Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

4.5 23

Cast: Jason Mewes, Shannen Doherty


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Kevin Smith's slackers get anything but a lazy DVD delivery. Fans of View Askew Productions should enjoy this special edition, dual-disc package that retires the love 'em or loathe 'em stoners. Disc one presents Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back in a widescreen 2.35:1 presentation and Dolby Digital 5.1 English or French soundtrack (all the better to hear theSee more details below


Kevin Smith's slackers get anything but a lazy DVD delivery. Fans of View Askew Productions should enjoy this special edition, dual-disc package that retires the love 'em or loathe 'em stoners. Disc one presents Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back in a widescreen 2.35:1 presentation and Dolby Digital 5.1 English or French soundtrack (all the better to hear the cussing, my dear). You can also listen to an amusing "Feature Commentary" with director Kevin Smith, producer Scott Mosier, and actor Jason Mewes, as well as view "Sneak Peaks" of 40 Days and 40 Nights, Clerks, Chasing Amy, Clerks Uncensored, the Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back soundtrack, and Dimension Cutting Edge Films. The good stuff comes on disc two, where the bulk of the bonus material comes from 42 deleted scenes (many of them yanked by the MPAA), introduced by Kevin Smith and guests. There's also a humorous "Gag Reel"; two music videos ("I Got High" by Afroman and "Kick Some Ass" by Stroke 9); "Morris Day and the Time -- Learnin' the Moves" and a "Guide to Morris Day and the Time" feature; storyboards; and the requisite bios and filmographies (an Easter Egg can be found at the top of Jason Mewes page). Still galleries give an on-the-set look, reveal the "Birth of a Poster," and delve into the Jay and Silent Bob comics. "The Secret Stash" is a collection of outtakes featuring Judd Nelson, Will Farrell, Jon Stewart, and Ben Affleck. Two Internet trailers and six TV spots round out the promo part, while Comedy Central's "Reel Comedy: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" and a "Behind the Scenes Featurette" gives an insider's look at the first movie to bring Jay and Silent Bob to the forefront of a film, after making numerous appearances in Smith's other movies, and even a cameo in Scream 3. The only thing that could please fans more is the upcoming Clerks tenth anniversary release.

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Editorial Reviews

All Movie Guide - Karl Williams
The frat-boy humor inherent in the work of writer/director Kevin Smith gets a serious workout in this road trip comedy that inspires an equal number of guffaws and winces. Supposedly the last of his "New Jersey" films and the swan song for his alter-ego characters of Jay (Jason Mewes) and Silent Bob (Smith himself), this ostensible adventure is in reality a messy conglomeration of everything that composes the filmmaker's oeuvre. These include movie parodies, celebrity cameos, an ironic self-awareness apparent in the often expository dialogue, an obsession with pop culture in general and comic books in particular, plus a mind-boggling number of homosexuality-related jibes and gags involving farts, filtered through the sensibilities of a sexually retarded teenage drug abuser. The bottom line on the world created by Smith is that he seems perfectly aware of all of this, embracing it with the fiendish glee of a demented toddler given free reign over a fictional universe where it's okay to make derogatory jokes about guys having sex with other guys. Smith has publicly stated that his are the films that would result if an average, going-nowhere slacker were given the power and financial wherewithal to make a motion picture, and he's cannily right on the money. The only question left, as one of his characters puts it directly to the audience, "Why would anyone pay to see this?" The answer: If you're a skateboarding, comic book-collecting, baseball cap-wearing pot smoker, it's probably your cup of tea and you'll be delighted. If not, then it probably isn't and you've been warned.

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[Wide Screen]
[Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]

Special Features

Audio commentary with writer-director Kevin Smith and actor Jason Mewes; behind-the-scenes featurette; deleted scenes with intros by Smith and guests; Two music videos: Afroman's "I Got High" and Stroke 9's "Kick Some Ass"; still galleries; cast and crew filmographies; original theatrical trailer

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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Kevin Smith Silent Bob
Jason Mewes Jay
Shannen Doherty Herself
Ben Affleck Himself,Holden McNeil
Shannon Elizabeth Justice, the Jewel Thief
James Van Der Beek Himself/Bluntman
Jason Biggs Himself/Chronic
Matt Damon Himself,Will Hunting
Joey Lauren Adams Alyssa Jones
Eliza Dushku Sissy, the Jewel Thief
Brian Andrew Saible Baby Jay
Gavin Brooks Baby Jay
Carrie Fisher A Nun
Tracy Morgan Pumpkin Escobar (L.A. Drug-Dealer)
John Willyung Passerby
Scott Mosier Willam Black/Production Assistant
Jake Richardson Teen #1
Nick Fellinger Teen #2
Ali Larter Chrissy, the Jewel Thief
Diedrich Bader Miramax Studios Security Guard
Jason Lee Banky Edwards/Brodie Bruce
George Carlin Hitchhiker
Jeff Anderson Randal Graves
Emily O'Donnell Cop
Wes Craven Himself
Dwight Ewell Hooper X
Will Ferrell Federal Wildlife Marshall Wilenholly
Ever Carradine Jay's Mother
Matthew James Dude
Alanis Morissette God
Steve Kmetko Himself
Jane Silvia Bookish Girl
Jamie Kennedy Chaka's Production Assistant
Carmen Llywellyn Beauty
Chris Rock Chaka, Film Director
Jules Asner Herself
Judd Nelson Utah Police Chief
Brian O'Halloran Dante Hicks
Jennifer Schwalbach Smith Missy, the Jewel Thief
Seann William Scott Brent
Dan Etheridge Deputy
Steven Anthony Lawrence The Kid In The Helmet
Eric Winzenreid Cop #1
Jonathan Gordon Cop #2
Mark Hamill Cock-Knocker
Adam Carolla Actor
John Maynard Cop #3
Marc Blucas Fred of the Scooby Gang
Robert H. Holtzman Cop #4
Tom Dorfmeister Cop #5
Jon Stewart Reg Hartner (News Anchor)
Tango Suzanne
Merritt Hicks Hooker #2
Scott William Winters Clark
Gregory Owen William Dusky
Ralph Meyer Receptionist
Renee Humphrey Tricia "The Dish" Jones
Harley Quinn Smith Baby Silent Bob
Joe Quesada Pizza Delivery Guy
Paul Dini Clapper/Loader ("Bluntman & Chronic")
Walter Flanagan Actor
Bryan Johnson Hooker #1
Carmen Lee Actor
Brian Lynch Actor
David Mandel Actor
Amy Noble Baby Bob's Mother
Vincent Pereira Customer
Joseph D. Reitman AD ("Bluntman & Chronic")
Morris Day Actor

Technical Credits
Kevin Smith Director,Editor,Screenwriter
Tim Bird Asst. Director
Laura Greenlee Producer
Vincent Guastini Makeup Special Effects
Jamie Anderson Cinematographer
Scott Mosier Editor,Producer
Christine Sheaks Casting
James L. Venable Score Composer

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
1. Opening Credits: "A Long Time Ago" [:37]
2. "Where's Our Mother#*$@% Movie Check?" [:37]
3. Living By the Book [3:51]
4. Doobie Dreams and Distractions [8:12]
5. "What Is Your Damage Little Boy?" [3:33]
6. Two Patsies [7:26]
7. Stealing the Monkey [5:31]
8. "The Two Most Dangerous Men On the Planet" [3:56]
9. "Surrender the Orangutan" [9:57]
10. Finding Miramax and The Monkey [6:36]
11. "Ooh What a Lovely Tea Party" [8:21]
12. "It's Hunting Season" [4:01]
13. "That's One Funky Monkey" [1:59]
14. "A Gay Hood Ornanment and The Color Purple" [:23]
15. "Crazy Crackers With Guns" [4:05]
16. Kick Some Ass [6:04]
17. "One 90-Minute-Long Gay Joke" [6:14]
18. End Credits [9:05]
Disc #2 -- Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back: Bonus Material
1. Dante and Randal Cartoonish [2:28]
2. Whatever Happened To Those Two Kids Who Bought the Wraps? [:34]
3. Brodie As Retailer Of the Year [:57]
4. Brodie as Translator [:22]
5. Holden's Ultimate Take On Silent Bob's Old Advice [1:21]
6. Navigating the 'Net and Kevin's Futher Shots At Cyber Snipers [:57]
7. How Holden Got His Groove Back [:58]
8. The Kid In the Helmet [:51]
9. Smoking In the Boys Room [1:02]
10. How to Alienate the MPAA, Part 1: Cum-Guzzling Fun! [:44]
11. Dogma 2: Attack Of the Hairy-Bushed Nun [1:09]
12. Scooby Nights [1:37]
13. A Cyber Sniper Revealed [:53]
14. Beating a Joke to Death, Part 1 [:35]
15. Sheep-Fucker In Love [:50]
16. Jay and Silent Bob Try to Find Their Place In the World - Super Long Cut [2:04]
17. Hardcore Gay Antics and Songs of Love At the Convenience Store [1:00]
18. Why Kevin Will Get Laid Tonight [1:00]
19. How to Alienate the MPAA, Part 2: The Clit Rant [1:55]
20. Girls Undressing and Guys Coming to Grips With Their Girth [:38]
21. How the GLAAD Flap Could've Been Avoided and Yet Another Fat Joke [:55]
22. A More Dignified Introduction to Willenholly [2:17]
23. Tommy Lee Willenholly And the Overall Lack Of Jets Anymore [1:01]
24. Tons More Footage Of the Girls In their Underwear, Part 1: Girls Gone Wild! [:49]
25. Dante and Randal's Cartoonish Memory and Tell Him, Steve-Dave! [:27]
26. Comes To It Or Goes To It, Part 1 [:40]
27. Come To It or Goes To It, Part 1 [:59]
28. A Dream Date With Jay, A.K.A. the Hooker Scene [1:25]
29. Tons More Footage Of the Girls In Their Underwear, Part 2: The Pizza Man [1:21]
30. There's Always Time For a Casey Affleck Joke [:31]
31. Kev's Lone Stab At Socio-Political Satire In a Largely Blow Job Joke-Filled Movie [:44]
32. Mea Culpa, Adam! Mea Culpa!!! [1:27]
33. Action, Action and More Action! [1:16]
34. A More Visually Dynamic Scream 4 [2:50]
35. An Oldie, But Goodie [1:47]
36. Comics!!! [:17]
37. Penis Envy [1:26]
38. Ernie the Winner [:42]
39. The Dangerous and Cunning Cow [1:17]
40. Silent Bob Speaks [1:22]
41. Willenholly Gets the Final Word [2:18]
42. Yes, Banky Is Gay [1:48]

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