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Life As We Know It

4.6 15
Director: Greg Berlanti

Cast: Greg Berlanti, Katherine Heigl, Josh Duhamel, Josh Lucas


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Two people who can't stand each other are forced to care for the same child in this domestic comedy drama starring Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel. Holly (Heigl) is a caterer whose career is just getting off the ground; Eric (Duhamel) directs sports for a major network. Their first date was a nightmare, and now they're about to become a family. When their goddaughter… See more details below


Two people who can't stand each other are forced to care for the same child in this domestic comedy drama starring Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel. Holly (Heigl) is a caterer whose career is just getting off the ground; Eric (Duhamel) directs sports for a major network. Their first date was a nightmare, and now they're about to become a family. When their goddaughter Sophie's parents both perish in a tragic accident, Holly and Eric are informed that they were singled out as Sophie's caretakers in the event of an unforeseen disaster. Now, in order to raise Sophie right, this bickering pair must put their differences aside while mastering the fine art of parenthood. Coordinating their new lives and getting along won't be easy for Eric and Holly, but somewhere between the conflicting schedules and drastic lifestyle changes, the reluctant couple realizes that with a help from Sophie, they're starting to resemble a real family.

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Life as We Know It is a story about two seriously mismatched people who get saddled with a baby after their best friends die in a car accident. Katherine Heigl takes her place as rom-com queen, edging Jennifer Aniston out of the position (sorry, Jen, but it's getting really old). Taking over the position of her ever-rotating co-stars is Josh Duhamel, who does what he does best -- stand around looking attractive. But the thing that really works between these two actors is that they bring out the best in each other. Duhmel makes Heigl that much more charming, while Heigl helps to expose depth to Duhamel's acting. Couple that with a film that starts off promising, with a seemingly clever premise and occasional bursts of dialogue that exceed expectations, and you would think Life is a winner; however, just when you get comfortable with the idea that screenwriters Ian Deitchman and Kristin Rusk Robinson might pull off something original, the film takes a detour into cliché-ville and unfolds like every other date-night rom-com. The story starts when Holly Berenson (Heigl), a career-oriented bake-shop owner, and Eric Messer (Duhamel), a thirtysomething-year-old tomcat who goes by his last name, go on a blind date set up by their friends -- a date that essentially ends before it even starts. Holly's annoyed by Eric's giant ego and Eric is just playing along in hopes of a drunken hook-up. The duo keep rotating into each other's lives via their married best friends, but after a tragic car accident leaves one-year-old daughter Sophie an orphan, Holly and Messer step up to the plate after discovering they've been appointed Sophie's joint guardians. This is where life changes for the pair, who move into the Atlanta-based McMansion left behind by Sophie's parents and try to get along, raise a baby together, and find a balance between their new lives and their old lives. The film loses its momentum early on, and director Greg Berlanti compensates by padding out the film with three raising-the-baby montages and a subplot involving the expansion of Holly's business (which, in the end, goes nowhere). On top of that, the we-don't-know-anything-about-raising-a-baby clichéd gags include the dirty diaper, trying wacky things to stop the baby from crying, and freaking out when social services pays a visit -- all of which are as old and played out as Three Men and a Baby. Still, there are those "awww" moments that you would look for in a film with such an adorable baby, not to mention the fact that there's some definite chemistry between Heigl and Duhamel. For good measure, though, Deitchman and Robinson throw in the hot pediatrician, Sam (Josh Lucas), just in case there's any doubt in your mind as to whether Holly might end up alone. Life as We Know It is a film that definitely speaks to new parents (or people who remember what it was like to be new parents) and anyone who loves the comforting embrace of a traditional romantic comedy.

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Warner Home Video
[Wide Screen]
[DTS 5.1-Channel Surround Sound, Dolby AC-3 Surround Sound]
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Special Features

A Survival Guide To Instant Parenting: Cast Members Offer Outrageously Funny Child-Rearing Advice That Would Make the PTA Cringe!; ; Katherine Heigl: Becoming The Best Mom Ever: See All the Touching, Funny and Challenging Moments Katherine Faced in Becoming and Overnight Mom; ; Josh Duhamel: The Triplet Tamer - Josh Gets Sentimental and Brims with Charm As He Wins the Admiration of His Three "Little" Leading Ladies; ; Plus Additional Scenes

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Katherine Heigl Holly Berenson
Josh Duhamel Eric Messer
Josh Lucas Sam
Alexis Clagett Sophie
Brynn Clagett Sophie
Brooke Clagett Sophie
Hayes MacArthur Peter Novak
Christina Hendricks Alison Novak
Sarah Burns Janine Groff
Jessica St. Clair Beth
Brooke Liddell Older Sophie
Kiley Liddell Older Sophie
Britt Flatmo Amy
Rob Huebel Ted
Melissa McCarthy Deedee
DeRay Davis Lonnie
Kumail Nanjiani Simon
Andrew Daly Scott
Bill Brochtrup Gary
Will Sasso Josh
Majandra Delfino Jenna
Jason MacDonald Cousin
Tara Ochs Cousin's Wife
Wilbur Fitzgerald Peter's Dad
Melissa Ponzio Victoria (Stripper Cousin)
Reggie Lee Alan Burke
Markus Flanagan Chef Phillipe
Brooke Josephson Liz
Chanta Rivers CPS Worker
Eric Phillips Stoned Teenager
Andy Buckley George Dunn
L. Warren Young Officer Young
Joanna Jowett Jill
Jody Thompson Worker
Horace Toney Court Clerk
Millie Fairchild Older Woman
Rob Nagle Neighbor Dad
Katie Kneeland Female Patron
Patricia French Judge Gorling
Ron Clinton Smith Contractor
Antwan Mills Airport Security
Steve Nash Himself
Shayne Kohout Pregnant Woman With Deedee
Danielle L. Grant Ticket Counter Lady
Eddie Frierson Sports Announcer
Jean Smart Actor

Technical Credits
Greg Berlanti Director
Maher Ahmad Production Designer
Bruce Berman Executive Producer
Paul Brooks Producer
Everett Chase Set Decoration/Design
Ian Deitchman Screenwriter
Denise Di Novi Executive Producer
Andrew Dunn Cinematographer
Mary H. Ellis Sound Mixer
David Fletcher Special Effects Supervisor
Richard J. Gelfand Associate Producer
Austin Gorg Art Director
Joe Hartwick Executive Producer
Nancy Heigl Executive Producer
Katherine Heigl Executive Producer
Barry Josephson Producer
Brad Kessell Co-producer
Michael Lerman Asst. Director
Tania McComas Makeup
Debra McGuire Costumes/Costume Designer
Blake Neely Score Composer
Scott Niemeyer Executive Producer
Jim Page Editor
John Papsidera Casting
Kristin Rusk Robinson Screenwriter
Norm Waitt Executive Producer
Alexander F. Young Co-producer

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Life as We Know It
1. Scene 1 [9:54]
2. Scene 2 [9:33]
3. Scene 3 [10:13]
4. Scene 4 [9:31]
5. Scene 5 [10:16]
6. Scene 6 [10:32]
7. Scene 7 [2:24]
8. Scene 8 [7:56]
9. Scene 9 [10:37]
10. Scene 10 [8:15]
11. Scene 11 [10:37]
12. Scene 12 [10:09]

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