Ice Cube Collection: 4 Film Favorites

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This four-pack of comedies starring rapper-turned-actor Ice Cube includes Friday, Next Friday, Friday After Next, and All About the Benjamins.
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This four-pack of comedies starring rapper-turned-actor Ice Cube includes Friday, Next Friday, Friday After Next, and All About the Benjamins.
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Special Features

Friday - Additional Scenes; Ice Cube Introduction; Interviews with Director F. Gary Gray and Producer Patricia Charbonnet; 2 Music Videos: Ice Cube's Friday and Dr. Dre's Keep Their Heads Ringin'; Cast/Crew biographies and Filmographies; Theatrical trailers; ; Next Friday Includes - Widescreen [16X9 1.85.1] version; Cast/crew Commentary; Reel Time Storyboards while you watch the movie; Making-of Featurette; Alternate ending; Blooper Reel; Miek Epps Audition Tape; Music Videos; 2 English Audio Tracks: Dolby 5.1 and 2.0; Theatrical Trailer ; ; Friday After Next Includes: Fact Track Trivia Subtitle Track with Direct Access to More Features While You Watch the Movie; 2 Commentaries with the Filmmakers and Actors; 6 Making-of featurette ; Additional scenes; Gag reel; Wetside Connection It's the Holidaze Music Video; 2 English Audio Tracks: Dolby 5.1 AND 2.0 ; Theatrical Trailers; ; All About the Benjamins Includes: Widescreen [16X9 2.40:1] Version; Commentary by Director Kevin Bray and Producer Matt Alvarez ; 4 Making-of Featurettes; Deleted Scene; Gag Reel; Trina Told Y'All Music Video; 2 English Audio Tracks: Dolby 5.1 and 2.0; Theatrical Trailers; ; Closed Caption
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Product Details

  • Release Date: 10/14/2008
  • UPC: 794043124433
  • Rating:

  • Source: New Line Home Video
  • Region Code: 1
  • Language: English
  • Time: 6:12:00
  • Format: DVD
  • Sales rank: 12,825

Scene Index

Disc #1, Side A -- Friday
2. Opening Logos [:01]
2. Main Title/In the Morning [4:03]
3. Something in the Air [4:14]
4. Lectures and Interrogation [4:20]
5. Local Gossip [5:24]
6. Running an Errand [8:30]
7. A Traumatic Experience [3:49]
8. A Neighborly Visit [4:58]
9. Off On A Trip [4:30]
10. Visitors [6:26]
11. In the Mix [4:54]
12. Letting Out Some Aggression [6:56]
13. Look Out! [4:14]
14. Call Waiting [3:16]
15. More Than a Woman [2:23]
16. Interrupted Solution [:35]
17. The Hit [5:20]
18. Standing Up for What's Right [4:41]
19. A Brighter Day Ahead [5:41]
20. End Credits [3:49]
Disc #2, Side A -- Friday After Next
1. Silent Night? - Craig and Day-Day Get a Visit from a Shady Santa [:30]
2. Main Titles/ Santa Stole the Rent Money - LA's Finest Take a Report from Craig and Day-Day [4:20]
3. "Damon!" - Ms. Pearly and Her Son Damon Want Their Rent Money by the End Day Or Else [3:51]
4. Top Flight Security - Craig and Day-Day Run to Damon on their way to work [3:07]
5. Barbequed Holy Moly - First Day Follies Begin as Mr Jones Gets Beat Up by Craig and Day-Day [:59]
6. Grand Tour - Moly Gives Insight on the Day to Day Activities of a Top Flight Security Guard [1:25]
7. "Bingo, I Got Action" - Day-Day Gets to Work Heckling the Carolers [3:04]
8. Santa Strikes Again - Craig, Day-Day and Elroy take a Smoke Break that Santa Interrupts [:21]
9. Making Rounds - Ms Pearly finds the Weed While the Police Question the Family About Santa's Last Caper [1:18]
10. Stealin' from a Playa - Top Flight security foils the plot to rob The Pimp & Ho [1:31]
11. Turning in the Whistles - Craig and Day-Day run from the things and Moly [1:12]
12. Rent Party Time - The Party Jumps Off with a Visit from Pinky and Company [:23]
13. Love Connection - Damon and Monkey Mike Get Acquainted while Donna and Craig Do the Same [1:20]
14. Willie has to Go #2 - Ms Pearly Gets a Visit from Sweet D---Willie [1:20]
15. "Pimp in Distress" Money Mike lets go of Damon but Donna takes off allowing Damon to Hunt a Playa Down [1:15]
16. Stalking Santa - Craig and Day-Day chase Santa but find a whole lot more than Expected [1:39]
17. An Assist from Pinky - Pinky's Limo run Santa Over to End the Chase [4:26]
18. End Credits [1:17]
1. Silent Night [3:06]
2. Main Titles/Santa Stole the Rent Money [:11]
3. "Damon!" [:47]
4. Top Flight Security [:24]
5. Barbequed Holy Moly [:21]
6. Grand Tour [:43]
7. "Bingo, I Got Action" [:50]
8. Santa Strikes Again [:33]
9. Making Rounds [1:17]
10. Stealin from a Playa [:29]
11. Turning in the Whistles [1:13]
12. Rent Party Time [:47]
13. Love Connection [:44]
14. Willie Has to go #2 [:50]
15. "Pimp in Distress" [:52]
16. Stalling Santa [:53]
17. An Assist from Pinky [1:04]
18. End Credits [1:48]
Disc #2, Side B -- All About the Benjamins
1. "You're Going to Jail" [3:57]
2. Main Title [1:40]
3. Money to be Made [3:48]
4. The Preferred Shopper [3:09]
5. Hunting Reggie [2:52]
6. Mr. Barcley's Photo Session [2:56]
7. Twenty Fake Million [4:58]
8. Money for Nothing [2:25]
9. Lucky Numbers [4:25]
10. "Blinded by the Light" [2:22]
11. Bucum's Bounty [2:31]
12. An Unreal Partnership [3:48]
13. Playing Dead [3:38]
14. The Interrogation [3:34]
15. Boat Buyer [3:06]
16. The Wallet or the Diamonds? [4:14]
17. "Okay, We're Partners" [4:05]
18. Barcley's Hidden Treasures [5:58]
19. Fishing for Diamonds [2:27]
20. Getting Back Gina [3:02]
21. The Set-Up [1:09]
22. The Exchange [2:06]
23. Chase First, Talk Later [3:04]
24. Getting Their Cuts [4:15]
25. Girlie Action [4:11]
26. Speedboat Justice [2:21]
27. His Ship Coming In [3:50]
28. End Credits [3:19]
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Disc #1, Side A -- Friday
   Play Feature
      Ice Cube
      Chris Tucker
      Nia Long
      Tommy "Tiny" Lister, Jr
      Regina King
      Anna Maria Horsford
      Bernie Mac
      John Witherspoon
      F Gary Gray
      Lawanda Page
      Reynaldo Rey
      Patricia Charbonnet
      Paula Jai Parker
      French Subtitles/ Off
      Spanish Subtitles/ Off
      English Subtitles/ Off
   Extra Stuff
      An Introduction from Ice Cube
      Deleted Scenes
         "Take Out the Trash" - Alternate Take
         Felisha and the Microwave
         The Munchies
         Dog Bite - Alternate Take
         Porch Light
         Rita and Smokey- Alternate Take
         Craig Calls It a Night - Alternate Ending
      Q & A Interviews with F Gary Gray
         F Gary Gray
            How Did You Get Involved In This Project?
            What Was the Films Production Budget?
            What's It Like to Work With Ice Cube?
            How Did Chris Tucker Get The Smokey Role?
            What's It Like To Work With Chris Tucker?
            How Difficult Was It To Take Over a City Block for the Film?
            What's It Like To Work With John Witherspoon?
            Talk About Working with Tommy 'Tiny' Lister, Jr
         Patricia Charbonnet
            What Was the Genesis of This Project?
            How Did Financing for the Film Come Together?
            What Was Your Background Prior to "Friday?"
            How Did the Low Budget Impact Production?
            How Did the Soundtrack Come Together?
            What Are Your Thoughts When You Look Back on Friday?
            What Motivated You To Take On This Project?
            Explain "Friday" in the Context of Films About South Central LA
            Explain the Universal Appeal of "Friday"
      Music Videos
         Music Videos:
            Friday by Ice Cube
            Keep Their Heads Ringin' By Dr Dre
         Green Band
         Red Band
Disc #1, Side B -- Next Friday
   View Next Friday!
   Cul De Sac
      Local Color
         Ice Cube
         Mike Epps
         John Witherspoon
         Tamala Jones
         Tommy "Tiny" Lister, Jr
         Don DC Curry
         Justin Pierce
         The Lady of Rage
         Lisa Rodriguez
         Amy Hill
         Jacob Vargas
         Kim Whitley
         Steve Carr
      Gag Reel
      Audition Tape
      Alternate Ending
   Sales Office
      Calendar of Events
            7:30 am - Main Titles/ Today is Next Friday
            9:30 am: To Rancho Cucamonga
            10:00 am: Welcome to the Neighborhood
            11:00 am: All in the Family / D'wana
            12:00 am: The Player
            12:30 pm: An Urgent Message
            1:00 pm: Karla and Chico
            1:30 pm: Puff Puff Give
            2:00 pm: Table Dance / A Delivery
            2:30 pm: Pinky's
            3:00 pm: Baby-D
            3:30 pm: Smoke Break
            4:00 pm: Craig Meets Pinky
            4:30 pm: Fired
            5:00 pm: Craig's Plan
            5:30 pm: Inside the Jokers'
            6:30 pm: Day Day & Roach in Trouble
            7:30 pm: Rescue Mission
            9:00 pm: Movin' on Up
            10:30 pm: End Credits
      Community Renderings
      "Behind the Scenes"
      Reel-Time Storyboards
   Shopping Center
      Audio Options
         5.1 Surround Sound
         2.0 Stereo Surround Sound
         English Subtitles: On/Off
         Commentary by Ice Cube and Steve Carr
      Music Videos
         "You Can Do It" - Ice Cube (featuring Mack 10 and Ms Toi)
         "Money Stretch" - Lil Zane
      Movie Trailers
         Next Friday Trailer ("G" Rated)
         Next Friday Trailer ("R" Rated)
   Sunny Town Realty
      "Behind the Scenes Featurette"
      Audio Commentary
      DVD Production Services
      DVD Interactive Menu Design & Production
      Digital Mastering
      Motion Graphics
      DVD Specific Audio Mix
      DVD Audio Encoding
      Interactive DVD ROM Interface
      PC Friendly Software
      Filmography Data
Disc #2, Side A -- Friday After Next
   Play Movie
      Play Infinifilm
      What is Infinifilm?
      Infinifilm Features
         Beyond the Movie
            Microphone Fiend: From Stage to Screen (12:50)
            It Was A Good Day: Behind The Friday Franchise (10:05)
            Ghetto Fabulous - Costume Design Documentary (6:35)
            The Pork Report (10:00)
            Fact Track - Trivia Subtitle Track
               Play Fact Track
         All Access Pass
            Filmmaker Commentary: Director Marcus Raboy, Producer Matt Alvarez and Ice Cube
            Actor Commentary with Katt Williams, Anna Maria Horsford, Terry Crews and KD Aubert
            Hump Day - Production Documentary (16:55)
            Holiday In The Hood - Production Design Documentary (8:45)
         Gag Reel
         Deleted Scenes
            Play All
               Play Without Commentary
               Play With Commentary
            Craig & Day Day - Post Ms Pearly's Visit
               Play Without Commentary
               Play With Commentary
            What To Do About Damon
               Play Without Commentary
               Play with Commentary
            Mr Johnson
               Play Without Commentary
               Play With Commentary
            The Damon Dance
               Play Without Commentary
               Play With Commentary
            Post Booster Pimp Rant
               Play Without Commentary
               Play With Commentary
            Teaser Trailer
            Theatrical Trailer
         Music Video - "It's The Holidaze" - Westside Connection
      Select a Scene
            Get Into a Holiday Spirit with a Music Video
            Go Behind the Scenes of "It's The Holidaze"
            Discover what Ignited the Friday Franchise
            See What Happens When Ms Pearly Leaves
            See how Cube Keeps Mike Epps on ice
            Find out why ribs made the Director lose his religion
            Learn how NC Barbecue is prepared
            Here about a case of mistaken identity on set
            Experience Christmas in Compton
            See a profile of a Top Flight Security Guard
            See Damon home Alone
            Hear more Comedian Katt Williams
            Learn how the Director Worked with an Ensemble Cast
            Hear about the folks' fashion
            Discover what it takes to be a stand-up
            Learn why directing comedians is no joke
            Learn how comedians leap from stage to screen
            See who gave Donna a music video makeover
            See the original tearful ending
            See who got knocked out in the 1st Friday
            See the Trailer
            Get more laughs in the Gag Reel
      Set Up Screen & Sound Options
            Color Bars
            Audio Optimized for DVD No Equalization Required
         Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
         DTS Surround Sound
         Stereo Surround Sound
      Select A Scene
      Need Help?
Disc #2, Side B -- All About the Benjamins
   Play Movie
   All Access Pass
      Filmmaker Commentary with Director Kevin Bray and Producer Matt Alvarez
      Original Documentaries
         Shot Caller: From Videos To Features
         Strictly Business: Making the Benjamins
         Miami Nice - Production Design
         All About the Stunts
      Deleted Scene
      Gag Reel
      Trina Music Video "Told Y'all"
         Teaser Trailer
         Theatrical Trailer
      Theatrical Press Kit
         The Production
         The Cast
            Ice Cube
            Mike Epps
            Eva Mendes
            Tommy Flanagan
            Carmen Chaplin
            Valarie Rae Miller
            Roger Guenveur Smith
            Anthony Michael Hall
            Lil' Bow Wow
         The Filmmakers
            Kevin Bray (Director)
            Ice Cube (Producer/Co-Screenwriter)
            Matt Alvarez (Producer)
            Douglas Curtis (Co-Producer)
            Ronald Lang (Co-Screenwriter/Co-Executive Producer)
   Select A Scene
   Screen & Sound Options
      English 5.1 Surround Sound
      English DTS Surround Sound
      English Stereo Surround Sound
      English Subtitles: On/Off
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