Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park

4.8 40
Director: Steven Spielberg

Cast: Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum


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Steven Spielberg's phenomenally successful sci-fi adventure thriller is graced by state-of-the-art special effects from the team of Stan Winston, Phil Tippett and Michael Lantieri from George Lucas's Industrial Light & Magic. The film follows two dinosaur experts -- Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill) and Dr. Ellie Sattler Laura Dern) -- as they are invited by eccentric… See more details below


Steven Spielberg's phenomenally successful sci-fi adventure thriller is graced by state-of-the-art special effects from the team of Stan Winston, Phil Tippett and Michael Lantieri from George Lucas's Industrial Light & Magic. The film follows two dinosaur experts -- Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill) and Dr. Ellie Sattler Laura Dern) -- as they are invited by eccentric millionaire John Hammond (Richard Attenborough) to preview his new amusement park on an island off Costa Rica. By cloning DNA harvested from pre-historic insects, Hammond has been able to create living dinosaurs for his new Jurassic Park, an immense animal preserve housing real brachiosaurs, dilophosaurs, triceratops, velociraptors, and a Tyrannosaur Rex. Accompanied by cynical scientist Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum), who is obsessed with chaos theory, and Hammond's two grandchildren (Ariana Richards and Joseph Mazzello), they are sent on a tour through Hammond's new resort in computer controlled touring cars. But as a tropical storm hits the island, knocking out the power supply, and an unscrupulous employee (Wayne Knight) sabotages the system so that he can smuggle dinosaur embryos out of the park, the dinosaurs start to rage out of control. Grant then has to bring Hammond's grandchildren back to safety as the group is pursued by the gigantic man-eating beasts.

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Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Tony Nigro
With roaringly realistic digital dinosaurs courtesy of Industrial Light and Magic, summer blockbuster master Steven Spielberg tops even himself with Jurassic Park; not since Jaws have audiences loved terror so much. Michael Crichton's script, adapted from his own novel, follows the team of two doctors (Sam Neill and Laura Dern) and a mathematician (Jeff Goldblum) on a tour through the experimental dinosaur theme park of eccentric Dr. John Hammond (Sir Richard Attenborough). The tour, needless to say, goes horribly wrong, as the wondrous cloned dinosaurs run amok and turn what should have been a delightful field trip into a battle for survival. Despite the movie's impressive human talent pool, the real stars are the frighteningly lifelike digital dinos. Whether naughty or nice, they are the film's most memorable characters. Considering that Jurassic Park is one of the most technically impressive releases in the history of film, it is only appropriate that the DVD release and its follow-ups The Lost World and Jurassic Park III would leave equally enormous footprints. Fans will love the laundry list of high-class DVD extras: "The Making of Jurassic Park" documentary, rare behind-the-scenes footage of preproduction meetings, animatics by Oscar-winning special effects creator Phil Tippett, production photographs, a dinosaur encyclopedia, storyboards, production notes, cast and filmmaker bios, and theatrical trailers for all three movies.
All Movie Guide
One of the most influential special effects movies of the early 1990s, Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park helped show the world that the future of cinema was inside a computer. With digital dinosaurs courtesy of George Lucas' Industrial Light and Magic, the film helped redefine the summer blockbuster for a new generation. Though Jurassic Park makes few pretensions to suspense, trotting out its computerized animals as early as possible, the technical magic is impressive enough to overshadow the plot's shortcomings. Most of the ethical questions that made the Michael Crichton bestseller an interesting read are voiced by Jeff Goldblum's character. Spielberg left post-production on Jurassic Park to begin work on his Best Picture winner, the Holocaust drama Schindler's List. A mediocre sequel, The Lost World, arrived four years later, also directed by Spielberg.

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Product Details

Release Date:
Original Release:
Universal Studios

Special Features

Return to Jurassic Park: Part 1; The Making of Jurassic Park; Original Featurette on the Making of the Film; Steven Spielberg Directs Jurassic Park; Early Pre-Production Meetings; Phil Tippett Animatics: Raptors in the Kitchen; Animatics: T-Rex Attack; ILM and Jurassic Park: Before and After the Visual Effects; Foley Artists; Storyboards; Production Archives

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Sam Neill Alan Grant
Laura Dern Dr. Ellie Sattler
Jeff Goldblum Ian Malcolm
Richard Attenborough John Hammond
Bob Peck Robert Muldoon
Martin Ferrero Donald Gennaro
B.D. Wong Henry Wu
Samuel L. Jackson Arnold
Wayne Knight Dennis Nedry
Joseph Mazzello Tim
Ariana Richards Lex
Richard Kiley Jurassic Park Tour
Janet Hirshenson Actor
Jane Jenkins Actor
Jerry Molen Harding
Miguel Sandoval Rostagno
Cameron Thor Dodgson
Christopher John Fields 1st Volunteer
Whitby Hertford Volunteer Boy
Dean Cundey Mate
Jophery Brown Worker in Raptor Pen
Greg Burson "Mr.DNA"

Technical Credits
Steven Spielberg Director,Producer
John Bell Production Designer
John Berger Set Decoration/Design
Jackie Carr Art Director,Set Decoration/Design
Rick Carter Production Designer
Michael Crichton Screenwriter
Dean Cundey Cinematographer
Don Elliott Special Effects
Gary Epper Stunts
Donna Evans Stunts
Janet Hirshenson Casting
Michael Hirshenson Casting
Norman Howell Stunts
Gary Hymes Stunts
Jane Jenkins Casting
Ronald Judkins Sound/Sound Designer
Michael Kahn Editor
Kathleen Kennedy Producer
David Koepp Screenwriter
John T. Kretchmer Asst. Director
Michael Lantieri Special Effects
Malia Scotch Marmo Screenwriter
Masako Masuda Set Decoration/Design
Gerald R. Molen Producer
Jerry Molen Producer
Susan Moore Costumes/Costume Designer
Dennis Muren Special Effects
Michele Panelli-Venetis Asst. Director
Lauren Polizzi Art Director,Set Decoration/Design
Pat Romano Stunts
R.A. Rondell Stunts
Christina Smith Makeup
Brian Smrz Stunts
Raymond Stella Camera Operator
Jim Teegarden Art Director
Monty Westmore Makeup
John Williams [composer] Score Composer
Colin Wilson Associate Producer
Stan Winston Special Effects

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Jurassic Park
1. Chapter 1 [5:19]
2. Chapter 2 [4:54]
3. Chapter 3 [5:02]
4. Chapter 4 [4:15]
5. Chapter 5 [4:13]
6. Chapter 6 [7:53]
7. Chapter 7 [6:18]
8. Chapter 8 [2:27]
9. Chapter 9 [14:26]
10. Chapter 10 [:34]
11. Chapter 11 [6:14]
12. Chapter 12 [9:00]
13. Chapter 13 [9:16]
14. Chapter 14 [14:02]
15. Chapter 15 [5:41]
16. Chapter 16 [3:57]
17. Chapter 17 [4:13]
18. Chapter 18 [6:48]
19. Chapter 19 [3:18]
20. Chapter 20 [1:51]
21. Chapter 21 [6:40]
22. Chapter 22 [:00]

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