House, M.D. - Season 2

House, M.D. - Season 2

4.7 46

Cast: Hugh Laurie, Omar Epps, Robert Sean Leonard


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Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Bill Pearis
The medical drama House became a word-of-mouth hit in its first season, thanks mainly to Hugh Laurie's mesmerizing, Emmy-nominated performance as the curmudgeonly, brilliant Dr. Gregory House, a physician whose skill at diagnosing baffling medical ailments rivals his disdain for human contact. While the show could've stuck with the disease-of-the-week formula for its second season, the producers wisely changed the prescription just enough, allowing for greater character depth and multiple-episode story arcs while keeping House's caustic one-liners. Apart from his bad leg, which has left him with a limp and an addiction to pills, House's biggest pain is the return of his ex-wife, Stacey (Sela Ward), who has taken the position of chief counsel at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. Despite his seemingly icy exterior, House isn't quite over her -- nor she him. Elsewhere in the hospital, House's three young team members get their own cases this year. Dr. Cameron (Jennifer Morrison) treats an HIV-positive man in "Hunting," with potentially deadly results; chaos ensues when a young mother dies due to Dr. Chase's (Jesse Spencer) negligence in "The Mistake"; and ambitious Dr. Foreman (Omar Epps) becomes the patient in the tense two-parter "Euphoria." Elsewhere in the hospital: Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) moves in with House when he and his wife separate; department head Dr. Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) pursues her desire to have children; and a very disgruntled former patient (Elias Koteas) pays House a visit in the explosive Season 2 finale. Our diagnosis? House - Season 2 is even more addictive than the first.

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Special Features

"An Evening with House" featurette
"It Could Be Lupus" featurette
Blooper reel
Alternate takes: the "Valley Girl" versions
Producer commentaries

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