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Jane Austen - Complete Collection

Jane Austen - Complete Collection

2.8 15
Director: Cyril Coke, David Giles, Giles Foster, Howard Baker

Cast: Cyril Coke, David Giles, Giles Foster, Howard Baker

This release contains six different BBC productions of classic works by Jane Austen -- an author who experienced a burst of popularity in the 1990s during which many of her novels were adapted for both the large and small screen. Included in this collection are the full versions of Northanger Abbey, Mansfield Park, Persuasion, Pride and


This release contains six different BBC productions of classic works by Jane Austen -- an author who experienced a burst of popularity in the 1990s during which many of her novels were adapted for both the large and small screen. Included in this collection are the full versions of Northanger Abbey, Mansfield Park, Persuasion, Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, and Emma.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
Jane Austen's classic novels have been brought to both the large and small screen many times, but rarely with the style, wit, and panache of the six BBC miniseries collected in this deluxe box set. Produced between 1971 and 1987, these outstanding examples of British television have everything fans have come to expect from BBC period yarns: faithful adaptation of original material, snappy dialogue, colorful characters, sterling performances, and extravagant, accurately recreated settings and costumes. Pride and Prejudice, one of Austen's very best novels, is expertly adapted by novelist Fay Weldon, and benefits enormously from a sensational lead performance by Elizabeth Garvie. Likewise, Doran Godwin breathes life into the eponymous, self-satisfied heroine of Emma, the BBC's 1972 version of Austen's slyly satirical novel, which has been filmed several times and pillaged for numerous contemporary comedies. Persuasion, one of the author's more serious, melancholy tomes, has another strong female lead in Ann Fairbanks, playing a young woman who gets a second chance to win the man she once spurned. The 1981 Sense and Sensibility, which chronicles the lives of two strikingly different sisters grappling with their sudden impoverishment, features top-notch performances from Irene Richard and Tracey Childs. Mansfield Park, one of Austen's lesser works, nonetheless has several delightfully dotty secondary characters, charmingly played by Anna Massey and Angela Pleasence. The set is rounded out by a 1987 production of Northanger Abbey, the closest Austen came to the floridly melodramatic gothic romances of the 19th century. Although these miniseries aren't necessarily uniform in style, there isn't a weak one in the bunch.

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Scene Index

Side #1 -- Emma: Side A, 1-4
1. Alone Together [5:43]
2. Handsome Letters [5:15]
3. Splendid Gathering [9:19]
4. Man of Knowledge [12:47]
5. Simplicity of Character [8:31]
6. End Credits [:37]
1. Ridiculous Infatuation [6:12]
2. Conundrums and Riddles [7:53]
3. Inducements to Marry [4:08]
4. Grievous Business [11:45]
5. Object of Desire [13:22]
6. Credits [:46]
1. Unpleasant News [13:13]
2. Wedding Announcement [11:22]
3. General Store Gossip [8:15]
4. Dinner Visiting [7:01]
5. Exquisite Performance [3:06]
6. Credits [:38]
1. Morning Room [11:08]
2. Wise Judgment [9:49]
3. Conflict of Interest [9:50]
4. Private Conversations [2:53]
5. Hard on the Ears [8:20]
6. Credits [:37]
Side #2 -- Emma: Side B, 5-6
1. Ensemble Dance [12:23]
2. Rise to the Occasion [12:00]
3. April Showers [6:58]
4. Conspiring Voices [5:46]
5. A Proper Picnic [6:55]
6. Credits [:45]
1. Stricken By Sickness [10:04]
2. Requesting Counsel [4:03]
3. Hidden Admiration [10:03]
4. Request for Love [13:27]
5. A Father's Blessing [6:25]
6. Credits [:45]
Side #3 -- Mansfield Park: Side A, 1-4
1. Burden of Benevolence [8:08]
2. Sober Reflection [8:22]
3. Last Living Moment [8:39]
4. Childless Courtship [9:09]
5. Plans for Conquest [14:50]
6. End Credits [1:20]
1. General Distinctions [7:21]
2. Altered Approach [8:51]
3. Readily Forgiven [10:28]
4. Tour of Antiquities [4:06]
5. A Walk in the Park [21:28]
6. End Credits [1:21]
1. Honest Gentlemen [10:34]
2. Theatrics of Poetry [7:51]
3. Boisterous Behavior [10:14]
4. Epitome of the World [12:24]
5. Lord of the Manor [10:34]
6. End Credits [1:19]
1. Quiet Household [7:53]
2. Obliged to Serve [8:06]
3. A Hole in the Heart [7:59]
4. Gifts of Vanity [6:10]
5. A Day of Pleasure [20:18]
6. End Credits [1:23]
Side #4 -- Mansfield Park: Side B, 5-6
1. Tangled Schemes [8:41]
2. Unnecessary Indulgences [9:11]
3. Feelings Unchanged [6:56]
4. Misshapen Ideals [16:56]
5. A Brother's Wisdom [8:39]
6. End Credits [1:20]
1. Home Sweet Home [10:23]
2. Ladies in Tow [9:44]
3. A Sailor's Providence [12:20]
4. Traveling in Secret [9:07]
5. Reminiscence of the Past [9:02]
6. End Credits [1:20]
Side #5 -- Northanger Abbey: Side A
1. Dark Daydreamer [9:24]
2. Loss of All Reason [7:17]
3. People of Interest [4:53]
4. Honest & Agreeable [6:36]
5. The Work of Man [11:25]
6. Of Little Consequence [7:09]
7. Countryside Conversation [7:26]
8. Excess of Punctuality [9:09]
9. Mother's Favorite Walk [12:00]
10. Chapters of Deception [4:52]
11. A Farewell to Mystery [7:44]
12. End Credits [1:21]
Side #6 -- Persuasion: Side A
1. Ill-Mannered Heir [9:18]
2. Sensible Gentleman [13:45]
3. Day of Sadness [7:15]
4. Love of a Child [9:37]
5. Bereaved Mother [10:26]
6. Fit for Service [11:19]
7. Fashionable Request [9:50]
8. Chivalrous Men [9:26]
9. Country Landscapes [10:05]
10. Short on Time [9:42]
11. Coastal Visit [7:38]
12. Sea of Tranquility [3:04]
1. Far From Hopeless [9:59]
2. Honorable Duty [9:05]
3. Confirmation of Love [10:45]
4. Loneliness of a Widow [9:03]
5. Interests of the Family [11:07]
6. Stormy Weather [11:46]
7. Pleasurable Concert [14:39]
8. Subtle Agendas [5:36]
9. Eavesdropping [13:06]
10. Women of Simple Desires [10:52]
11. Farewell to Inhibitions [6:56]
12. End Credits [1:08]
Side #7 -- Pride and Prejudice: Side A, 1-3
1. Making Appearances [10:03]
2. Social Gathering [8:34]
3. Conflicting Stories [12:04]
4. Guided By Reason [12:16]
5. Incorrigible Relations [8:49]
6. End Credits [1:33]
1. Presumptuous Relative [9:54]
2. Accomplished Company [12:26]
3. Unpleasant Manner [10:40]
4. Troublesome Child [7:57]
5. Burdensome Secret [10:38]
6. End Credits [1:33]
1. Contradicting Opinions [11:21]
2. Immediate Invitation [7:27]
3. Hackneyed Rountine [13:56]
4. Strong Objections [7:51]
5. Demanded Attention [11:34]
6. End Credits [1:32]
Side #8 -- Pride and Prejudice: Side B, 4-5
1. Unfortunate Review [11:12]
2. Man of Preference [10:58]
3. Nature in Good Taste [9:15]
4. Patience Is a Virtue [8:28]
5. Requested Guidance [12:11]
6. End Credits [1:37]
1. Parental Misfortune [12:19]
2. Sibling Rivalry [8:20]
3. Unforeseen Generosity [8:37]
4. Desired Misgivings [8:59]
5. Distressing Visit [13:22]
6. End Credits [1:38]
Side #9 -- Sense and Sensibility: Side A
1. Governed Feelings [6:03]
2. Poetic Squabbles [4:14]
3. Harmony in Nature [5:21]
4. Garnered Attention [7:00]
5. A Humble Gathering [2:43]
6. End Credits [1:06]
1. Admired Grace [4:31]
2. Chivalrous Actions [5:44]
3. Youthful Affection [6:08]
4. Agreeable Disputes [5:03]
5. A Love Never Had [3:11]
6. End Credits [1:08]
1. Natural Talent [6:21]
2. Gift of Imagination [4:46]
3. Minor Amusement [5:44]
4. Prolonged Engagement [3:43]
5. Mutual Affection [4:38]
6. End Credits [1:09]
1. Late Correspondence [6:49]
2. Polished Image [4:43]
3. Desperate Necessity [:00]
4. Abominable Treatment [4:52]
5. Formal Introductions [5:41]
6. End Credits [3:15]
1. Splendid Boys [5:09]
2. Unwarranted Flattery [4:52]
3. Well Acquainted [4:59]
4. Heated Discussion [6:16]
5. Informed Decisions [3:14]
6. End Credits [1:06]
1. Grave Injustice [6:14]
2. In From the Cold [5:10]
3. Putrid Infection [4:35]
4. Healing Slumber [4:20]
5. Foolish Naiveté [4:53]
6. End Credits [1:08]
1. Welcome Greetings [5:21]
2. Romantically Pale [4:59]
3. No Time for Regrets [6:04]
4. Undesirable Traits [3:31]
5. Proper Places [5:17]
6. End Credits [1:06]

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Jane Austen - Complete Collection 2.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The Jane Austen Collection is a great DVD boxset containing six movies from the BBC and are based on Jane Austen Novels and all of the movies are wonderful with the exception of Northanger Abbey which is the only disappointing movie in this set. The best are Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Sense and Sensibility, Mansfield Park. and Persuasion all of which are longer mini-series and Northanger Abbey is a short movie that is approximately around 1 hour and 30 minutes. Some American reviewers used to the more emotional and glitzy modern Hollywood versions will probably find these British versions from the BBC emotionally lacking but I can honesly say that they are faithful to the books and clearly they show more acurately the British reserve, the whole British stiff upper lip image that someone like Darcy or anyone in his position would behave like and speaking of Darcy, the 1980's version of Pride and Prejudice is just as great as the 1990's version with Colin Firth and David Rintoul just as gorgeous as Colin!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I would have given it four stars, but the Pride and Prejudice one was so awful, it brought down the general rating. I like the Persuasion in this set much better than the other two Persuasion adaptations. Sense and Sensibility is also pretty good. I think they did very well with Northanger Abbey - almost as good as the new one. Of course, the new one ahs a much better looking Henry Tilney! Mansfield Park in this collection is also good enough to compete with the new version and has the added benefit of a more accurate interpretation of the character Fanny. Emma was also done very well, so I think this is a good collection to have. I enjoy watching all of these (except P&P) over and over again.
JoannaTX More than 1 year ago
Seriously. They are very long, though, and the acting isn't as inspiring as the newer versions. Unless you're a die-hard Jane Austen fan, I wouldn't recommend these versions. If you are, you will be impressed by Persuasion, Mansfield Park, and Northanger Abbey especially. The only thing I didn't like in NA was the unattractive Henry Tilney; still, the movie was very enjoyable. Sense and Sensibility was good, though not comparable to the 1995 Emma Thompson version. With so many good versions of Emma out there, this one hardly stands a chance. Still, it is very accurate and enjoyable. Pride and Prejudice had a pretty good cast, good costume, attractive Mr. Darcy, but a poor excuse for Elizabeth Bennet. The actress didn't seem to understand her own character's wit, and it shows. Mr. Bennet was also somewhat awkward and completely unlike what I think anyone imagines him as. I recommend P&P 1995 with Colin Firth (best version ever!) wirtten by the talented Andrew Davies. These movies are not only very accurate to the books, but also enjoyable to Jane Austen fans. Still, I recommend that you watch at least one of them before buying the entire collection; you might find it doesn't suit your tastes. However, I have included my favorite Jane Austen adaptations - I definately recommend those if you haven't seen them. They are enjoyable whether you've read the books or not.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was extremely disappointed in the quality of these dvds. They are fuzzy and I almost get seasick watching some of the camera motion. It's awful! And I was not expecting a low budget, stage-acting tv series. It would have been nice for it to have been clearly stated that these are TV productions, not movies. I could hardly stand to watch them. They have that British sitcom look. I will likely be donating this to my local library in the hopes that someone might get some enjoyment out of them since I can't stomach them myself. Waste of money. I am looking for something more along the lines of Keira Knightley's Pride and Prejudice as far as cinematography goes. This is the complete opposite.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I watched northanger abbey of this jane austen collection and it make you not want to watch any of the others. it is a not worth the money you spend on it. spend your money some where else.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Although the production remains true to Jane Austins works, the sound, lighting, staging, and ACTING, are deplorable, and distract the viewer from the content of the story line. I have seen High School plays that far exceeded these productions.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This set of Jane Austin's books on DVD was disappointing to say the least. I had not seen the BBC series and was very disappointed when I viewed them. The acting was very staged and limited, like one would expect to view at a high school production. There was no feeling or expression of emotion but mere words verbalized in a poor replica of 18th century England setting. I have viewed other productions of Jane Austin’s books and would recommend them over this set.