Juliet of the Spirits

Juliet of the Spirits

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Director: Federico Fellini, Giulietta Masina, Mario Pisu, Sandra Milo

Cast: Federico Fellini, Giulietta Masina, Mario Pisu, Sandra Milo


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Fellini's first film in color is given a glorious release by Criterion. The widescreen anamorphic print (with an aspect ratio of 1.85:1) has a perfect color balance which will amaze viewers. The Italian language soundtrack is in Dolby Digital 2.0 (mono). There are optional English subtitles. Extras include a BBC documentary entitled "Familiar Spirits" made in 1966


Fellini's first film in color is given a glorious release by Criterion. The widescreen anamorphic print (with an aspect ratio of 1.85:1) has a perfect color balance which will amaze viewers. The Italian language soundtrack is in Dolby Digital 2.0 (mono). There are optional English subtitles. Extras include a BBC documentary entitled "Familiar Spirits" made in 1966 with a running time of approximately 21 minutes. This black-and-white film primarily consists of an interview with the director in English in which he discusses numerous topics surrounding his unique creative process. It is well put together and has many insights. The final disk extra is the theatrical trailer for the film. Though slim on extras, this disk is still excellent given the flawless print of the feature.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble
In Juliet of the Spirits, Federico Fellini's first color film, the Italian master affirms his status as one of cinema’s visionary storytellers. The director’s wife, Giulietta Masina, stars as Juliet, a stifled housewife who suspects her husband of infidelity. When a traveling medium (Friedrich Ledebur) unleashes Juliet's power to see into alternate worlds, a phantasmagoric plot unfolds that goes even further than .'s vivid dreamscapes. Fellini's trademark cavalcade of dissolute, unforgettable faces and forms includes Sandra Milo as a voluptuous, jokey neighbor and Mario Pisu as her raffish husband, both of whom bob and weave through the film with garish hauteur. Although Fellini's relationship with Masina was famously fragile during the filming, he allows Masina to live the part and indulge her own playful personality. Juliet is visually overwhelming, and Fellini deploys globs of fashion-plate color with gaudy elegance. The line between everyday life and wonderland is thoroughly blurred, as Fellini regales the viewer with kaleidoscopic, mesmerizing, "Fellini-esque" imagery. The Criterion Collection DVD of the film was struck from a restored print of the masterpiece that stands head-and-shoulders above previously available tapes, and sports an insightful 19-minute interview with the director. Michael Stabile
All Movie Guide - Andrea LeVasseur
The first Fellini film in color, Juliet of the Spirits is one of the director's lesser-known works and one with enigmatic meanings. Intending to reveal the fantasies and inner world of Juliet (played by Fellini's wife, Giulietta Masina), the fantastic events still seem to be streaming from Fellini himself. Memorable moments -- like the seaside parade and a bed with a slide into a pool -- show the director indulging in his gift for painting bizarre images. However, the story suffers compared to the vivid appeal of the visual spectacle. Masina's talents are almost mocked as she seems uncomfortably placed in the realm of her husband's fantasies while playing a wronged wife. The parallel relationship of the fictional Juliet and Giorgio with Masina and Fellini is further complicated by the presence of the flamboyant Suzy (Sandra Milo), who appeared in 8 1/2 as the mistress. Apparently, the husband and wife fought on the set, and it is debatable as to what the ending scene means, where Juliet walks off into the distance. For Fellini, she is embracing her freedom; for Masina, she was descending into loneliness. Not the best picture from either, Fellini's La Strada and Nights of Cabiria make far better use of Masina's sweet and charming comic talents.

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[Dolby Digital, monaural]
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Special Features

New digital transfer, enhanced for 16x9 televisions; "Familiar Spirits," a 19-minute interview with Fellini by Ian Dallas ; Theatrical trailer; New and improved English subtitle translation; Optimal image quality: RSDL dual-layer edition

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Giulietta Masina Juliet
Mario Pisu Giorgio
Sandra Milo Susy
Valentina Cortese Valentina
Sylva Koscina Sylva
Caterina Boratto Juliet's Mother
Alba Cancellieri Juliet as a Child
Luisa della Noce Adele
Sabrina Gigli Granddaughter
Rosella di Sepio Granddaughter
Lou Gilbert Grandfather
Silvana Jachino Dolores
Elena Fondra Elena
José-Luis de Villalonga Friends of Giorgio
Cesarino Miceli Picardi Friend of Giorgio
Elisabetta Gray Juliet's Maid
Seyna Seyn Masseuse
Dina deSantis Susy's Maid
Dany Paris Desperate Friend
Fred Williams Arabian Prince
Alberto Plebani Lynx-Eyes
Anne Francine Psychoanalyst
Mario Conocchia Family Lawyer
Friedrich Ledebur Headmaster
Massimo Sarchielli Valentina's Lover
Giorgio Ardisson Dolores' models
Bob Edwards Dolores's models
Valeska Gert Bhisma
Milena Vukotic Juliet's Maid

Technical Credits
Federico Fellini Director,Screenwriter
Giantito Burchiellaro Set Decoration/Design
Otello Fava Makeup
Ennio Flaiano Screenwriter
Piero Gherardi Art Director,Costumes/Costume Designer
Ruggero Mastroianni Editor
Tullio Pinelli Screenwriter
Luciano Ricceri Set Decoration/Design
Angelo Rizzoli Producer
Brunello Rondi Screenwriter
Nino Rota Score Composer
E. Benazzi Taglietti Set Decoration/Design
Emilo Trani Makeup
Gianni Di Venanzo Cinematographer

Scene Index

Side #1 --
0. Chapters
1. "Their Anniversary" [6:26]
2. "Do You Love Me?" [2:16]
3. "Love for Everybody" [7:09]
4. "There's a Real Vision!" [6:19]
5. "Your Husband Is Shameless" [3:47]
6. "I Had Something at the Office" [1:50]
7. "Gabriella..." [3:47]
8. Bishma [2:58]
9. "Love Thy Wife as Thyself" [3:59]
10. "Do You Know the Kama Sutra?" [7:26]
11. "Granddad's Dancer" [4:26]
12. "Secret Thirsts" [9:42]
13. "The Worst Kind of Thief" [6:04]
14. "Afraid of God" [2:02]
15. "Did You See God?" [4:25]
16. Suzy [1:41]
17. "I Watched You So Many Times" [1:15]
18. The Treehouse [8:29]
19. "A Friend" [6:39]
20. The Party at Suzy's [5:31]
21. "Juliet, Come Up" [4:38]
22. American Doctor [6:42]
23. At Gabriella's [9:37]
24. "Good-Bye, Then" [3:08]
25. "A Long Sleep" [5:19]
26. Color Bars [11:55]


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Juliet of the Spirits 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Cinemaphile More than 1 year ago
Juliet (Guilietta Masina) feels incompetent, and she questions her handsome husband's fidelity. Haunted by visions from her repressed childhood, she sets out on a journey of the mind to find the answers that will bring her world into focus. This film, one of Fellini's first in color, is gorgeous, a feast of images. Funny at times, disturbing at others, it is a tour de force in acting for Felllini's wife Guillietta Masina. Full of bizarre settings, incredible compositions, beautiful and grotesque characters, it is a mind-blowing parade of classic Fellini scenes set to the music of the incomparable Nino Rota. Does it make sense? Not much. Do we care? Not at all.