Kinsey (2004)

Kinsey (2004)


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Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
Alfred C. Kinsey -- the eccentric, pioneering, controversial researcher whose 1947 study on human sexual behavior ignited a firestorm still not fully extinguished -- is the focus of this engrossing film, featuring Liam Neeson in one of his best performances to date. He plays Kinsey as a dedicated, dispassionate scientist whose apparent lack of guile (and tact) not only made him some powerful enemies but also frustrated and infuriated his supporters and co-workers. Laura Linney is superb as his long-suffering wife, Clara, who understands and encourages her husband even when his behavior becomes intolerable. Writer-director Bill Condon (Gods and Monsters) treats his subject with an appropriate detachment, portraying the man as so focused on his work that he actually encourages members of his staff to have relations with one another and record their “findings.” Kinsey’s bisexuality gets the same direct, objective, non-prurient treatment, and Neeson handles this aspect of the character with great delicacy. Timothy Hutton, Chris O’Donnell, and Peter Sarsgaard are excellent as the researcher’s assistants, and John Lithgow offers a bravura turn as Kinsey’s strict, sexually frustrated father. To their credit, Condon and his actors generally eschew sensationalism, approaching Kinsey and his work with objectivity and clarity. (They go astray only in the heavy-handed treatment of the alleged “witch hunt” that targeted the scientist.) The team’s findings, now almost universally accepted despite continuing reservations about Kinsey’s sampling and methodology, won’t shock today’s viewers, who after seeing this movie may well regard this pioneering figure with much more respect than his contemporaries ever did.

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Closed Caption; Full-length audio commentary by writer/director Bill Condon

Scene Index

Side #1 --
1. One Man's History (Main Titles)
2. The Preacher's Son
3. Clara
4. Mr. and Mrs. Kinsey
5. The Expert
6. Good Advice
7. The Book Party
8. Johns, Peters and Dicks
9. The Marriage Course
10. Sensitive Information
11. Sex and Dinner
12. A Gold Mine
13. Somewhere in the Middle
14. It's Just Not Enough
15. The Biologic Demand
16. Permission
17. Kinsey's Proposal
18. Thousands of Histories
19. Father's Contribution
20. The Sexual Celebrity
21. Nobody's Sin
22. A Nature Film
23. Sex Is the Glue
24. My Life's Real Work
25. Dirty Stuff
26. A Delicate Time
27. The Troubled Heart
28. Ruined
29. Hartford's Guest
30. You Saved My Life
31. To Measure Love
32. End Titles


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