraced hero-father, who tries to save his malfunctioning jet by stapling it back together in mid-flight. Lloyd Bridges turns in another uproarious performance as an admiral so war-addled that he returns fire at Deadmeat’s 21-gun salute. Pay attention to the elevator scene as Golino, telling a baseball joke in her thick Italian accent, provides one of the funnier film moments in recent memory. With all this, and a spate of sight gags just as clever as those of Airplane!, Abrahams makes a deliriously dopey addition to his comedic legacy.
All Movie Guide
Just as Airplane! made it impossible to take Airport and other disaster movies seriously, Hot Shots! will forever alter the way you view Top Gun. It's another successful parody from director Jim Abrahams, who gets in enough jokes and gags for a week-long festival of standard comedy films. It feels like a speedy derivative of The Marx Brothers at their most ludicrous, or Mad Magazine in motion pictures, and Mel Brooks' movie burlesques (Young Frankenstein, Blazing Saddles, High Anxiety) are certainly close cousins. Abrahams' movies have a consistent style, and they create a surreal atmosphere in which anything might happen. The Hollywood in-jokes are a big part of the laughs, but the set-ups are so fantastic yet familiar that they come off like live-action comics.

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Original Release:
20th Century Fox
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[Wide Screen]
[stereo, Dolby Surround]

Special Features

Closed Caption; "Making of an Important Movie" featurette; Theatrical trailer; Interactive menus; Scene selection; Anamorphic widescreen (1.85:1); English Dolby Surround; French Mono; Spanish Mono; English subtitles; Spanish subtitles

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Charlie Sheen Sean "Topper" Harley,Rhett Butler,Superman
Valeria Golino Ramada Thompson,Scarlett O'Hara,Lois Lane
Cary Elwes Kent Gregory
Lloyd Bridges Admiral "Tug" Benson
Kevin Dunn Lt. Comm. Block
Jon Cryer Jim "Washout" Pfaffenbach
Kristy Swanson Kowalski
William O'Leary Pete "Dead Meat" Thompson
Efrem Zimbalist Wilson
Gary Brayboy Sleepy Weasel Squadron Member
Chris Coyle Conspiratorial Crewman
Richard Emanuel Sleepy Weasel Squadron Member
Mali Finn Actor
Heidi Swedberg Mrs. "Dead Meat" Thompson
Bruce A. Young "Red" Herring
Ryan Stiles "Mailman" Farnham
Rino Thunder Owatonna
Mark Arnott Rosener
Ryan Cutrona Captain Margolis
Don Lake Doctor
Kelly Connell Air Controller
Tony Simotes Ambulance Driver
Don Luce Paramedic
Judy Kahan Nurse
Jeff Bright Communications Officer
Jimmy Lennon Ring Announcer
Marie Thomas Francine the Secretary
Ryan Fitzgerald Scooter
Al Clegg Jazz
Pat Proft Lawrence Lipps
Marc Shaiman Piano Player
Cylk Cozart 1st Drill Sergeant
Christopher Keene 2nd Drill Sergeant
Ed Herschlar Rabbi
Jimmie Ray Weeks Amish Man
Annie O'Donnell Amish Woman
Mack Yamaguchi Eskimo
Charles Barkley Himself
Bill Laimbeer Himself
Eugene Greytak Pope John Paul II
Tony Lorea Humphrey "Bogie" Bogart
Jerry Haleva Saddam Hussein
Bob Lenz Elvis "The King" Presley
Willie Collins Liberace
Robert Puro Precocious Paper Boy
Richard Lasting Handsome Milkman
Elston Ridgle Boxer #1
Max Jones Boxer #2
Pablo Prietto Parking Valet
John Bankson Parking Valet
Nancy Abrahams Family in front of TV Store
Tony Moreno Sleepy Weasel Squadron Member
Kevin Eads Sleepy Weasel Squadron Member
Dave (The Shark) Oliver Sleepy Weasel Squadron Member
Kip Pierce Sleepy Weasel Squadron Member
Brent Freeman Sleepy Weasel Squadron Member
Craig McIntosh Sleepy Weasel Squadron Member
Sean Wright Sleepy Weasel Squadron Member
William Irwin Buzz Harley

Technical Credits
Jim Abrahams Director,Screenwriter
William Badalato Producer
Bill Butler Cinematographer
William Elliott Production Designer
Mali Finn Casting
Janet Graham Associate Producer
Jerie Kelter Set Decoration/Design
Jane Kurson Editor
Silvester Levay Score Composer
Mary Malin Costumes/Costume Designer
Ann Masterson Makeup
Stephen McEveety Associate Producer,Production Designer
Greg Norberg Associate Producer
Ernie F. Orsatti Stunts
Greg Papalia Art Director
Pat Proft Executive Producer,Screenwriter
Eric Sears Editor
Lester Wilson Choreography

Scene Index

Side #1 --
1. Main Titles
2. Buzz's Big Mistake
3. Fluffy Bunny Feet
4. Dream Lover
5. Admiral Benson
6. He's Back
7. The Shrink
8. Sleepy Weasel
9. The Scheme
10. The Man I Love
11. Bedtime Snack
12. What Could Go Wrong?
13. A Good Funeral
14. Topper's Chance
15. Only You (And You Alone)
16. Welcome to the Mediterranean
17. Mission Morning
18. Enemy Air Space
19. A True American Hero
20. Sayonara, Saddam!
21. Topper's Touchdown
22. Homecoming
23. Little Sizzling Belly
24. End Titles


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Guest More than 1 year ago
Though no movie will probably ever be as funny as Airplane! was, this one is close. If you want even more laughs out of the movie look away from the main characters, or way may miss some can-can dancing/drilling soldiers.