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Director: Ridley Scott

Cast: Ridley Scott, Tom Cruise, Mia Sara, Tim Curry


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This lavishly staged and costumed fantasy is about young Jack (Tom Cruise) and his lady love Princess Lili (Mia Sara), and how Jack battles Darkness (Tim Curry) to save both the Princess and the world. When the peasant Jack takes Princess Lili to see the unicorns, the strongest animals around, he does not know that Darkness, with his cloven hooves, yellow eyes, and… See more details below


This lavishly staged and costumed fantasy is about young Jack (Tom Cruise) and his lady love Princess Lili (Mia Sara), and how Jack battles Darkness (Tim Curry) to save both the Princess and the world. When the peasant Jack takes Princess Lili to see the unicorns, the strongest animals around, he does not know that Darkness, with his cloven hooves, yellow eyes, and red skin plans on using Lili as bait to weaken the unicorns which he does -- and plunge the world into an ice age. Soon after that disaster, Darkness captures Lili and, Jack has to rally his elves and elvettes to rescue her and subdue Darkness at the same time.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
Tom Cruise was a newly minted star (courtesy of Risky Business) when he was chosen to play the lead in this opulently produced fantasy, which got mixed reviews but delighted audiences all over the world. A perennial favorite at video stores -- in part because it’s an adventure film that can be enjoyed by the whole family -- Legend is finally available in a deluxe DVD edition containing two strikingly different versions of the film: the one that appeared in theaters and a never-released cut by director Ridley Scott. Cruise will still make young girls’ hearts flutter as the arboreal hero of this timeless tale, which finds the lord of darkness (Tim Curry) menacing a beautiful princess (Mia Sara) who embodies the innocence he must destroy in order to conquer the world. Fairies, goblins, and monsters abound, all of them vividly depicted, thanks to what was in 1985 state-of-the-art makeup and visual effects. Scott never loses sight of the fact that Legend is just a glorified fairy tale, and he spares no effort in creating a never-never land that is as believable as it is magical. The leading roles are well filled, as Cruise and Sara embody virtue perfectly, and Curry is appropriately majestic and demonic as the genuinely spine-chilling dark lord. A real treat for the senses, Legend has everything you could hope for in family fantasy: action, adventure, humor, romance, and mysticism. Supplemental features on the Special Edition include a making-of documentary titled "Creating a Myth," deleted scenes, musical scoring and storyboard images depicting scenes dropped from the script, and DVD-ROM content that includes script-to-screen comparisons. The unrated director's cut is also available in a stand-alone edition.
All Movie Guide - Jeremy Wheeler
Ridley Scott's dark fairy tale Legend is a gorgeous exercise in fantastical storytelling. With the help of FX master Rob Bottin (Total Recall, The Thing), Scott created an unforgettable palette of imagery that will no doubt live on with audiences for years to come. While the story he brought to life admittedly isn't the meatiest - and borderlines on all-too-silly at many points - Legend continues to resonate because it truly is one-of-a-kind classic good vs. evil tale popping with lush eye candy from beginning to end. As far as the cast goes, it's Tim Curry's show all the way as the horned and hoofed Darkness. Aided by Bottin's astounding makeup design, Curry becomes the ultimate vision of evil as he chews up each scene with equal parts nasty glee and venomous seduction. One stumble in the acting department goes to Tom Cruise, whose scrawny frame and puny line deliveries make it tough for audiences to swallow him as the hero of the piece. In contrast, pre-Ferris Bueller Mia Sara radiates enough warmth and beauty as Lili that it's easy to understand Curry's urges toward her. Beyond the leads, the rest of the film is littered with other great character actors, including Billy Barty of Time Bandits fame and Joe Dante favorite Robert Picardo, delivering the brief, but deliciously nasty bog witch, Meg Mucklebones. With gorgeous lighting, set design, and costumes filling each frame, Legend is a sight to behold -- a true fairy tale come to life. While its sometimes uneven tone may continue to polarize the critical elite, even its detractors would be hard-pressed to come up with another film that achieves as much as this visually-arresting film does. Though technically brilliant, the production was plagued with such infamous setbacks as the fire that severely destroyed a massive forest set beyond repair and of course, the major cuts due to the various test screenings it had to undergo. Not only did Scott cut the film immensely after one of them, but also the original score by Jerry Goldsmith was completely dropped by the studio to make way for a more "popular" score by hot band Tangerine Dream. Thankfully, audiences can now experience the original cut and Goldsmith's score on numerous home releases.

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Product Details

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Original Release:
Universal Studios
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[Wide Screen]
[DTS 5.1-Channel Surround Sound, Dolby AC-3 Surround Sound]
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Special Features

Includes the director's cut with Jerry Goldsmith's score; Feature commentary with director Ridley Scott; Lost scenes; Bryan Ferry music video; Photo gallery

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Tom Cruise Jack
Mia Sara Princess Lili
Tim Curry Darkness
David Bennent Honethorn Gump
Alice Playten Blix
Billy Barty Screwball
Cork Hubbert Brown Tom
Peter O'Farrell Pox
Kiran Shah Blunder
Annabelle Lanyon Oona
Robert Picardo Meg Mucklebones
Tina Martin Neil
Michael Crane Demon Cook
Michael Edmonds Tic
Ian Longmuir Demon Cook
Liz Gilbert Dancing Black Dress
Eddie Powell Mummified Guard
Arnon Milchan Actor

Technical Credits
Ridley Scott Director
Eric Allaman Score Composer
Nick Allder Special Effects
Jon Anderson Songwriter
Rob Bottin Makeup Special Effects
Noel Davis Casting
Leslie Dilley Art Director
Norman Dorme Art Director
Jane Feinberg Casting
Mike Fenton Casting
Bryan Ferry Songwriter
Christopher Franke Score Composer
Jerry Goldsmith Score Composer
William D. Gordean Editor
Assheton Gorton Production Designer
Joseph P. Grace Associate Producer
Peter Guber Producer
Tim Hampton Co-producer
William Hjortsberg Screenwriter
Donna Isaacson Casting
Charles Knode Costumes/Costume Designer
Marci Liroff Casting
Arnon Milchan Producer
Ann Mollo Set Decoration/Design
Jon Peters Producer
Arlene Phillips Choreography
Terry Rawlings Editor
Peter Robb-King Makeup Special Effects
Tangerine Dream Score Composer
Alex Thomson Cinematographer
Jeremy Zimmerman Casting

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Legend
1. Main Titles [2:11]
2. Darkness [3:03]
3. Princess Lily [5:02]
4. Jack [4:24]
5. The Unicorns [8:59]
6. A World of Ice [6:44]
7. Gump & His Friends [7:27]
8. The Unicorns' Plight [14:07]
9. Meg Mucklebones [5:19]
10. Prisoners [5:12]
11. One of Us [8:48]
12. The Dark Lord [4:41]
13. Jack's Plan [3:38]
14. The Bride of Darkness [8:07]
15. Sacrifice [6:51]
16. Darkness Denied [4:57]
17. Promises to Keep [2:09]
18. End Titles [7:21]

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