I Love Lucy - The Complete Sixth Season

I Love Lucy - The Complete Sixth Season

Director: James Kern, William Asher

Cast: Barbara Eden

Several changes occurred in the I Love Lucy format during the series sixth and final season on the air. For one thing, little Richard Keith, a talented six-year-old drummer, was cast in the role of Little Ricky, the son of Cuban bandleader Ricky Ricardo (Desi Arnaz) and his wacky wife Lucy (


Several changes occurred in the I Love Lucy format during the series sixth and final season on the air. For one thing, little Richard Keith, a talented six-year-old drummer, was cast in the role of Little Ricky, the son of Cuban bandleader Ricky Ricardo (Desi Arnaz) and his wacky wife Lucy (Lucille Ball) (the character had previously been played by uncredited infants). For another, Ricky had quit his job at New York's Tropicana Club and opened his own nitery, the Club Babalu. With more money coming into the Ricardo household, Lucy and Ricky decide to leave New York City and move into an attractively appointed ranch house in suburban Connecticut. Not surprisingly, the Ricardos' longtime friends Fred and Ethel Mertz (William Frawley and Vivian Vance) likewise make the big move to the 'burbs. The change of locale also permits the introduction of two new characters, the Ricardos' next-door neighbors Ralph and Betty Ramsey (Frank Nelson, Mary Jane Croft). Despite the scenery shifting, I Love Lucy still delivers laughs in its classic, time-tested manner with Lucy hatching zany schemes and getting her family and friends knotted up in a variety of ridiculous situations. One episode, "Lucy Raises Chickens," features the longest sustained audience laughter in the series' history -- proof positive that the bloom was definitely not off the rose for this venerable property. Other highlights of I Love Lucy's final season (at least in its half-hour format) include guest appearances by Bob Hope, Orson Welles, and George Reeves (in his familiar guise as "Superman"); a Christmas episode comprised of clips from earlier seasons, which for many years was removed from the series' syndication package and did not resurface publicly until 1989; and the last I Love Lucy installment, "The Ricardos Dedicate a Statue," in which Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz' real-life son Desi Arnaz Jr. makes his TV acting debut.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Donald Liebenson
There are plenty of reasons to still love Lucy in its sixth and final season. She's still desperate to get into show business and still wreaking havoc around such luminaries as Bob Hope and Orson Welles. She still has some splainin' to do, such as how she got a loving cup stuck on her head ("Lucy and the Loving Cup"), what she's doing out on the apartment building ledge in the pouring rain dressed in a Superman costume ("Lucy and Superman"), or why she stuffed her shirt with eggs ("Lucy Does the Tango"). Although this seminal series -- ranked by TV Guide as the second-best TV show of all time -- seeks no closure in its final run, there are fond references throughout to Lucy and Ricky's years together. When TV superhero George Reeves learns that Ricky (Desi Arnaz) has been married to Lucy (Lucille Ball) for 15 years, he exclaims, "And they call me Superman!" Amongst this set's 27 episodes is a real gift for Lucy fans, the rarely broadcast Christmas episode in which the Ricardos and the Mertzes (Vivian Vance and William Frawley) reminisce while trimming the tree. Once again, the series gets a lot of mileage out of taking the quartet out of New York. In "The Ricardos Visit Cuba," Lucy meets Ricky's family for the first time, with predictably disastrous results (among other indignities, she unwittingly insults a favorite uncle with her rudimentary Spanish). But Lucy arguably jumped the Babalu by relocating the family to a Connecticut farmhouse. We want to see Lucy scheme to get into her husband's nightclub act, not raise chickens. However, the move does hatch some good episodes, including "Country Club Dance," featuring an absolutely luscious Barbara Eden as a flirtatious babe who attracts too much attention from Ricky, Fred, and new neighbor Ralph Ramsey (Jack Benny Show regular Frank Nelson). A wealth of bonus features, including episode-specific audio commentaries by, among others, Eden and Keith Thiboddeaux (Little Ricky), as well as such archival goodies as original animated episode openings and commercial bumpers, will make this four-disc set a ball for Lucy fans.

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Special Features

Closed Caption; 1956 Christmas Show ; Flubs ; Lost Scenes ; Restored Music ; Audio Commentaries by Keith Thibodeaux ("Little Ricky"), Barbara Eden, Doris Singelton ("Caroline Appleby"), and writers Madelyn Pugn Davis and Bob Schiller ; "Bob Hope Chevy Show Sketch Highlights" ; Original Series Openings ; Original Animation ; Original Cast Commercials ; Promotional Spot ; Guest Cast Information Colorized Christmas Show Scenes ; Five Episodes of Lucy's Radio Show: My Favorite Husband

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Lucille Ball Actress
Barbara Eden Diana Jordan
Bob Hope Himself
Candy Rogers Suzy
Claude Akins Himself
Desi Arnaz Actor
Desi Arnaz Child in Crowd
Eduardo Cianelli Mr. Martinelli
Elizabeth Patterson Mrs. Trumbull
Elsa Lanchester Mrs. Grundy
Frank Wilcox Joe Spaulding
George Reeves Superman
Howard McNear Mr. Crawford
Jim Hayward Boat Captain
John Emery Mr. Stewart
Johnny Longden Himself
Joseph Kearns Nightclub Manager
Mary Ellen Kay Mrs. Taylor
Mary Emery Ricky's Mother
Mary Jane Croft Betty Ramsey
Orson Welles Himself
Ray Ferrell Bruce Ramsey
Tristram Coffin Harry Munson
Doris Singleton Caroline Appleby
Eleanor Audley Eleanor Spaulding,Flower Judge
Ellen Corby Miss Hanna
Frank Nelson Ralph Ramsey
Gene Reynolds Mr. Taylor
George Trevino Uncle Alberto
Hazel Longden Herself
Jay Novello Mario Orsatti
Jody Warner Usherette
Joi Lansing Herself
Marjorie Bennett Mrs. Van Fossen
Mary Alan Hokanson Woman from Magazine
Phil Leeds Mr. Krausfield
Robert Bice Moving Man
Strother Martin Café Owner
William Frawley Actor
Diana Van Fossen Violinist
Doris Packer Woman in Box
George O'Hanlon Charlie Appleby
Jess Kirkpatrick Station Clerk
Jill Jarmyn Herself
Lou Krugman Club Babalu Manager
Nacho Galindo Tobacco Store Owner
Parley Baer Mr. Perry
Peter Brocco Dominic Orsatti,Flower Judge
Robert Foulk Cop
Tyler McVey Man from Magazine
Vivian Vance Actress
Angelo Didio Cigar Roller
Henry Kulky Trainer
Jack Rice Macy's Clerk
James Flavin Immigration Officer
Jesslyn Fax Woman from Brooklyn
John Eldredge Man in Box
Laurie Blaine Flutist
Madge Blake Martha
Ruth Brady Grace Munson
Aldo Formica Pizza Chef
Dick Elliott Spectator
Eddie LeBaron Emcee
Gladys Hurlbut Woman with Purse
Hazel Pierce Customer
Jeffrey Woodruff Trombone Player
Ralph Dumke Martha's Husband
Sandra Gould Train Passenger

Technical Credits
James Kern Director
William Asher Director

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- I Love Lucy: The Complete Sixth Season
1. Swiping Apples
3. Kill the Umpire
4. Getting Ready
5. "Red Hot" Lucy
6. Quick-Frozen Beret
7. Ballplayers Don't Cry
8. Club Babalu
1. Our Son's Future
3. Special Delivery
4. Young Dr. Ricardo
5. The Beat Goes On...
6. ...And On
7. The Big Fight
8. No Utilities
9. Friends Forever
1. Baby, It's Cold Outside
3. Meeting at Macy's
4. Calling Miss Hanna
5. Doing Shakespeare
6. Dressing Room Blues
7. An Evening of Magic
1. Who's Nervous
3. School Recital
4. Lucy on Drums
5. Getting Him to Play
6. A Father-Son Chat
7. Backstage at Babalu
8. Little Ricky on Stage
1. Who Is Mario?
3. He's a Fired!
4. Immigration Problem
5. Mario's Day Off
6. Lucy Twirls a Pizza
7. Ricky Finds Out
8. Burning Situation
9. Another Big Mistake
1. New Clothes for the Trip
3. Don't Get Panicky, Ethel!
4. I Love Buttered Grass!
5. Overnight Stop
6. Flat Tire
7. Hatchet!
8. On the Road Again
9. Roadside Diner
10. Moulting in Miami
1. What Lousy Luck
3. Lucy's Fishy Idea
4. Hiding the Fish
5. Hiding Another Fish
6. Moving the Evidence
7. Caught Red-Handed
8. Winning the Bet
Disc #2 -- I Love Lucy: The Complete Sixth Season
1. The New Lucy
3. A Gas of a Plan
4. Afternoon Cruise
5. We're Out of Gas
6. Desert Island
7. Giant Native
8. All's Well!
1. Havana Bound
3. Family Reunion
4. Lucy's Tale of Woe
5. At the Cigar Store
6. Casino Parisien
1. A Cuban Dr. Spock
3. A Stale Little Part
4. Anyone for Bridge?
5. Plans for the Pageant
6. A Note From the Teacher
7. Rehearsing Before Bed
8. The Enchanted Forest
1. Deck the Halls
3. Lucy's Big News
4. The Tuneless Wonder
5. Barbershop Quartet
6. Christmas Lights
7. Honey, This Is It
8. Five Santas
1. Lucy's New Outfit
3. Lucy's Special Hat
4. On the Subway
5. Flatbush Avenue
6. That's My Wife
1. Little Ricky's Favorite
3. The Bore War
4. Party Plans
5. Superman or Supermud?
6. Party Games
7. Out on the Ledge
8. Ricky's Big Surprise
9. A Bird, a Plane, Lucy!
10. Superman to the Rescue
Disc #3 -- I Love Lucy: The Complete Sixth Season
1. Home-Grown Breakfast
3. Crowded City Life
4. Getting Out of the Deal
5. Lucy, the Gun Moll
1. Heebie-Jeebies
3. Who's Worried Now?
4. Fred Shows the Apartment
5. Packing to Leave
6. Sentimental Parting
7. "Will Call" Department
8. Boxes Galore
1. Mi Casa Es Su Casa
3. Our First Real Home
4. A Good Night's Sleep
5. Unpacking
6. Ethel's Great Idea
7. All Alone in the Country
8. At the Station
9. Burglars!
1. Instant Chummy
3. Furniture Mart
4. A Call for Help
5. Ricky Raves
6. At the Ramsey's
7. Friends and Neighbors
1. Bills! Billls! Bills!
3. Help Wanted
4. Partners
5. 500 Baby Chicks
6. Rounding Up the Brood
7. 67 Still at Large
1. Look Sultry!
3. Hens Not Laying
4. Five Dozen Eggs
5. Lucy's Big Break
6. Little Ricky's Plan
7. Who's a Chicken Thief

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