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Knight Rider - Season One

Knight Rider - Season One

5.0 2
Director: Alan J. Levi

Cast: David Hasselhoff, William Daniels, Edward Mulhare

Knight Rider is back on TV screens once again, thanks to Universal's complete first season DVD box set. Featuring 21 episodes, a mind-blowing commentary, and more extras than you can shake a stick at, this is one package that fans of the show will not want to miss. As with many other TV discs, the picture comes full-frame with a Dolby 2.0 Mono sound option that


Knight Rider is back on TV screens once again, thanks to Universal's complete first season DVD box set. Featuring 21 episodes, a mind-blowing commentary, and more extras than you can shake a stick at, this is one package that fans of the show will not want to miss. As with many other TV discs, the picture comes full-frame with a Dolby 2.0 Mono sound option that effectively brings the show into the digital age, with little time needed for enhancement in either department. Aside from David Hasselhoff's hair, bonus features are really where the set shines, starting with the aforementioned commentary on the pilot episode with the coifed star himself and writer/creator Glen Larson. Now, it isn't clear if Hasselhoff was drunk or if he's just partied himself stupid, but either way, this guy is a slurring beast on this track! In the first few minutes, he's already spilling the beans on an affair between Larson and one of the leading ladies, and there's not one point where a beautiful woman shows up that he doesn't mention Baywatch -- in fact, he even goes so far as to say that he lost a few brain cells during that show. Well, after hearing this track, you will believe it! Other extras aren't quite as inebriated, though they're just as fun. The two featurettes "Knight Moves" and "Knight Sounds" focus on the synth score and high-flying stunts, while the "Knight Rider: Under the Hood" documentary gets into the early days of the show and features yet another choice line from Hasselhoff -- "I knew that this show was the bomb!" Other extras include a well-done photo gallery that's more in line with a music video, a Blueprints gallery that includes video clips mixed with actual original sketches and blueprints of the show, and a "K.I.T.T. Owner's Manual" feature that gives you the lowdown on every button, readout, and screen on the car's dashboard. If that weren't enough, the set also features the made-for-TV Knight Rider 2000 movie sequel, where K.I.T.T. is replaced by a souped-up classic '57 Chevy and Michael Knight teams up with a female cyborg cop (for real!). With foldout packaging and tight menu design, Knight Rider: Season One is a home run all around. So throw on that leather jacket, get out those tight jeans, and rock out to the first season of one of the most entertaining action shows of the '80s.

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Barnes & Noble
According to popular legend, soap-opera actor David Hasselhoff was on a plane during a nasty storm when he was noticed by Brandon Tartikoff, then head of NBC Entertainment, who offered him an audition to star in Knight Rider. In this Lone Ranger update, Michael Knight (Hasselhoff) rides for justice within the high-tech wonder that is K.I.T.T., a stand-in for both Silver and Tonto in the sleek black form of a Pontiac Firebird. The two-part pilot introduces police officer Michael Long -- who is shot and left for dead during an investigation -- but is rescued by mysterious millionaire Wilton Knight. Long gets a new identity as Michael Knight, and is given a super car with artificial intelligence, the Knight Industries Two Thousand, or K.I.T.T. (voiced by an uncredited William Daniels). Knight's new mission requires him to fight bad guys in a car that can talk to him, repel bullets, and operate underwater. Aiding him are associates Devon Miles (Edward Mulhare) and mechanic Bonnie (Patricia McPherson). In Season 1, Michael and K.I.T.T. address the early-'80s scourge of rowdy motorcycle gangs in two distinct episodes, "Good Day at White Rock" and "Short Notice." Michael becomes the bodyguard of a senator in "Just My Bill," an episode featuring Carole Cook, Don Knotts's exasperated topside spouse, Bessie, in The Incredible Mr. Limpet. Michael infiltrates a Central American gun-running ring in Episode 14, "Hearts of Stone," which also sees K.I.T.T.'s visual embodiment upgraded from a single modulating light to a much cooler series of three. "Give Me Liberty...or Give Me Death" afforded an unofficial showdown with The Dukes of Hazzard hot rod General Lee, as Michael tries to flush out a saboteur at a car race. Notable guest stars in Season 1 include Maria Conchita Alonso, Judy Landers, and Alejandro Rey in "Forget Me Not"; Tina Louise in "The Topaz Connection"; and Tony Leave It to Beaver Dow in "Nobody Does It Better".

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Universal Studios
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Special Features

Knight Rider 2000: The Movie Sequel; "Knight of the Phoenix" commentary with David Hasselhoff and writer/creator Glen Larson; "Knight Moves"; "Knight Sounds"; "Knight Rider: Under the Hood"; Stills gallery; Blueprints gallery; K.I.T.T. Owner's Manual

Cast & Crew

Scene Index

Side #1 -- Disc 1 - Side A
1. A Second Chance [28:10]
2. Getting Acquainted [20:17]
3. On a Mission [25:28]
4. The Ultimate Payback [21:56]
1. A Helping Hand [14:39]
2. Accident Investigation [8:58]
3. Murder Cover-Up [10:17]
4. Target Practice [14:48]
1. On Vacation [17:16]
2. Trouble in Town [11:56]
3. Gang War [9:00]
4. The Scorpion's Sting [10:29]
Side #2 -- Disc 1 - Side B
1. Caught in the Act [14:56]
2. Stunt Auditions [10:14]
3. Show Stopper [9:00]
4. The Main Event [14:20]
1. In Need of Protection [14:09]
2. Personal Bodyguard [12:15]
3. By Whatever Means Necessary [9:15]
4. Cast Your Vote [12:58]
1. Blowing Up the Basin [12:15]
2. Won't Take No Bull [15:15]
3. The Next Move [7:17]
4. When it Rains, It Pours [13:51]
1. Devon Goes Down [15:53]
2. Lucky Break [9:13]
3. Planned Escape [8:24]
4. Taking Flight [14:30]
Side #3 -- Disc 2 - Side A
1. Evil Twin [9:06]
2. Mistaken Identity [13:32]
3. No Stopping It [11:18]
4. Double Trouble [13:46]
1. Trading Places [10:28]
2. Passing the Test [9:16]
3. Going for Help [12:37]
4. A Mobile Gold Heist [16:20]
1. Illegal Accounting [15:02]
2. Cooking the Books [9:51]
3. Missing Man [11:01]
4. Turning Over Evidence [12:46]
1. A Class Act [15:24]
2. Training Killers [8:25]
3. Deadly Games [9:32]
4. Sitting Ducks [15:17]
Side #4 -- Disc 2 - Side B
1. Working Together [15:04]
2. Damsel in Distress [10:39]
3. Lost Memory [12:44]
4. Tying Up Loose Ends [10:16]
1. Black-Martet Arms [16:40]
2. Let's Do Business [8:45]
3. Going After the Money [11:34]
4. Bad Deal [11:21]
1. Alternative Deal Race [15:30]
2. Accidents Will Happen [8:13]
3. Sabotage on the Track [10:39]
4. Risky Business [14:17]
1. Centerfolds and Murder [15:14]
2. Business or Pleasure [11:56]
3. Catch That Plane [10:41]
4. Miss November [10:51]
Side #5 -- Disc 3 - Side A
1. Disturbing the Peace [15:54]
2. Hot Pursuit [10:28]
3. Behind Bars [10:45]
4. Leave the Driving to Me [11:31]
1. Archaeological Find [15:01]
2. Rescue Attempt [14:10]
3. The Perfect Crime [8:33]
4. Man Against His Machine [10:57]
1. An Old Flame [15:53]
2. Trusting Strangers [9:17]
3. Can't Go Back [10:11]
4. Nothing But Lies [13:16]
1. Highway Robbery [15:35]
2. Got Your Ears On? [11:51]
3. Losing the Load [12:01]
4. End of the Line [9:10]
Side #6 -- Disc 3 - Side B
1. An Inside Job [16:33]
2. Privileged Information [10:37]
3. Murder for Numbers [10:17]
4. Game Over [11:11]
1. Murder Rap [15:54]
2. Condemned Man [10:42]
3. Body Bagging [11:05]
4. Having Fun Yet? [10:59]
Side #7 -- Disc 4
1. Resurrection [21:09]
2. Betrayed [26:02]
3. Out of Mind [23:46]
4. Like a Glove [23:41]

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Knight Rider - Season One 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is the only show I would ever buy a DVD player for. The picture and sound are amazing! I love all the special features, especially Knight Rider Under the Hood and the commentary. The movie Knight Rider 2000 is also included. Thank you Universal and everyone who worked on this. You did an excellent job. I look forward to to the other seasons possibly being released and maybe another Knight Rider movie in the future!