Fautes d'orthographe

Fautes d'orthographe

Director: Jean-Jacques Zilbermann

Cast: Carole Bouquet, Olivier Gourmet, Damien Jouillerot


A budding misfit finds his troubles are just beginning when he's sent to a school run by his mom and dad in this comedy from France. Daniel (Damien Jouillerot) is the overweight and socially inept son of Pierre (Olivier Gourmet) and Genevieve (Carole Bouquet), a couple who run a boarding school for troubled kids. 15-year-old Daniel is having a hard time with the… See more details below


A budding misfit finds his troubles are just beginning when he's sent to a school run by his mom and dad in this comedy from France. Daniel (Damien Jouillerot) is the overweight and socially inept son of Pierre (Olivier Gourmet) and Genevieve (Carole Bouquet), a couple who run a boarding school for troubled kids. 15-year-old Daniel is having a hard time with the physical and emotional trials of adolescence, and things don't improve a bit for him when his folks enroll him in their school, especially since most of the students are convinced he's getting an easy ride. Daniel makes friends with Zygelman (Raphael Goldman), but when Zygelman is thrown out of school after an incident involving the undergarments of a female classmate, Daniel falls in with Jean-Claude (Franc Bruneau), a student with a criminal streak who brings Daniel in as an assistant in his latest illegal business venture.

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Original Release:
Tva Films

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Carole Bouquet Geneviéve Massu
Olivier Gourmet Pierre Massu
Damien Jouillerot Daniel Massu
Franc Bruneau Jean-Claude Griset
Anthony Decadi René Boury
Noémie Develay Isabelle Cizar
Raphaël Goldman Richard Zygelman
Déborah Grall Mercedes Suza-Lobo
Khalid Maadour Marcel Mazarelle
Arnaud Giovaninetti Monsieur Salvadori
Manuel Bonnet PE Teacher
Marie Bunel Secretary
Bernard Charnacé English Teacher
Stéphane Höhn Monsieur Monteil
Sylvie Huguel History Teacher
Jean Lescot French Teacher
Yvonne Martin Class 4 Prefect
Annie Savarin Nurse
Jacques Cécile Workshop Teacher
Jacqueline Segard Dinner Lady
Alexandre Carril Actor
Victor Carril Actor
Alban Casterman Actor
Boris Peynet Actor
Karl Come Corneille Actor
Jérome Laborde Actor
Frédéric Merme Actor
Frédéric Baumont Actor
Agathe Berman Actor
Georges Goldman Actor
Michael Amsalhem Class 3 Student
Anne Auffret Class 3 Student
Etienne Barbero Class 3 Student
Sébastien Baret Class 3 Student
Jean-Christopher Barro Class 3 Student
Laura Bensimon Class 3 Student
Alexandre Bondoux Class 3 Student
Jean De Cambourg Class 3 Student
Hadrien Derache-Navarro Class 3 Student
Guillaume Florin Class 3 Student
Carol-lyne Gelan Class 3 Student
Romain Grauliere Class 3 Student
Camille Hazard Class 3 Student
Tom Hure Class 3 Student
Charles Hurez Class 3 Student
Jérémie Kalil Class 3 Student
Roman Kossowski Class 3 Student
Marion Le Guevel Class 3 Student
Florent Leger Class 3 Student
Dimitri Leibovici Class 3 Student
Charlotte Manoux Class 3 Student
Rodolphe Martin Class 3 Student
Christopher Mbongo Class 3 Student
Zuriel Onara Class 3 Student
Dara Palazzeschi Class 3 Student
Fabrice Pannetier Class 3 Student
Samson Penot Class 3 Student
Clotilde Pierre Class 3 Student
Loure Portier Class 3 Student
Samuel Racine Class 3 Student
Louis Salkind Class 3 Student
Adrien Sammut Class 3 Student
Nathalie Sauvan Class 3 Student
Lucas Valero Class 3 Student
Alexandre Agnifili Class 4 Student
Jérémie Alba Class 4 Student
Paul Alba Class 4 Student
Ismaïn Ayache Class 4 Student
Reda Baba Aissa Class 4 Student
Thimotée Bernelle-Meurisse Class 4 Student
Jérémy Blanc Class 4 Student
Xavier Boulic Class 4 Student
Clément Buffa Class 4 Student
Alexandra Camu Class 4 Student
Coralie Chiche Class 4 Student
Maëlle Chiche Class 4 Student
Lucille Chriqui Class 4 Student
Alexis Collen Class 4 Student
Aurélien Cousin Class 4 Student,Choir Member
Yoann Delrieu Class 4 Student
Pierre Derenne Class 4 Student,Choir Member
Sebastien Descamps Class 4 Student
Théophile Faure Class 4 Student
Diane Ferrand Class 4 Student
Guillaume Ferrand Class 4 Student
Clément Fillon Class 4 Student
Sébastien Froc Class 4 Student
Hugo Gerber Class 4 Student
Yannis Gholem Class 4 Student
Florent Gouelou Class 4 Student
Florien Guillain Class 4 Student
Maxime Hangard Class 4 Student
Maxime Huot Class 4 Student
Jérémy Joseph Class 4 Student,Choir Member
Wissam Kassouri Class 4 Student
Myriam Baba Aissa Class 6 Student
Sara Arguedas Choir Member
Vincent Balandreau Class 6 Student
Pierrick Basin Class 6 Student
Floriane Bellalla Class 5 Student
Rémi Berthoumieux Class 6 Student
Loris Bertotto Class 6 Student
Romain Bouvier Class 5 Student
Benoît Buffa Class 5 Student
Sylvaine Caherec Class 6 Student
Marie Calamel Choir Member
Tatiana Cambier Class 5 Student
Cyril Camu Class 6 Student
Alice Carlier Class 6 Student
Julien Castets Class 5 Student
Valentin Cauchy Class 6 Student
Kevin Chery Class 5 Student
Guillaume Cohen Class 6 Student
Romain Costil Class 6 Student
Anthony Dagorn Class 6 Student
Jeremy Daniel Class 5 Student
Guillaume Descat Class 5 Student
Cathy Dias Class 6 Student
Tommy Doublet Class 6 Student
Hélène Dudragne Choir Member
Zélie Durand Class 6 Student
Mathieu Faisy Class 5 Student
Ludovic Fillon Class 6 Student
Jérémy Frot Class 5 Student
Kevin Gaillard Class 5 Student
Sindbad Gaillard Class 6 Student
Killian Gautherin Class 6 Student
Guy Gentil Class 5 Student
Lynda Gholem Class 5 Student
Billel Gibelin Class 6 Student
Florian Giuliani Class 5 Student
Audrey Grillet Class 5 Student
Jordan Guigui Class 5 Student
Michel Hagege Class 6 Student
Alysse Hallali Class 6 Student
Mohamed Arnine Hebri Class 5 Student
Gaëlle Henry Choir Member
Steven Herr Class 5 Student
Sacha Jabes Class 5 Student
Rudy Joseph Class 6 Student
Liza Kassouri Class 6 Student
Ibrahim Korchi Class 5 Student
Camille Lalauze Class 4 Student
Julie Lallement Choir Member
Inès Lebsir Class 6 Student
Anthony Leclerc Class 5 Student
Romain Leclercq Class 4 Student
Benjamin Lejolivet Class 5 Student
Pauline Leneveu Class 5 Student
Aurélie Lesieur Class 4 Student
Samuel Levy Choir Member,Class 4 Student
Jeanne Lorrain Class 4 Student
Olivia Marine Lorrain Class 6 Student
Samir Maafa Choir Member,Class 6 Student
Hugo Mamou Class 4 Student
Leïla Mandelbrot Class 6 Student
Elsy Mandelbrot Class 4 Student
Alexandre Massen Class 6 Student
Igor Mbongo Class 5 Student
Igor Mekhtiev Class 5 Student
Patricia Migeon Class 4 Student
Jonathan Minerot Class 6 Student
Théo Moreau Class 6 Student
Alexandre Mornon Class 4 Student
Olivier Mouchon Choir Member,Class 5 Student
Alexandre Musy Class 5 Student
Maxime Das Neves Class 5 Student
Jordan Niset Class 5 Student
Paul Ormières Choir Member,Class 6 Student
Thomas Ota Choir Member,Class 6 Student
Romain Riou Class 5 Student
Jérôme Rousselot Class 6 Student
Amélie Sammut Class 6 Student
Ouramdane Saraoui Class 4 Student
Paul Seguin Class 5 Student
Arthur Sire Class 6 Student
Benjamin Souty Class 6 Student
Caroline Souty Class 6 Student
Alban Stassin Choir Member,Class 6 Student
Jonathan Taylor Thomas Class 5 Student
Julien Tran Class 4 Student
Théo Trousseau Class 6 Student
Jimmy Tsamas Class 5 Student
Teddy Tsamas Class 6 Student
Maximilien Uniack Class 5 Student
Guillaume Vaccariello Class 5 Student
Milos Vatkovic Class 5 Student
Arthur Verret Class 4 Student
Marie-Jo Villalobo Choir Master
Victorien Vuong Class 5 Student
Mickaël Yip Class 4 Student

Technical Credits
Jean-Jacques Zilbermann Director,Screenwriter
Catherine Gorne Achdjian Costumes/Costume Designer
Dominique Barneaud Producer
Nicolas Blanc Producer
Monica Coleman Editor
Georges Diane Cinematographer
Valerie Grall Art Director
Patrice Grisolet Sound Editor
Philippe Hagège Production Manager
Philippe Lasry Screenwriter
Françoise Menidrey Casting
Paolo Trotta Asst. Director
Laurent Valero Musical Direction/Supervision

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