Jack of All Trades - The Complete Series

Jack of All Trades - The Complete Series

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Adventures of Brisco County Jr. star and all-around cult-film hero Bruce Campbell returned to TV full-time in January 2000 with this short-lived cable half hour, the entire 22 episodes of which appear in this box set. Jack of All Trades again found the square-jawed Michigan native working with the behind-the-scenes team from the syndicated action staples Hercules and Xena, including Sam Raimi, Robert G. Tapert, Alex Kurtzman, and Roberto Orci. This time out, the fictional historical setting is the early 18th century, on a little island in the East Indies called Palau Palau, where President Thomas Jefferson has sent Jack Stiles (Campbell) to work against Napoleon Bonaparte’s interests in the region. His accomplice in espionage, Mrs. Emilia Smythe Rothschild (fellow Hercules-Xena veteran Angela Dotchin), is an aristocratic British inventor who also happens to be working for her government. Jack serves as Emilia’s manservant and slips into disguise as the "Daring Dragoon" to accomplish his missions against the French and others who threaten his young country’s interests. Shot in New Zealand, seasoned with the satisfying action-comedy herbs and spices that had become the producers’ stock-in-trade, and employing many faces familiar to fans from their earlier hits, Jack never reached the audience levels high enough to sustain the series. It remains a charmingly offbeat watch, though, and a must for Campbell completists.

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Jack of All Trades - The Complete Series 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
ErinAF More than 1 year ago
I'm a big fan of Bruce Campbell so not sure how this flew under my radar for so long until Netflix suggested it to me. Its everything I expected with slapstick action, bad puns, and great period costumes. A must for any Campbell or Raimi fan. My biggest disappointment is that it was canceled in the second season and there are only 22 episodes.