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Incoming Freshmen

Incoming Freshmen

Director: Eric Lewald, Glenn Morgan

Cast: Leslie Blalock, Richard Harriman


Editorial Reviews

All Movie Guide - Fred Beldin
A naïve coed is thrust into the bacchanalia of college life in this disjointed low-budget sex farce. Jane (Ashley Vaughn) is an innocent girl from a small town, and dorm roommate Vivian (Leslie Blalock) decides to school her new friend in the ways of dating, men and sex. She fixes Jane up with a blind date with Randy (Richard Harriman) and they begin a relationship, but true to his name, Randy is anxious to round Jane's bases and continually pressures her to put out. Meanwhile, Professor Bilbo (B.M. Culpepper) is having stress-related hallucinations of nude students in class, and must contend with various collegiate pranks involving locker room peepholes and condoms on doorknobs. It all ends up at a wild frat bash where the band wears tuxedo t-shirts and goat masks. Lackadaisical and unfunny, Incoming Freshmen is distinguished only by a damaged narrative that was reportedly the result of post-production tampering. The original plot concerning the virginal Jane was gutted to make way for hastily shot scenes featuring the morbidly obese Professor Bilbo leering at a parade of nude girls in a makeshift classroom (which looks more like a hallway), plus the extended party scene that concludes the film. It's like two bad films for the price of one, jammed together in awkward configurations that defy coherence. While certain cinematic masochists might find it pleasantly disorienting, Incoming Freshmen is cynical junk that offends not for its lewd content, but for its disregard for the viewer's intelligence.

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