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Cast: Takeshi Kitano, Yusuke Sekiguchi, Kayoko Kishimoto, Yûko Daike


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Sony Pictures Classics deserves a commendation for the wonderful widescreen anamorphic transfer of Kikujiro. It is obvious that a lengthy amount of time was spent perfecting the image clarity and colors of this film. The vivid red colors during the dream sequence and the bright uniforms of the bikers stand out as only a few of the numerous memorable visual


Sony Pictures Classics deserves a commendation for the wonderful widescreen anamorphic transfer of Kikujiro. It is obvious that a lengthy amount of time was spent perfecting the image clarity and colors of this film. The vivid red colors during the dream sequence and the bright uniforms of the bikers stand out as only a few of the numerous memorable visual moments. There are virtually no technical defects on this disc, and although it doesn't achieve reference quality, it certainly comes close. Kikujiro's Dolby Digital 2.0 transfer also works wonderfully to help set the scenes for Masao and Kikujiro's adventures. The elegant piano score moves well through both channels and adds to the richness of the film. The music is remarkably clear and well-defined, and it combines nicely with the background sounds of the film. While a 5.1 channel mix would have been a nice addition, the audio transfer does stand strongly on this disc. Unfortunately, the few extras contained on this disc are barely worthy of mention. The cast section includes information on only one person, Takeshi Kitano. This text is provided in list form, without any structure or flow. The only other features are "bonus trailers" for Brazil's Central Station and Johnny Mnemonic -- which features Kitano.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble
Fresh from the critical success of his mortality-riddled Hana-Bi, Takeshi Kitano made his first overt family movie Kikujiro, which wades strangely into the stream of life. A road film of sorts, it takes place over a summer's vacation, when sullen nine-year-old Masao (Yusuke Sekiguchi) pines for his mother, who works in a distant part of Japan. He ventures off to find her, accompanied by Kikujiro (portrayed by Kitano), a crotchety former yakuza who accepts the charge at his wife's behest. In Kikujiro, the sense of timing is off balance (weeks or minutes or days may pass from one cut to the next) and framings are plaintive and weird, with visuals as elaborately composed as a comic book spread. This highly unusual feature resembles Frank Tashlin's Geisha Boy in its offbeat, sentiment-speckled manner, yet remains uniquely Kitano in its execution.
All Movie Guide - Jonathan Crow
For Western audiences familiar with Takeshi Kitano's renowned yakuza sagas, Kikujiro, a buoyant surrealist road movie will be something of a surprise. Fearing that he would be type-cast abroad as a director of gangster flicks, Kitano skews most of the two-fisted motifs of his previous work and directs a film that consciously recalls The Wizard of Oz. The result is Kitano's most mainstream film since his sex-farce Getting Any, while at the same time being one of his most experimental movies. Kitano's best known works, Sonatine and Hana-Bi, brilliantly present a world infused with jarring violence and existential sadness edged with sentimentality. In this film, the violence is almost completely absent from the film, though sadness and sentimentality is here in abundance. With his trademark concision, the film elegantly sets up Masao's feelings of loneliness and isolation in a matter that echoes that of the Italian Neorealists. Yet once on the road, time and realism goes out the window; the viewer is left unclear as to whether the events in the film are unfolding over a of couple days, weeks, or months. Though no one seems to be carrying baggage, characters somehow manage to assemble delightfully-ludicrous costumes. The plot itself is a series of comic diversions highlighting Kikujiro abrasive buffoonery, built around Masao's search for his mother. When that quest goes sour, Kikujiro manages to fashion increasingly bizarre and funny scenarios, much of which seems drawn straight from Kitano's popular late-night comedy show in Japan, in an effort to dull Masao's rejection. Just as the comic flourishes in Hana-Bi added pathos and emotional depth to that film, the wild comedy of this film adds resonance to the boy's pain and loss. Sentimental and sad, self-indulgent and often hilarious, Kikujiro is an interesting and entertaining yarn by one of cinema's most distinctive voices.

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Sony Pictures
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[Wide Screen]

Special Features

Digitally mastered audio and anamorphic video; Widescreen presentation; Audio: Japanese [stereo]; Subtitles: English, French, Spanish; Bonus trailers; Talent files; Interactive menus; Scene selections

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Takeshi Kitano Kikujiro
Yusuke Sekiguchi Masao
Kayoko Kishimoto Kikujiro's wife
Yûko Daike Masao's mother
Kazuko Yoshiyuki Masao's grandmother
Beat Kiyoshi Actor
Great Gidayu Fat Biker
Rakkyo Ide Biker's friend
Nezumi Imamura Actor
Fumie Hosokawa Actor
Akaji Maro the pervert
Daigaku Sekine Actor

Technical Credits
Takeshi Kitano Director,Editor,Screenwriter
Kazuhiro Furukawa Associate Producer
Joe Hisaishi Score Composer
Senji Horiuchi Sound/Sound Designer
Norihiro Isoda Art Director
Fumio Iwasaka Costumes/Costume Designer
Masayuki Mori Producer
Yoshinori Ota Editor
Hiroshi Shimizu Asst. Director
Hiroshi Shimizu Asst. Director
Katsumi Yanagishima Cinematographer
Takio Yoshida Producer
Takefumi Yoshikawa Casting

Scene Index

Scene Selections
0. Scene Selections
1. Start [2:37]
2. Masao & Yuji [5:09]
3. No Practice in Summer [5:50]
4. Off to Find Mother [3:27]
5. "Take him straight there." [1:23]
6. Bike races [5:16]
7. Unlucky numbers [3:46]
8. Scary Man [7:39]
9. Mister Is Strange [5:46]
10. Bad dream [3:32]
11. It Didn't Work Out [5:56]
12. Keep Off The Grass [3:57]
13. The bus stop [4:55]
14. "I've got a plan." [3:52]
15. Flat-tire scheme [2:25]
16. Easy rider [2:58]
17. Not the right lady [4:27]
18. Angel bell [4:23]
19. Mister Played With Me [3:07]
20. Raising 3000 Yen [2:21]
21. "I fell down some stairs." [3:39]
22. Demons come [6:51]
23. Octopus Man [5:12]
24. Kikujiro's mother [4:40]
25. UFO Landing [3:21]
26. Playing games [3:54]
27. Goodbye [4:54]
28. Belated introduction [6:01]


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Kikujiro 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Awesome movie...typical of Beat Takeshi!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This sentimental film can be summarised as a child's experience of ''What I did Last Summer''. It is surreal and reminds one of childhood simplicity. The soundtrack is beautiful.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I don't know what the hell everyone else is talking about. Cut the fuss. Get to the good stuff. Above all the sentimental stuff, this movie is so HILARIOUS! I saw this in theater and was just in bellyache over it. Everyone else in the theater was having a hard time holding back their laughter, but my brother and I just couldn't take it. We were rolling off our chairs over this. I'm going to buy the DVD just because it's so awesome to have a movie that can make you laugh so hard. Get this film, and make sure your toilet is near by and your zipper is down...or you'll pee in your pants!
Guest More than 1 year ago
It is a comedy that will make you laugh over and over again. I loved every second of it. I didn't stop laughing.
Guest More than 1 year ago
One of the best movies, with one of the best film scores ever!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago