I Love Lucy - The Complete Third Season
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I Love Lucy - The Complete Third Season

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Director: Lucille Ball, William Asher, Alberto Morin, Allen Jenkins

Cast: Lucille Ball, William Asher, Alberto Morin, Allen Jenkins

The third season of television's first great situation comedy is collected on this special DVD set. I Love Lucy: The Complete Third Season features 30 episodes which originally aired between 1953 and 1954, following the misadventures of Lucy Ricardo (Lucille Ball), his husband Ricky (Desi Arnaz), and their friends Ethel and Fred Mertz (Vivian Vance and James


The third season of television's first great situation comedy is collected on this special DVD set. I Love Lucy: The Complete Third Season features 30 episodes which originally aired between 1953 and 1954, following the misadventures of Lucy Ricardo (Lucille Ball), his husband Ricky (Desi Arnaz), and their friends Ethel and Fred Mertz (Vivian Vance and James Frawley). Highlights of this season include Lucy and Ethel going into business together, the gals becoming dishwashers for a night to cover a dinner check, a visit from Cousin Ernie (Tennessee Ernie Ford), the couples' buying a restaurant, the Ricardos being interviewed by a magazine, and more. The set includes rare and unseen footage, the show's original opening sequences, bloopers, and promotional spots as bonus materials.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
Although the 1953-54 episodes of this groundbreaking sitcom lacked the manic quality of their best-known predecessors, the third season of Lucy (which finally saw the show reach No. 1 in the ratings) contains its share of classic moments. In "Lucy and Ethel Buy a New Dress," for example, the pals perform their memorable duet of Cole Porter's "Friendship." During "Lucy Tells the Truth," the madcap redhead manages to insult her friends and get into all kinds of trouble when she wagers that she can go 24 hours without telling a lie. "The French Revue" uses Ricky's new show as the latest backdrop for Lucy's ongoing efforts to break into show business; this time she disguises herself as a chorus girl and winds up onstage. In "Lucy Has Her Eyes Examined," she actually wrangles her way into the floor show, but the drops she's been taking for eyestrain make her vision blurry, and her jitterbug number goes hilariously awry. "Ricky Minds the Baby" rates special mention as the only show in the run not performed before a live audience, because the producers were afraid that the toddler playing Little Ricky wouldn't be able to perform on cue. Season 3 is light on guest stars, but "The Charm School" gives a marvelous part to Natalie Schafer, who would play "Lovey" on Gilligan's Island. And country singer Tennessee Ernie Ford, then just beginning his ascent to stardom, turns up in a two-parter as Lucy's country-bumpkin cousin. By the end of 1954 the sitcom's formula would show signs of aging, and Season 4 offered a change of locale with the Ricardos and Mertzes off to California for an extended stay. But a good number of the Season 3 shows are first-rate, and even the weaker ones are well worth watching.

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Special Features

Closed Caption; All 31 original season-three episodes restored and digitally remastered ; Flubs; Lost scenes; Restored music; Behind-the-scenes audio featurette; Original series openings; Original animated sequences; Script excerpts; Production notes; Spanish subtitles; Spanish audio available on most episodes; English closed-captions; Scene selections; Song selections; Guest cast information; Series promotional spot; Five complete episodes of Lucy's radio show: My Favorite Husband

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Lucille Ball Lucy Ricardo,Actress
Alberto Morin Robert Dubois
Allen Jenkins Police Officer
Barbara Pepper Party Guest
Dayton Lummis Bill Parker,Mel Eaton
Desi Arnaz Ricky Ricardo
Doris Singleton Caroline Appleby
Douglas Evans Doug
Frank Jaquet Laundry Checker
Frank Nelson Dickie Davis,Freddie Fillmore
Harry V. Cheshire Sam Johnson
Hy Averback Charlie Appleby
James Burke Mr. Watson
Jerry Hausner Jerry
Jimmy Demaret Himself
Joan Banks Eleanor Harris
Joe Mayer Little Ricky
Larry Dobkin Xavier
Mabel Paige Mrs. Hansen
Madge Blake Mrs. Mulford
Mary Jane Croft Cynthia Harcourt
Natalie Schafer Phoebe Emerson
Stanley Farrar Bennett Green
Tennessee Ernie Ford Cousin Ernie
Virginia Brissac Mrs. Hammond
Bennett Green Party Guest,Man on the Street,Messenger,Laundry Deliveryman
Byron Kane Morris Williams
Dick Reeves TV Host,Man,Policeman
Don Garner Delivery Boy,Grocery Boy
Elizabeth Patterson Mrs. Trumbull
Emory Parnell Cop
Eve McVeagh Roberta
Eve Whitney Eve
Herb Vigran Al Sparks
Jay Novello Mr. Beecher
Lillian Molieri Dream Carlota
Louis Nicoletti Maitre D',Policeman,Tournament Announcer,Elevator Operator,Waiter
Mike Mayer Little Ricky
Oliver Blake Zeb Allen
Patsy Moran Laundry Worker
Pierre Watkin Mr. Dorrance
Sara Jane Gould Nancy Johnson
Shepard Menken Eye Doctor
Shirley Mitchell Marion Strong
Vivian Vance Ethel Mertz
Alice Wills Madame X
Arthur Walsh Himself
Charles Lane Casting Director
Dick Elliott Henry
Fred Aldrich Policeman,Stagehand
Hazel Pierce Party Guest,Clubwoman
Joel McKinnon Miller Patron
Johnny B. Frank Newspaper Vendor
Kathryn Card Minnie Finch
Kay Wiley Customer
Ken Christy Ken
Lee Millar Photographer
Maury Hill Tom Williams
Max "Alibi" Terhune Ventriloquist
Rosa Turich Carlota Romero
Ruth Perrott Clubwoman
William Frawley Fred Mertz
Elvia Allman Minnie's Neighbor
Fred E. Sherman Drunk
Mario Siletti Professor Falconi
Paul Power Award Presenter
Vivi Janiss Louann Hall
Dorothy Lloyd Woman Who Sings Like a Chicken
Marco Rizo Musician
Tyler McVey Bill Hall

Technical Credits
William Asher Director

Scene Index

Side #1 -- Disc 1
1. Walking Little Ricky
3. Lucy's Left Out
4. Lucy's the Star
5. Blabbermouth Fred
6. Upstaging Ricky
1. A Sneaky Shopper
3. Buy a Dress Shop?
4. The Girls Make the Deal
5. What's in a Name?
6. No Sale
7. "The Check Is Good"
8. Ethel Finds a Buyer
9. Grandma Lucy
10. Sellers' Remorse
1. A Woman's Club TV Show?
3. Planning the Program
4. Reverse Psychology
5. "Dress" Rehearsal
6. Getting Ready
7. On the Air
1. Equality Now!
3. Separate Checks
4. Ricky Calling
5. Lucy Gets an Idea
6. Bogus Baddies
7. Bailing Out the Boys
1. Snapshots of the Baby
3. All About Stevie
4. Lucy Plans a Visit
5. Catching Caroline
6. For Whom the Bell Tolls
7. The Most Beautiful Baby
1. An Honest Proposition
3. Cards on the Table
4. "Tightwad" and "Tacky"
5. A Hazardous Audition
1. Little Ricky's Bedtime
3. Lost in Translation
4. The French Lesson
5. Ricky Bans Lucy
6. If at First...
7. Opening Night
Side #2 -- Disc 2
1. Pantomime Quiz
3. Little Ricky's Bedtime
4. Lucy Wants to Help
5. Fred and Ethel Fight
6. Lucy's New Idea
7. Beer for Breakfast?
8. Four Feathered Friends
9. Sofa Sacrifice
1. Madame X Strikes
3. Read All About It!
4. Ethel Suspects Lucy
5. Stakeout
6. Lucy Suspects Ethel
7. Do Not Touch
8. Fred's on the Case
9. Lucy Sets a Trap
1. Comfortable Clothes
3. Ragpickers, Inc.
4. Emptying the Closet
5. Ricky Gets a Call
6. "All New" Clothes
7. Ricky Is "Best Dressed"
1. A Pounding Headache
3. Who's William Parker?
4. Jitterbugging 101
5. Auditions at the Club
6. At the Eye Doctor
7. Showtime!
1. Quiz Kids
3. Carlota Is Coming
4. Lucy Gets the News
5. Dream Girl
6. Big Surprise
1. Dressing for Dinner
3. How to Make a Million
4. As Seen on TV
5. A Little Arithmetic
6. Unselling the Product
7. An Unexpected Reaction
8. Mass Production
Side #3 -- Disc 3
1. Ricky's Week Off
3. A Bedtime Story
4. Lucy "Sleeps In"
5. Ricky Loses Ricky
6. Lucy Finds the Baby
1. The Great Divide
3. A Charming Idea
4. Flunking the Test
5. School's in Session
6. Surprising the Boys
7. Turning the Tables
1. Fore!
3. Little Ricky's Bedtime
4. Scrapbook Memories
5. A Change of Plans
6. The Ricardos "Go Out"
7. "Unexpected" Presents
8. Surprise!
1. "Morning" - Take One
3. "Morning" - Take Two
4. Jerry's Publicity Stunt
5. Not the Jealous Type
6. Lucy Finds the Card
7. Minnie, the Moocher
1. Snoopers' Patrol
3. Equal Shares
4. Swindled!
5. Lucy Has a Plan
6. "Testing, 1, 2, 3"
7. Toasting Lucy
1. Lucy's Hat Trick
3. Sales Resistance
4. Testing Ricky's Nerve
5. Rise and Shine!
6. Ricky Gets Juiced
Side #4 -- Disc 4
1. Ricky's Reruns
3. The TV Pilot
4. Lucy Has a Plan
5. Lights! Camera! Action!
6. Editing and Re-Editing
7. Mixed Media
1. Ricky's a Winner!
3. Planting a Buck
4. Expensive Groceries
5. Splitting the Bill
6. It's in the Bag
7. Realization Dawns
8. At the Laundry
9. Down to the Wire
1. Hawaii Calls
2. "A Night in Hawaii"
3. Lucy's Letters
4. Freddie Calls
5. Meet the Mertzes
6. "Be a Good Neighbor"
1. Bedtime Reading
3. A Friendly Call
4. Cynthia Visits
5. Desperate for Cash
6. Planning a Stunt
7. War of the Worlds
8. Martians Go Home
9. Unexpected Visitors
10. The Cash Reappears
1. A Novel Idea
3. Hide and Seek
4. "Forever Ember"
5. Incredible News
6. A Little Mix-Up
7. Another Offer
8. Saving the Trash
9. Jigsaw Novel
10. A Textbook Case
1. An Empty Treasury
3. Convincing Ricky
4. The Sour Sextet
5. A Little Publicity
6. Newspaper Clipping
7. The Dance
Side #5 -- Disc 5
1. Movie Night
3. Lucy Incognito
4. The Tip-Off
5. Testing Ricky
6. Telling Ethel
7. Lucy Has a Plan
8. So Does Ricky
9. Off to Work
10. The Double Date
1. In a "Cuban Snit"
3. Picking a Business
4. A Deal on a Diner
5. Labor Problems
6. A House Divided
7. Friendly Competition
1. News From Mother
3. Meet Cousin Earnie
4. Early to Bed
5. Early to Rise
6. Ernie Writes Home
7. Wicked City Woman
1. Just the Ticket
3. A TV "Hit"
4. The Cupboard Was Bare
5. The Kindness of Neighbors
6. Bring on the Hot Chickens
7. Millikan's Chicken-Mash Hour
1. Practice Makes Perfect
3. A Few Hands of Gin
4. The Girls Strike Back
5. Some Simple Rules
6. Puttering Around
7. Meeting a Pro
1. Summer Plans
3. A Fair Compromise
4. Meet Mr. Beecher
5. Change of Plans
6. Close Quarters
7. Bathroom Privileges
8. A Late Night Racket
9. Lucy's Scary Idea
10. Murder Most Foul
11. Good News!

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I Love Lucy - The Complete Third Season 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I would love to write a review of this series which I ordered on December 27, 2009. However, it is January 19, 2010 and I still don't have it!!! Very poor customer service received when I contacted bn.com. They don't care!!!! Shop elsewhere.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Tennesse Ernie is finally here and Aunt Martha's Old Fashioned Salad Dressing!! Oh what an incredible package!!
girlydoll More than 1 year ago
I absolutely love this show! I have EVERY season of I Love Lucy. They have been digitally remastered, so they look, and sound even better than they do on tv. Wonderful for the whole family. True clean comedy! Barnes and Noble was great, ordered, and received it within 3 days.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago