Justice League Unlimited - Season 1

Justice League Unlimited - Season 1

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Barnes & Noble - Donald Liebenson
Comic book superhero fans, get ready for "your inner geek fix," to quote producer Bruce Timm in the series retrospective included as one of this collection's special features. Justice League Unlimited expands the League to include a galaxy full of iconic and cult faves from the DC Comics universe: Green Arrow, the Question, Dr. Fate, Hawk, Wildcat, Vixen, Dove, Red Tornado, and others. Justice League Unlimited emerged from the upheaval of Justice League's second-season finale, "Starcrossed," which saw the expulsion of Hawkgirl and a pledge to rebuild. The series returned with a new name, new heroes, and a new and liberating comic sensibility. Not that Justice League Unlimited skimps on the action (the two-parter "The Once and Future Thing" is a rousing time-traveling adventure), but several of the episodes go beyond the usual superhero wisecracks to mine rich, character-based humor in bizarre and extreme situations. In "Kid Stuff," Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman are transformed into eight-year-olds to defeat a sorceress' spoiled son, who has banished all adults to a shadow dimension. In "This Little Piggy," Circe turns Wonder Woman into a pig. Somehow, it all ends with Batman crooning "Am I Blue" in a nightclub. Purists need not worry. These deftly handled touches enhance, rather than cheapen or betray, these beloved characters. Several episodes even plumb our heroes' inter-League love lives, most memorably those of Wonder Woman and the brooding Batman, "a rich kid with lots of issues." The infusion of new heroes also allows for intriguing matchups such as by-the-book Capt. Atom and the more impulsive Supergirl in "Initiation." This four-disc set actually contains two complete seasons, which conclude the genetic engineering Project Cadmus story arc. The season two finale, "Epilogue," is a particularly dramatic episode set 65 years in the future, when Batman Beyond's Terry McGinnis learns some shocking revelations about his parentage from an aged Bruce Wayne. Brilliantly animated, smartly written, and superbly acted by a stellar voice cast, Justice League offers unlimited enjoyment even for non-geeks.

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Special Features

And Justice for All: the process of revamping the series with new characters and a new creative direction; Themes of Justice: choose your favorite JLU musical theme audio tracks; Creators' commentary on This Little Piggy and The Return; Languages: English, Français & Español (episodes only)

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