I Love Lucy - The Complete Fourth Season
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I Love Lucy - The Complete Fourth Season

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Director: William Asher

Cast: Beppie DeVries, Bess Flowers


Ricky and Lucy Ricardo (Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball) head to Hollywood and find all sorts of new comic misadventures in the City of the Stars in this DVD collection of episodes form the fourth season of the seminal situation comedy I Love Lucy. I Love Lucy: The Complete Fourth Season features 30 half-hour episodes originally broadcast between 1954 and…  See more details below


Ricky and Lucy Ricardo (Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball) head to Hollywood and find all sorts of new comic misadventures in the City of the Stars in this DVD collection of episodes form the fourth season of the seminal situation comedy I Love Lucy. I Love Lucy: The Complete Fourth Season features 30 half-hour episodes originally broadcast between 1954 and 1955, and includes guest appearances from William Holden, Harpo Marx, Rock Hudson, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Van Johnson, Richard Widmark, and more. This package includes optional Spanish-language audio, bloopers and outtakes, the show's original opening sequence, and an audio-only bonus of five episodes from Ball's radio serial My Favorite Husband.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
With the 30 episodes of the 1954-55 season, I Love Lucy made a radical departure from its long-established formula -- a change that not only revitalized the series but resulted in some of the funniest half-hour shows in the entire run. In the year's sixth episode, "Ricky's Movie Offer," a Hollywood talent scout sets up a screen test for Ricky Ricardo (Desi Arnaz), and the prospect of spending time in Hollywood throws Lucy (Lucille Ball) into a tizzy. The next several installments are fairly standard ones, although there are frequent references to the test. Finally Ricky gets a part, and the Ricardos invite the Mertzes (Vivian Vance and William Frawley) along on their cross-country trip. In an early example of product placement on TV, General Motors made a deal with Ball and Arnaz, who also produced the show, to feature a 1955 Pontiac convertible in the episodes dealing with the drive to California. Another innovative half hour was "First Stop," a road-trip episode that included the first I Love Lucy footage shot outside the soundstage that housed the series' standing sets. The rest of the season takes place in Tinseltown, where star-struck Lucy gets involved in predictable escapades that involve a plethora of guest stars playing themselves. Among them are Rock Hudson, Richard Widmark, Cornel Wilde, and gossip columnist Hedda Hopper. Arguably the best of Season 4's guest-star outings is "Lucy and Harpo," in which Lucy dresses up like Harpo Marx and re-creates the mirror scene from the classic 1933 Marx Brothers comedy, Duck Soup. The Hollywood jaunt, which extended into Season 5, gave I Love Lucy a shot in the arm -- not that any was needed.

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Special Features

Closed Caption; All episodes restored and digitally remastered; Flubs; Restored music; Behind-the-scenes audio featurette; Original series openings; Original animated sequences; Production notes; Song selections; Guest cast information; Five complete episodes of Lucy's radio show: My Favorite Husband

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Lucille Ball Actress
Beppie DeVries Mrs. DeVries
Bess Flowers Theater Patron
Bob Jellison Bobby
Charles Winninger Barney Kurtz
Clinton Sundberg Screen Test Director
Desi Arnaz Actor
Don Loper Himself
Elizabeth Patterson Mrs. Trumbull
Fortunio Bonanova Professor Bonanova
Frank Nelson Ben Benjamin
Harpo Marx Himself
Hedda Hopper Herself
Irving Bacon Will Potter
Joe Mayer Little Ricky
Kathryn Card Mrs. MacGillicuddy
Lou Krugman Frank Williams
Olin Howlin George Skinner
Parley Baer Walter Reilly
Philip Ober Dore Schary
Richard Widmark Himself
Rock Hudson Himself
Ross Elliott Himself,Mr. Elliott
Sarah Selby Dorothy Cooke
Tennessee Ernie Ford Cousin Ernie
Van Johnson Himself
Benny Rubin Tour Bus Driver
Charles Lane Mr. Hickox
Chick Chandler Billy Hackett
Cornel Wilde Himself
Doris Singleton Caroline Appleby
Fred Aldrich Crook
Helen Kleeb Miss Klein
Jesslyn Fax Chambermaid
John Emery Voice of Stage Actor
Louis Nicoletti Boom Man,Crook,Stagehand
Marco Rizo Pianist,Himself
Mary Emery Ricky's Mother
Mike Mayer Little Ricky
Milton Frome Sam Carter
Sheila MacRae Herself
Stephen Wootton Little Barney
Will Wright Sheriff
Allan Ray Clapper Man
Barbara Pepper Woman on Bus
Bennett Green Messenger
Dick Reeves Man
Dolores Donlon Starlet
Hy Averback Charlie Pomerantz
James Dobson Pete
Marilyn Borden Teensy
Rodolfo Hoyos Party Guest
Sue Carol Herself
Wilber Hatch Himself
Audrey Betz Woman on Bus
Frances Dee Herself
Maggie McGuiness Starlet
Rosalyn Borden Weensy
Aaron Spelling Gas Station Man
Brenda Marshall Herself
John Hart Lifeguard
Juney Ellis Maid

Technical Credits
William Asher Director

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Scene Index

Side #1 -- Disc 1
1. Lucy, Unplugged
3. A Generous Allowance
4. Shopping for Dollars
5. Ricky Is Suspicious
6. Market Dividends
1. Kurtz Is Coming
3. Lucy Plays the Maid
4. Barney's Confession
5. Showtime!
1. Read All About It
3. A Call for Help
4. Out on the Ledge
5. Lucy Is Miffed
6. A Couple of Thugs
7. Tied and True
1. Lucy's Dinner Plan
3. Ricky Isn't Pleased
4. Dinner for Four
5. The Truth About Marriage
6. A Typical Breakfast
7. Lucy Misses Ricky
8. Flowers for Fred?
1. Dealmaker Lucy
3. Madison Avenue Meeting
4. Ricky Convinces Lucy
5. A Smooth Rehearsal
6. Live, From New York!
1. Ethel's On Alert
3. A Suspicious Visitor
4. Lucy's Acting Tips
5. Word Gets Around
6. Amateur Hour
Side #2 -- Disc 2
1. Coaching Little Ricky
3. California Dreaming
4. A Change of Heart
5. Lucy's Gone Hollywood
6. The Screen Test
1. An Open Mind
3. Advice From Ethel
4. Meeting Mom
5. A Little Charcoal Taste
6. Lucy Has an Idea
7. Linguist Lucy
1. Ethel Needs a Favor
3. A Few Subtle Hints
4. Fred Needs a Favor
5. Fighting Over Fashion
6. Ricky Has a Plan
7. "Over the Teacups"
1. Waiting for the Call
3. At the Club
4. Fred's Dumb Idea
5. Got the Message?
6. Ricky Returns
1. Planes, Trains, and Buses
3. Car Shopping
4. The Cadillac Convertible
5. A Helpful Phone Call
6. Fred's Smart Deal
1. Frozen Fred
3. The Ricardos' New Car
4. The Matter of Insurance
5. A Slight Collision
6. An Unbelievable Switch
7. The Jig Is Up
Side #3 -- Disc 3
1. Room for One More?
3. Cancelled Plans
4. Packing It In
5. Fred's Solution
6. Saying Goodbye
7. The Drive Begins
1. A Few More Miles
3. Dinner at Last!
4. A Good Sign
5. Full Circle
1. Off the Map
3. Just the Ticket
4. Ernie to the Rescue
5. A Brave Proposal
6. An Honest Mistake
7. Square Dance Escape
1. Calling Long Distance
3. Shrinking Violet
4. Lucy Has an Idea
5. Ethel's "Solo" Show
1. Hollywood at Last!
3. The Watering Hole
4. Canned Ham
5. An Unexpected Visitor
6. Up in Smoke
1. The Sixth Wheel
3. Lucy Is "A Little Upset"
4. Do Not Disturb
5. Ricky, the Early Riser
6. Destroying Evidence
7. Cross-Examination
Side #4 -- Disc 4
1. Postcards Home
3. A Bellboy's Advice
4. Ricky Relents
5. Lights! Cameras! Action!
1. Just One Dress?
3. At the Salon
4. Sticker Schock
5. Lucy, Overcooked
6. The Fashion Show
7. Lucy's Windfall
1. Where's Mother?
3. A Matter of Time
4. Ricky's New Press Agent
5. Mother Is Miffed
6. Lucy's Big Splash
7. Meet Mom's Friend
1. Bad News
3. It's in the Cards
4. Ricky's Adoring Fans
5. Mr. Schary Calls
6. Casting the Part
7. Training Mr. Spelvin
1. Twenty Questions
3. Multiple Choice
4. At Rehearsals
5. Showtime!
1. When Is It?
3. Late Night Wire
4. Telegram on Toast
5. In the News
6. Lucy Stands Firm
7. At the Mocambo
Side #5 -- Disc 5
1. Just One More Star
3. Borrowing From Bobby
4. Room Service
5. Bobby "Auditions"
6. Lucy's Balcony Scene
7. A Penthouse Invitation
1. Force of Habits
3. Splitting Up
4. Stir Crazy
5. Back in Town
6. Rock in the Desert
1. Caroline's Coming
3. Poolside Pantomime
4. Invited to Rehearsal
5. Dancing With Van
6. Lucy Gets the Call
7. Stage Fright
1. Lucy Needs Stars
3. Grabbing Glasses
4. Masked Ball
5. Marx by the Pool
6. Two Harpos
1. Too Many Stunts
3. An Old Spanish Song
4. Meeting Mr. Riley
5. Lucy's Confession
6. Ricky's Revenge
1. Ready for Lunch
3. Aboard the Bus
4. Grapefruit Stop
5. Climbing the Wall
6. Trapped in the Den
7. Emergency Call
8. Lucy's Fair Game

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