Hunt For Red October

Hunt For Red October

4.6 23
Director: John McTiernan

Cast: John McTiernan, Sean Connery, Alec Baldwin, Scott Glenn


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The first of several films based on Tom Clancy's "Jack Ryan" technothrillers, Hunt for Red October stars Alec Baldwin as eccentric CIA analyst Ryan and Sean Connery as Soviet submarine commander Marko Ramius. Ramius sets the plot in motion when he murders his political…  See more details below


The first of several films based on Tom Clancy's "Jack Ryan" technothrillers, Hunt for Red October stars Alec Baldwin as eccentric CIA analyst Ryan and Sean Connery as Soviet submarine commander Marko Ramius. Ramius sets the plot in motion when he murders his political adviser, burns his orders, and steers his sub Red October towards American waters, hoping to defect. The CIA, aware that the Red October was about to embark on an evasive mission to demonstrate its ability to avoid detection and fire its nuclear missiles upon U.S. installations, believes that Ramius is insane, and that he plans to start World War III. To cover their own behinds, the Russians back up the CIA's suspicion. Only Jack Ryan believes that Ramius' mission is not as apocalyptic as it seems -- and it is Ryan who is assigned to infiltrate the Red October to prove his theory. The sort of film that in an earlier era would have been called a "thinking man's thriller," The Hunt for Red October ushered in a new series of Hollywood-produced post-Cold War adventure films, including 1995's Crimson Tide.

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A contemplative thriller by early 1990s standards, The Hunt For Red October was the first movie based on the successful Jack Ryan novels of Tom Clancy. Robbed of much of the book's Cold War appeal by the time of its release, the movie was nonetheless embraced by American audiences; it was among the ten highest-grossing movies of 1990. It would be director John McTiernan's third major action hit following Predator and Die Hard, and he manages to maintain a high excitement level for the film's 134-minute length. Ultimately, Red October's success might have been due to the sex appeal of stars Alec Baldwin and Sean Connery. This would be Baldwin's first big-budget hit; for Connery, it continued the career upswing that had begun with The Name of the Rose and The Untouchables. Baldwin declined to reprise the Ryan role; Harrison Ford would play the character in Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger.

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[Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]

Special Features

Commentary by director John McTiernan; Beneath the surface - cast & crew interviews; Theatrical trailer HD

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Sean Connery Capt. Marko Ramius
Alec Baldwin Jack Ryan
Scott Glenn Capt. Bart Mancuso
James Earl Jones Admiral James Greer
Sam Neill Capt. Vasily Borodin
Joss Ackland Andrei Lysenko
Richard Jordan Jeffrey Pelt
Peter Firth Ivan Putin
Tim Curry Dr. Petrov
Courtney B. Vance Seaman Jones
Stellan Skarsgård Capt. Tupolev
Jeffrey Jones Skip Tyler
Fred Dalton Thompson Admiral Painter
Daniel Davis Capt. Davenport
Tomas Arana Leginov (Cook)
Peter Antico Seaman
Vlado Benden Konovalov Seaman
Michael George Benko Ivan
George H. Billy DSRV Officer
Louise Borras Sally Ryan
Robert Buckingham Admirals at Briefing
Timothy Carhart Bill Steiner
Arthur Cybulski Diving Officer
Anatoly Davydov Officer #1
Andrew Divoff Andrei Amalric
Mark Draxton Seaman
Rick Ducommun Navigator C-2A
Larry Ferguson Chief of the Boat
Tom Fisher Seaman
Ivan G'Vera Officer
Radu Gavor Soviet Seaman
Ronald Guttman Lt. Melekhin
Ben Hartigan Admiral (Briefing)
Ivan Ivanov Soviet Seaman
Denise E. James Stewardess
Christopher Janczar Andrei Bonovia
Amanda Mackey-Johnson Actor
Kenton Kovell Actor
Boris Krutonog Stavin
A.C. Lyles Advisor #1
Gates McFadden Caroline Ryan
John McTiernan Advisor
F.J. O'Neil General at Briefing
Anthony Peck Lt. Comdr. Thompson
Reed Popovich Lt. Jim Curry
Ray Reinhardt Jodge Moore at Briefing
David Sederholm Sunglasses
John Shepherd Foxtrot Pilot
Herman Sinitzyn Soviet Seaman
Don Oscar Smith Helicopter Pilot
William Bell Sullivan Lt. Cmdr. Mike Hewitt
Sven Ole Thorsen Russian COB
Ned Vaughn Seaman Beaumont
Tony Veneto Padorin's Orderly
Michael Welden Kamarov
George Winston Konovalov Seamen
Ping Wu Soviet Seaman
Peter Zinner Adm. Padorin

Technical Credits
John McTiernan Director
Scott E. Anderson Special Effects
Charlie Canfield Animator
William Cruse Art Director
Wes Dawn Makeup
Jan de Bont Cinematographer
Larry de Waay Producer
Christopher Dierdorff Animator
Larry Ferguson Screenwriter
Terry Frazee Special Effects
Robert Garland Screenwriter
Richard Bryce Goodman Musical Direction/Supervision
Cecelia Hall Musical Direction/Supervision
James Kail Makeup
Terence Marsh Production Designer
Pat Meyers Animator
Mickey Michaels Set Decoration/Design
John Milius Screenwriter
Mace Neufeld Producer
Chuck Picerni Stunts
Basil Poledouris Score Composer
Al di Sarro Special Effects
David Shaber Screenwriter
Jerry Sherlock Producer
Michael T. Sherman Consultant/advisor
Scott Squires Special Effects
Donald E. Stewart Screenwriter
Eric Swenson Animator
James Tyson Costumes/Costume Designer
Dennis Virkler Editor
Dianne I. Wager Art Director
Don Woodruff Art Director
John Wright Editor
Peter Zinner Editor
Tom Clancy Source Author

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