Lars and the Real Girl

Lars and the Real Girl

4.5 27
Director: Craig Gillespie

Cast: Craig Gillespie, Ryan Gosling, Emily Mortimer, Paul Schneider


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Lars (Ryan Gosling) and Gus (Paul Schneider) are the grown children of a father who died recently and a mother who died giving birth to Lars. But as brothers, they couldn't be more different. While Gus lives in the family home and has a loving wife (Emily Mortimer) and aSee more details below


Lars (Ryan Gosling) and Gus (Paul Schneider) are the grown children of a father who died recently and a mother who died giving birth to Lars. But as brothers, they couldn't be more different. While Gus lives in the family home and has a loving wife (Emily Mortimer) and a child on the way, Lars leads a more reclusive existence in the family's garage, hiding in plain sight of his small, wintry hometown. Painfully shy and eccentric, Lars fails to recognize that his co-worker Margo (Kelli Garner) has a major crush on him, and he picks up on a casual reference made by his cubicle mate, who mentions a website where you can order life-sized, anatomically correct sex dolls. But instead of seeing a sex object, Lars sees in this doll a potential life partner and the only kind of social "peer" he can relate to. So Lars orders a doll, whom he names Bianca, and begins treating her with utmost gentlemanly respect -- and as though she's his real-life, flesh-and-blood girlfriend. As he begins bringing Bianca with him everywhere he goes, the townspeople have to find just the right balance between supporting Lars' unusual romance and trying to introduce him to a more conventional partner. Lars and the Real Girl was written by Six Feet Under scribe Nancy Oliver and directed by Mr. Woodcock's Craig Gillespie. ~ Derek Armstrong

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Editorial Reviews

All Movie Guide
Lars and the Real Girl was a breakout hit -- especially surprising given the offbeat and potentially perverse storyline, which figured to shrink an already small indie film audience. But even as it was loved by many viewers, Craig Gillespie's film polarized critics, some of whom found only artifice and preciousness in the film's small-town, snow-covered eccentricities. All audiences should agree it has issues in the credibility department -- either intentional, in the form of magic realism, or unintentional, by way of misbegotten plotting. There's an inescapable manufactured quality to the scenario: a shy twentysomething buys a sex doll online, and then treats it as a sentient being with feelings and emotions. Even if you argue that Ryan Gosling's Lars is attributing a flesh-and-blood existence to an object he knows is synthetic, that only calls into question the validity of the film's several emotional (and emotionally manipulative) climaxes. So either Lars is rather seriously mentally disturbed, or he and the rest of the townspeople, who unfailingly support him, are engaged in an elaborate exercise in conscious self-deception. The movie's fans agreed that the ends justify the means, as Lars is allowed to heal according to his own time frame, under the watchful care of a loving extended family. For these fans, this was the very affirmation of life they demand from the movies. Gosling's performance is both sweet and inscrutable, full of tics that are sometimes maddening. It's not his best work, but it may have been his best known at the time -- quite a statement for a film about a boy and his sex doll. Along those lines, it's an indisputably shrewd accomplishment that Lars fought from the fringes of narrative filmmaking into the hearts of the mainstream. The cynics and optimists may never agree on it, but Lars and the Real Girl at least helps its viewers determine which group they belong in.

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Special Features

Closed Caption; The Real Story of Lars and the Real Girl featurette; A Real Leading Lady featurette; Deleted scene

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Ryan Gosling Lars
Emily Mortimer Karin
Paul Schneider Gus
Patricia Clarkson Dagmar
Kelli Garner Margo
Nancy Beatty Mrs. Gruner
Karen Robinson Cindy
R.D. Reid Reverend Bock
Doug Lennox Mr. Hofstedtler
Joe Bostick Mr. Shaw
Nicky Guadagni Mrs. Petersen
Maxwell McCabe-Lokos Kurt
Billy Parrott Enk
Sally Cahill Deb
Angela Vint Sandy
Liisa Repo-Martell Laurel
Boyd Banks Russell
Darren Hynes Moose
Tommy Chang Nelson
Arnold Pinnock Baxter
Joshua Peace Jerry
Tannis Burnett Nurse Amy
Lindsey Connell Victoria

Technical Credits
Craig Gillespie Director
Spring Aspers Musical Direction/Supervision
Sarah Aubrey Producer
Peter Berg Executive Producer
Whitney Brown Production Manager
John Cameron Producer
Joshu de Cartier Art Director
Gerri Gillan Costumes/Costume Designer
T. Arv Grewal Production Designer
Richard Hicks Casting
Libby Hodgson Asst. Director
William Horberg Executive Producer
Sidney Kimmel Producer
Adam Kimmel Cinematographer
Kirston Leigh Mann Costumes/Costume Designer
Nancy Oliver Screenwriter
Tatiana S. Riegel Editor
David Rubin Casting
Bruce Toll Executive Producer
David Torn Score Composer

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Lars and the Real Girl
1. Hiding (Main Titles) [3:45]
2. Love One Another [2:43]
3. Design Your Own [2:34]
4. Tackled From Behind [4:37]
5. The Delivery [4:25]
6. Bianca [8:22]
7. Special Treatment [5:29]
8. Big Plastic Thing [4:25]
9. What Would Jesus Do? [3:26]
10. Trip to the Lake [3:52]
11. A Tricky Illness [3:09]
12. Untouchable [3:00]
13. Cindy's Party [6:33]
14. Take a Breath [3:58]
15. Embraced by the Community [1:27]
16. Guilt [2:08]
17. A Life of Her Own [6:24]
18. Turned Down [3:06]
19. I'm Sorry [3:14]
20. Breath of Life [2:53]
21. Flesh and Blood [5:46]
22. Failing Health [2:21]
23. Call 911! [4:01]
24. Outpouring of Love [2:57]
25. Spring Fever [3:47]
26. A Lesson in Courage [1:35]
27. Nobody Like Her [3:08]
28. End Titles [3:25]


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