I Spy 1: Mumble Monster & Other Stories

I Spy 1: Mumble Monster & Other Stories


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Barnes & Noble - Donald Liebenson
Based on Scholastic's popular picture-riddle books, this Emmy Award–winning HBO Family preschool series offers interactive problem-solving and task-completion fun in the Blue's Clues vein. As in Blue's Clues, the format remains consistent through each of the three episodes contained on this 76-minute disc: Spyler and his wooden dog, CeCe, are dispatched by a yellow duck on wheels to find several items. Repetition of the clues keeps spying eyes peeled, and fun wordplay enlivens the proceedings. CeCe is prone to jokes such as "What do you call a bike that freezes? A Bike-sical." The triumphant "I found it" dance after each missing object is located adds to the encouraging sense of accomplishment. And even though the menu interface is a bit more of a riddle than one would hope and the disc lacks a "play all" option, the collection is still a delight.

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Hbo Home Video
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[stereo, Dolby Surround]

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Closed Caption; "A Message for Parents" featurette; I Spy "Oops Hoops" DVD-ROM game (PC compatible)

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