Femme Nikita: The Complete First Season

La Femme Nikita: The Complete First Season

4.9 29
Director: David Warry-Smith, George Bloomfield, Gerard Ciccoritti, Guy Magar

Cast: David Warry-Smith, George Bloomfield, Gerard Ciccoritti, Guy Magar

One of the USA network's breakout hits of the late 1990s, La Femme Nikita's stylish mix of action and intrigue would serve as a blueprint for its creators' next effort, Fox's popular and critically acclaimed 24. On this DVD set of the first season, viewers can get a glimpse into the mind of producer Joel Surnow, who details his plans for the series in


One of the USA network's breakout hits of the late 1990s, La Femme Nikita's stylish mix of action and intrigue would serve as a blueprint for its creators' next effort, Fox's popular and critically acclaimed 24. On this DVD set of the first season, viewers can get a glimpse into the mind of producer Joel Surnow, who details his plans for the series in commentary tracks on the pilot "Nikita" and the season-one finale "Mercy." There are a total of 21 episodes here on six discs, in addition to deleted scenes (again with Surnow's commentary), a making-of documentary called "Section One Declassified: The Making of La Femme Nikita," and photo stills.

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Barnes & Noble - Cree McCree
"I was falsely accused of a hideous crime and sentenced to life in prison." Delivered in a sexy rasp by Australian stunner Peta Wilson, that line launched a five-season run for a show that quickly became one of TV's enduring cult hits. Still in heavy rotation on the Oxygen network, the series remains as compelling today as it was when it debuted on USA Networks in 1997. It's easy to understand why: Pressed into service by a shadowy cabal called Section One, Nikita wages morally ambiguous battles against global terrorists that foreshadow the covert complexities of today's international stage. As visually stylish as the 1990 Luc Besson film upon which it's loosely based, La Femme Nikita also broke new ground with an ultra-cool alternative rock soundtrack. Now, at long last, fans can retire their worn-out videotapes and experience Morphine, Garbage, and PJ Harvey in glorious surround sound while watching the sparks fly between Nikita and her mysterious mentor, Michael (Roy Dupuis). Commentary by producers Joel Surnow and Robert Cochran, who have since moved on to the Fox series 24, provides fodder for devotees who like to deconstruct every scene. But the nail-biting action speaks for itself, as do the ethical quandaries that permeate every episode. Standouts include the emotional roller coaster "War"; the soul-searching "Mercy," in which Nikita refuses an assignment; and the high-tech "Brainwash," which tortures our conflicted heroine with traumatic memories.

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Special Features

Closed Caption; Go undercover with "Section One Declassified: The Making of La Femme Nikita"; Audio commentary by producers Joel Surnow and Robert Cochran on the season opener and finale episodes; 9 cancelled scenes

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Scene Index

Side #1 -- Disc One
1. A Living Death [5:05]
2. "They Own You Now" [10:32]
3. Battle Tested [7:56]
4. Lethal Lipstick [7:54]
5. First Blood [10:20]
6. Up in Smoke [2:56]
1. Cyanide [3:19]
2. The Meet [6:41]
3. Bodyguard [8:38]
4. Good Cop [12:04]
5. Bad Cop [10:57]
6. Standards [3:05]
1. Collision Course [3:29]
2. Jb1 [9:13]
3. Jb2 [9:01]
4. Sparks' Bunker [7:07]
5. Payback [13:22]
6. Girl Talk [2:33]
Side #2 -- Disc Two
1. Perfect Set-Up [4:06]
2. Date With a Spy [8:37]
3. Soirée [7:28]
4. Slave Trader [11:22]
5. Caged [9:25]
6. Apology [3:45]
1. Priority [4:05]
2. Mommy's Dearest [8:05]
3. In From the Cold [8:58]
4. For Chuck [13:39]
5. Battered [5:51]
6. How Things Are [4:06]
1. Virus [3:28]
2. Mr. & Mrs. [12:36]
3. No Way Out [7:28]
4. Spy Dance [8:50]
5. Performance [9:23]
6. Gray Zone [2:59]
1. Probation Over [3:33]
2. Party Girl [10:49]
3. A Third Shot [8:54]
4. Enemy's Lair [11:20]
5. Rescue [6:39]
6. "Why?" [3:29]
Side #3 -- Disc Three
1. The Offer [3:40]
2. Leverage [8:44]
3. Proof [9:24]
4. Lovestruck [12:47]
5. Erased [8:13]
6. The Camera [1:56]
1. Security Breach [4:20]
2. $30 Million [11:43]
3. The Architect [10:03]
4. Collared [9:17]
5. Simulation [6:01]
6. Relationships [3:19]
1. Rogue Agents [3:30]
2. Unplugged [10:01]
3. Ghosts [11:40]
4. A Family Thing [8:50]
5. Over and Out [7:06]
6. Michael's Idea [3:36]
1. MIA [5:08]
2. Rambo Factor [11:55]
3. The Sample Box [9:04]
4. Excape [10:11]
5. Sacrifice [5:10]
6. Insult to Injury [3:15]
Side #4 -- Disc Four
1. Cyber Snoop [4:07]
2. Pizza Guy [12:38]
3. Death Sentence [9:28]
4. "That's Him" [6:56]
5. The Code [8:00]
6. No Disposal [3:36]
1. Test [3:49]
2. Holo Training [9:29]
3. Assassins [7:58]
4. Distrust [13:31]
5. Bank Job [5:26]
6. Decisions [4:31]
1. VR [4:43]
2. Kessler [10:19]
3. Jugular [13:07]
4. House of Pain [6:09]
5. Unmasked [7:06]
6. Remembering [3:19]
1. Bride and Doom [3:56]
2. Hooked [7:54]
3. The Tail [9:29]
4. Caught [12:02]
5. Free [8:18]
6. Loose Ends [3:05]
Side #5 -- Disc Five
1. Hit On [4:10]
2. Stinger Sting [10:23]
3. Exposed [9:21]
4. Tough Love [7:03]
5. Team Leader [11:05]
6. Don't Tell [2:41]
1. Shower Power [5:09]
2. Evacuate! [7:29]
3. The Cage [9:52]
4. Broken [10:08]
5. New File Entry [8:50]
6. Truth [3:15]
1. Night Caller [4:08]
2. CM-12 [9:20]
3. Nikita's Terms [12:00]
4. "She Means Business" [6:48]
5. The Meet [9:14]
6. The Big Lie [3:14]
1. Flushed [4:16]
2. Composite [14:25]
3. Impeded [8:11]
4. No Deal [9:04]
5. New Recruit [5:44]
6. Never [3:04]
Side #6 -- Disc Six
1. Diver [4:07]
2. The Phasing Shell [11:19]
3. Delure [11:11]
4. Shell Hell [8:44]
5. Sleeper Agent [6:06]
6. Rage [2:46]
1. Boom [4:10]
2. Dressed to Kill [9:37]
3. Blind Justice [12:26]
4. Inside [8:33]
5. Betrayal [6:56]
6. Guilt [3:02]
1. Mystery Man [3:33]
2. Demo [10:21]
3. Cancel the Cancel [7:51]
4. Doubts [10:56]
5. Suicide Mission [8:42]
6. Message [3:20]

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La Femme Nikita: The Complete First Season 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 29 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
La Femme Nikita, in my opinion, is one of the best shows every broadcasted on TV. I loved the series and I can't wait until it comes out on DVD!!! Finally I can retire my tapes and I can watch something that has no commercials and has the complete first season... in order. However, if you have never seen the show, but you love drama and action, I suggest that you check LFN out, because it's all that and more.
Guest More than 1 year ago
To me, La Femme Nikita was one of the best shows ever on television. I hated to see it end. It was an extremely stylish, trendsetting, unique and compelling series. The lead actors - Peta Wilson and Roy Dupuis were excellent in their portrayal of the characters of Nikita and Michael. I am so happy to know that season one will soon be available on DVD.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Though it was inspired by the movie, La Femme Nikita is not a mere copy of something great; it is the standard to which others have aspired. Starting with Nikita, who is falsely accused of a crime in this version, the characters are charming, sympathetic, and riveting. Of course there is pulse-pounding action that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Add to that, the steamy romance between Nikita (played by the beautiful Peta Wilson) and Michael (played by the ultra sexy Roy Dupuis) and you have on screen chemistry that would leave anyone breathless. I look forward to owning all five seasons on DVD, so I can watch the shows in order and without interruption.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I loved the show when it first came out and was heart broken when the series was cancelled! I am so glad that it finally came out on DVD. The buyer of this boxed set will be very pleased! If you've never watched this show, you will see how some shows today try to be like it, copy it and even say that they are better than it. Forget it! La Femme Nikita was original and a head of it's time. Enjoy!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have been waiting for this collection too long. In my opinion La Femme Nikita was the only drama series on television worth my precious time. I realize that all exceptionally great things must come to an end, but now I can watch to my hearts content. Now all I need are the other four seasons and I'll clean up.....Housekeeping!
Guest More than 1 year ago
One of the very few television series I have enjoyed enough to own! I have been waiting for this DVD ever since the series was prematurely cancelled. It was definitely ahead of its time with its super cool fashions and music as well as having in-depth character portrayals and riviting plots. You really cared about every character in this terrific series, including a couple that you loved to hate. Nikita and Michael's relationship is as engrossing as the terrorist-fighting, secret organization story lines. I can't recommend this series enough and I pray that the rest of the remaining seasons will also find their way to DVD! (BTW, if you are an ''Alias'' fan, you owe it to yourself to check out this show. It is very similar and in my opinion, superior.)
Guest More than 1 year ago
I missed the first few episodes of season one and I've been waiting for the DVD to hit the market. One of the best shows to grace television. The subtle hints shown throughout one seasons episodes that are revealed during the following seasons were are always fun to discover. The characters are all multi-faceted from Operations, (whom you loved to hate), Madeline (Section's sensuous Matriarch), Walter (who held Section One together), Seymour (the sweet, arrogant, computer genius), Nikita (naive one moment, calculating the next, always out to save the world) and Michael (gorgeous, sexy, cold-blooded, and caring). Can wait to own the complete set. I just wish they would do a movie ten years into the future when Adam no longer needs his dad. :o)
Guest More than 1 year ago
'' I first saw LFN when i stayed up late on night last year. i fell in love with Roy Dupuis and ever since i have kept watching it. nothing compares to the way the actors perform thier lines. it feel so real when you are watcheing Nikita and Michael act on tv. i honestly think anyone would love this. it is perfect for everyone!! Since i love action and drama, i would watch LFN anyday of the week all week long!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have never missed any of the episodess. LFN always offers something new and unpredictable ending in each episode and really it is such a relieve to have the complete 1st season for my self.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Supurb production, perfect casting and fast-paced action make La Femme Nikita one of the best series ever on television. The stories, while sometimes seeming implausible, never-the-less become perfectly reasonable in this exciting show. The affair between Nikita and Michael is one of the best done and most believable I've ever seen...their love seems quite real. There are humor, a lot of pounding feet, guns blazing, excellent music...and tenderness, all in the same episode! Peta Wilson's co-star Roy Dupuis, as Michael, is a real heart breaker, and about as mysterious as one could want. I can gladly recommend this series to anyone who enjoys mystery, gutsy action set to driving music, and romance.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Finally! The first season is available in crisp DVD. The packaging is as slick as the Nikita concept itself. The first season episodes clearly demonstrate the rapid evolution of the Nikita characters (especially Madeline) from fluff to smart, effective substance. Although it was filmed in the pre 9-11 world of world security bliss, the Nikita series was ahead of its time in dealing with the ubiquitous threats facing enlightened Far Western culture. Hence, the La Femme Nikita franchise is perhaps even more relevant now than when it was initially conceived and developed. Bring on season 2!
Guest More than 1 year ago
What else can I say? The other 4 sets can't come out fast enough. Definitely recommended.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Fantastic collection. I can't wait for seasons 2-5
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is, in my humble opinion, the most intellectually stimulating series to ever air on TV. The plot lines are complex and the character development is unreal. This is the best of the best from TV.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Beautifully boxed set containing all of the S1 episodes of this dramatic action series. The similar shows (i.e., covert intelligence agencies fighting global terrorism) that are airing now on television, ''Alias'' and ''MI-5'' to name a couple, simply can not compare to this original series - the key word here being ''original''. Although this cable series was taken from the Luc Besson film of the same name, only a few of the S1 episodes contain any real recognizable similarities to Besson's film. Each character is crafted differently than in Besson's film, and they each are allowed to grow and change through the writing and the talent of the lead actors. I was a dedicated fan of the series first three (3) stellar seasons when it originally began airing in 1997 on the USA Network, and the series not only holds up today (2003) when compared to the similar shows airing now, but it far outshines them in my opinion. La Femme Nikita was original...it did it first and it did it better and on a fraction of the budgets of those big network spy shows airing now. Every episode throughout Season 1 through Season 3 was exceptionally packaged and presented each Sunday evening at 10:00 PM EST - the fashion, the sets, the music... Quebec lead actor Roy Dupuis who portrays ''Michael Samuel'' - Nikita's mentor -is a stand out in the series. His acting style in this role given his character's history is, to say the least, mesmerizing and even hypnotic to a point. Mr. Dupuis' acting in fact was the main reason I returned every Sunday night - I wanted to see what he would do with this challenging character. Over 3 seasons Dupuis always managed to stay true to the core of who ''Michael'' was. He simultaneously allowed the viewer intriguing glimpses into Michael's enigmatic inner core all the while maintaining his unemotional outer shell week after week after week. I am indeed highly anticipating the next DVD installment (S2) of this series!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Outside of the fact that Peta Wilson was hot in this series. La Femme Nikita was a well written show. If a person likes 24 the series, then they will love this covert ops wetwork style drama. I started watching the show during season 2 and was hooked. Unfortuantly, I never got a chance to watch the last three episodes of the season 5 Series finanle. I've been praying that this show would come out on DVD. Bring the rest of the series to DVD. Now, I have a reason to buy a DVD player.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Best tv show I ever seen. Can't wait to buy season 2 wish it was out already.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I was estatic when I saw that the first season was out on DVD. I can't wait until the next season is released. For anyone that loves this series, check out the show 'Alias' on Sunday nights at 9:00 PM. Very similar formats and just as exciting for those of us that miss La Femme! I wish they could talk her into coming back.
Guest More than 1 year ago
no show better.the characters are incredible and story lines are so realistic to are own real world situations
Guest More than 1 year ago
Easily the best TV show dealing with covert and anti-terrorist activities, ever! Originally airing in 1997, the technolgy, terminalogy and story lines are as relavent today as they were back then. I've seen nearly every episode, and was thrilled after watching the first season again on DVD. From the first episode, this first season is excellent. It's even better the second time around. No commercials and episodes playing one after another makes La Femme Nikita even better. Eagerly desiring the remaining seasons on DVD. If you're hesitating on getting this DVD set - don't. Just buy by it. It is worth the money. Highly recommended!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
In my opinion, this is one of the most negative TV shows ever made. This is absolutely not for children and I even think that adults who watch this series must be discriminating and already solid in their foundation of what is right and wrong since those lines are regularly blurred in the series. Most often, the choice is between wrong and wrong. Having cautioned that, this is personally one of my favorite series. Powerful and thought provoking, Peta Wilson is always fascinating to watch. Although I caught it at its start, I am sorry I was not able to catch some of the later seasons. Like others here, I also hope that the rest of this series is released on DVD.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I absolutely enjoyed this first season on DVD. I used to watch LFN in Spain and I could never get enough of it. It is still extremely addictive. The tension between Nikita and Michael is simply incredible. Wilson protrays a multifaceted Nikita to perfection, strong and vulnerable, she can do anything. And the way that Michael tries to hide his emotions and gives them away by the look in his eyes makes Dupuis an incredible actor. So for those of you who want S2, I read that it is coming out in June or July of this year. I don't think I need to tell any of the LFN fans what happens on the first episode of the second season ;-D. I'll be away all summer, so please when I come back leave at least one box set on the shelves for me.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I would like to know when the stupid producers will release seasons 2-6 and why can't they just release them all at once or are they not that smart? The show is facinating and they need to air it back on television and maybe they will if enuf people contact usa networks
Guest More than 1 year ago
LFN is the best series that USA ever had. I am eagerly awaiting Seasons 2-5 to come out on DVD. One reviewer said 2-6, but they are mistaken. As it is, Season 5 is very short, only 8 episodes. It was made just for the fans, because we didn't like the way Season 4 ended. So, that tells you how popular it was and still is. Peta Wilson is wonderful and Roy Dupuis is absolutely mesmerizing. He is an incredible actor and plays the role of 'Michael' to perfection. Let's not forget that NO ONE could play 'Operations' better than Eugene Robert Glazer and Alberta Watson is totally amazing as 'Madeline'. The cast in LFN works so perfectly together, that it is a must to watch. I miss it greatly!! Now, all I have is 'Farscape'. Hurry up with Seasons 2-5!!! LFN fans around the world want them now!
Guest More than 1 year ago
It only took watching 3 episodes for me to fall inlove with this series. As we all know Peta and Roy play Nikita's and Michael's roles in an extraordinary way. This, along with Madeline and good all Paul unleash a never before seen trama and an outstanding fight between freedom, loyalty, morals and love. Should I say more?... Yes! Pleas hurry up and release seasons 2-5. I've already pre-ordered section 2 and I just can't wait for the rest of the seasons to come out.