Lion King Trilogy Collection - 8-Disc Set

Lion King Trilogy Collection - 8-Disc Set

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Barnes & Noble - Donald Liebenson
Finding Nemo may have ended The Lion King's reign as the all-time highest grossing animated feature, but The Lion King remains among the crowning achievements from the Disney kingdom. Touted as the first Disney animated feature based on an original story, The Lion King incorporates a primal mix of Bambi's rite of passage into manhood, Hamlet's tragic tale of family treachery, and The Jungle Book's slacker jive, all set to the Oscar-winning musical score by Elton John and Tim Rice. Unlike Aladdin, which only came to life when the Genie was onscreen, this is a true ensemble piece, with a gallery of colorful characters, brought to life by a pedigreed voice cast. Simba (voiced as a cub by Jonathan Taylor Thomas and as an adult by Matthew Broderick) just can't wait to be king. His evil uncle Scar (Jeremy Irons) plots the murder of his brother, King Musafa (James Earl Jones at his regal best), and banishes Simba. Exiled, Simba adopts the no-worries, "Hakuna Matata" lifestyle of meerkat Timon (Nathan Lane) and warthog Pumbaa (Ernie Sabella), until he is compelled to return home and fulfill his destiny. G-rating aside, this is potent stuff: The death of Bambi's mother was a romp in the meadow compared to the thundering wildebeest stampede that kills Musafa; and the climactic claw-to-claw between Scar and Simba makes for intense viewing as well. Disney fetes its leonine hit in a two-disc Platinum Edition, with segments devoted to the artistic evolution of the film (the deleted scenes and abandoned concepts are particularly interesting) and the Tony Award-winning stage adaptation. The first disc offers viewers a choice between the original theatrical version and a Special Edition that features a new song from the stage production, "Morning Report," animated and integrated into the movie. The Lion King Collector's Gift set, meanwhile, includes the two-disc Platinum Edition, a book, and five original signed character drawings in a handsome case.

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- The Lion King
1. "Circle Of Life" [4:39]
2. Scar [3:30]
3. Father And Son [3:18]
4. Uncle Scar [2:40]
5. "I Just Can't Wait To Be King" [3:41]
6. Elephant Graveyard [5:03]
7. Under The Stars [2:41]
8. "Be Prepared" [4:47]
9. Stampede [5:27]
10. The King Is Dead [4:21]
11. Scar Takes Over [1:00]
12. Timon And Pumbaa [3:02]
13. "Hakuna Matata" [4:03]
14. Scar In Command [1:46]
15. Pumbaa And Timon Wax Philosophical [3:07]
16. Nala And Simba Reunite [:32]
17. "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" [4:03]
18. Trouble In Paradise [3:05]
19. He Lives In You [1:35]
20. Simba Returns [6:16]
21. Simba Confronts Scar [3:51]
22. The Fight [4:01]
23. Simba Ascends [4:02]
24. End Credits [2:38]
Disc #2 -- The Lion King 1 1/2
1. Before The Beginning [1:59]
2. Main Title/The Meerkats' Habitat [6:26]
3. "That's All I Need" [4:05]
4. Leaving Home [4:32]
5. A New Acquaintance [5:33]
6. Dream Home #1 [6:44]
7. Real Estate Ventures [5:00]
8. Paradise At Last [3:58]
9. Sing Along: "Hakuna Matata" [1:16]
10. Simba Joins The Club [5:57]
11. Growing Up Together [4:36]
12. Nala's Return [4:42]
13. Timon Alone [4:10]
14. Return To The Pride Lands [7:15]
15. The Big Wrap-Up [4:06]
16. End Credits [5:50]
Disc #3 -- The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride
1. "He Lives In You" [3:33]
2. Daddy's Little Princess [2:05]
3. The Baby-Sitters [3:36]
4. Alligator Attack [5:04]
5. "We Are One" [4:48]
6. The Evil Outside [2:38]
7. "My Lullaby" [5:05]
8. Kiara's First Hunt [4:08]
9. Wildfire! [1:57]
10. Kovu To The Rescue [6:55]
11. Just Having Fun [4:50]
12. Simba Seeks Counsel [:53]
13. "Upendi" [4:57]
14. Ambush! [5:37]
15. "One Of Us" [3:35]
16. Kiara Defies Her Father [1:32]
17. "Love Will Find A Way" [2:53]
18. War! [:43]
19. One Once Again [7:52]
20. End Credits [2:26]

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