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Irina Palm

Irina Palm

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Director: Sam Garbarski

Cast: Marianne Faithfull, Miki Manojlovic, Kevin Bishop

Legendary rocker Marianne Faithfull (of "As Tears Go By" and Broken English fame) stars in director Sam Garbarski's gently observed comedy drama Irina Palm (2007). She portrays Maggie, a working-class fiftysomething increasingly desperate to cover the cost of her ailing grandson's (Corey


Legendary rocker Marianne Faithfull (of "As Tears Go By" and Broken English fame) stars in director Sam Garbarski's gently observed comedy drama Irina Palm (2007). She portrays Maggie, a working-class fiftysomething increasingly desperate to cover the cost of her ailing grandson's (Corey Burke) operation. When denied one loan and prospective job after another, a hopeless Maggie plunges headfirst into the underground skin trade of Soho London and prostitutes herself, under the aegis of new boss Miki (Miki Manojlovic). Equipped with a new name, "Irina Palm", Maggie begins working customers with a stimulatory technique so popular that patrons are soon lining up around the corner to be "serviced" by her.

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Strand Home Video
[Wide Screen, Colorized]
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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Marianne Faithfull Maggie
Miki Manojlovic Miki
Kevin Bishop Tom
Siobhan Hewlett Sarah
Dorka Gryllus Luisa
Jenny Agutter Jane
Corey Burke Actor
Megan Owen Actor
Susan Hitch Actor
Flip Webster Actor
Tony O'Brien Actor

Technical Credits
Sam Garbarski Director,Screenwriter
Christine Alderson Co-producer
Karl Baumgartner Co-producer
Christophe Beaucarne Cinematographer
Philippe Blasband Screenwriter
Regine Constant Production Designer
Sebastien Delloye Producer
Diana Elbaum Co-producer
Thomas Gauder Sound/Sound Designer
Ghinzu Score Composer
Martin Herron Screenwriter
Pascal Jasmes Sound/Sound Designer
Thanassis Karathanos Co-producer
Anushia Nieradzik Costumes/Costume Designer
Ingrid Ralet Sound/Sound Designer
Veronique Sacrez Production Designer
Jani Thiltges Co-producer
Ludo Troch Editor
Karen Wakefield Art Director
Claude Waringo Co-producer

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Irina Palm
1. Last Throw [9:55]
2. The Euphemism [8:56]
3. On the Job [9:28]
4. Wanky Widow [9:39]
6. Money [5:19]
5. Irina Palm [10:14]
7. Penis Elbow [6:54]
8. Sex-O-Rama [6:32]
9. Dying & Wanking [6:42]
10. Secret Revealed [11:53]
11. Grateful [9:25]
12. Credits [4:27]


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Irina Palm 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
IRINA PALM may be a film too many people will overlook, thinking it either empty headed or pornographic. But word of mouth should correct those misconceptions, as this little quiet film is a tender story of an aging woman's sacrifices and healthy outlook in the face of adversity. IRINA PALM is that happy marriage of comedy and drama, a heartwarming tale that leaves the viewer with both a smile and a tear. Written by Director Sam Garbarski with Martin Herron and Phillipe Blasband, IRINA PALM is the story of a widowed grandmother Maggie (Marianne Faithfull in a luminous performance) whose young grandson Ollie (Corey Burke) is gravely ill. Maggie's son Tom (Kevin Bishop) and daughter-in-law Sarah (Siobhan Hewlett) cannot afford the transfer from England to Australia where the young lad could undergo curative treatment. Maggie decides she must find a job - a daunting task for an older woman with no particular job training - to make the treatment affordable. After numerous rejections from employment agencies, she spies a Sex Shop advertising for 'hostesses'. Thinking that designation means serving tea, etc, she enters the shady establishment and is interviewed by the owner Miki (Miki Manojlovic), a gentle man who gently describes the type of employment: Maggie would sit in a room and provide simple masturbation through a glory hole for anonymous clients. At first shocked by the job description, she in desperation investigates the business with the help of her soon to be best friend Luisa (Dorka Gryllus), and accepts the job with reservations. To her surprise (and the surprise of Miki and Luisa) Maggie gains a loyal following of customers, so much so that she is given the name 'Irina Palm'. Keeping her employment a secret from everyone, she is the brunt of gossip from her old cronies and when she gives the money from her job to her son Tom without revealing its source, she causes a riff in the family. Maggie is courted by other sex shop owners who offer higher pay, but she remains faithful to Miki who advanced her the money for Ollie's trip to Australia. Tom stalks his mother to her workplace, discovers the source of her income, and explodes with anger and embarrassment that his mother would stoop to such depths. But Maggie's role as Irina Palm has given her confidence and also opened her heart not only to her grandson's future but to her own happiness as well. The ending may be expected by some, but will warm the hearts of everyone. There are many moments of humor - Maggie's learning her trade, her ultimate confession to her cronies as to her occupation, etc - and this lightness makes the dramatic message more powerful. Faithfull is extraordinarily fine in this difficult role, but the entire cast is sensitively responsive to the screenplay and to director Garbarski's vision. This is a film to cherish. Highly recommended. Grady Harp