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Cast: Angela Gheorghiu, Frank Lopardo, Leo Nucci


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This performance of Giuseppe Verdi's opera, La Traviata features the vocal talents of Angela Gheorghiu.See more details below


This performance of Giuseppe Verdi's opera, La Traviata features the vocal talents of Angela Gheorghiu.

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Barnes & Noble - Patrick Giles
The 1994 Covent Garden presentation of La Traviata -- an utterly superb production directed by Richard Eyre and designed by Bob Crowley -- marked a rare return to this opera house by its onetime star conductor, Sir Georg Solti. It is a triumphant Traviata, one faithful to Giuseppe Verdi's work yet full of new insights and beauties. Moreover, it features a performance by Romanian soprano Angela Gheorghiu that fully deserves viewing, reviewing, and admiration. This was Gheorghiu's first try at one of the most challenging roles in opera, and it's not enough to say that she sings and acts it beautifully. She gives the role that extra investment that Verdi searched for from the performers of his own day: Gheorghiu inhabits the words and music, finding genuine, heartfelt meaning in almost every moment of the opera. She makes this tragedy of a woman who sacrifices herself for love in a world of avarice as moving as it must have been when the work was new. Her voice is not necessarily known as one capable of ravishing listeners by sheer excellence of sound. But Gheorghiu is surprisingly adept singing all the role's pages, and she is not only a convincing actress but (rare for our time) a powerful stage personality -- at once a glamorous diva and an embattled courtesan. With beautiful singing and fine acting from tenor Frank Lopardo and baritone Leo Nucci, plus strong conducting from Solti, this Traviata ensures that, no matter what opera's fortunes may be in our own day, viewers of the future will be able to understand just how and why this genre has meant so much to millions for centuries.
New York Times
This pristine, vibrantly hued video captures a Violetta as brilliant and expressive of voice as she is lovely and vulnerable in character.

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