Little Children

Little Children

4.6 10
Director: Todd Field

Cast: Kate Winslet, Jennifer Connelly, Patrick Wilson


Oscar-nominated filmmaker Todd Field teams with novelist Tom Perrotta to adapt Perrotta's acclaimed novel concerning the suburban malaise experienced by a handful of small-town individuals whose intersecting lives converge in a variety of surprising, and sometimes ominous, ways. Kate Winslet, Jennifer ConnellySee more details below


Oscar-nominated filmmaker Todd Field teams with novelist Tom Perrotta to adapt Perrotta's acclaimed novel concerning the suburban malaise experienced by a handful of small-town individuals whose intersecting lives converge in a variety of surprising, and sometimes ominous, ways. Kate Winslet, Jennifer Connelly, and Patrick Wilson star in a cinematic adaptation that doesn't aim so much to simply reproduce the book for the screen as it does to re-imagine the written word by exploring new possibilities for the characters and situations originally presented in Perrotta's 2004 best-seller. Sarah (Winslet) is a suburban outsider who, unlike the other playground moms, isn't afraid to approach the dreamy but long-absent father whom smitten housewives have taken to calling the "Prom King." Long days at the local community pool with their respective children soon find Sarah becoming acquainted with local husband and father Brad (Patrick Wilson) -- who seems to share in her seething discontentment with life in their quaint commuter town. An English literature major who never envisioned a fate as a soccer mom, Sarah has a growing dissatisfaction with her successful husband (Gregg Edelman) that parallels Brad's increasing frustration with his inability to pass the bar and connect with his wife, Kathy (Jennifer Connelly), a successful documentary filmmaker. It's not long before the dejected pair is meeting for a series of illicit afternoon trysts as their unsuspecting spouses work and their children lie quietly napping. Meanwhile, after the community is riled by the return of a convicted sex offender (Jackie Earle Haley) who leaves the concerned parents scrambling to protect their young ones, an attempt made by Sarah and Brad to legitimize their clandestine relationship by dining together with their respective spouses begins to awaken Kathy's suspicions about the fidelity of her husband.

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Editorial Reviews

All Movie Guide - Perry Seibert
A funny, piercing examination of suburban selfishness and fear, Todd Field's adaptation of Tom Perrotta's novel Little Children is a masterful example of humanist filmmaking. As illicit lovers Sarah and Brad, Kate Winslet and Patrick Wilson excel at portraying self-absorption, though they each come from distinctly different emotional places. Winslet's depiction of Sarah's fierce intelligence makes her lack of self-awareness all the more tragic. At numerous points in the film, Sarah displays a casual disregard for her three-year-old daughter when the toddler shows basic needs for her mother's attention, and Winslet's illustration of this dispassion is frighteningly realistic. Meanwhile, Brad is eternally immature, forever chafing at demands of responsibility, and unwilling or unable to live life on his own terms without a mother or wife to answer to. While countless films paint monstrous pictures of the horrors of bad parenting, Little Children sheds light onto the much more insidiously easy trap of negligent parenting. The collective fear of these characters is that a safe and quiet life might not be what they really want. Despite the rigid structures of suburban etiquette, they all finally get the excuse to vent their frustrations when Ronnie, a convicted child molester played by Jackie Earle Haley, moves into the neighborhood. Ronnie's presence disrupts the community's placid exterior and, at last, the repressed suburbanites are able to breach their self-imposed silence and express their long-held anxieties by transferring their feelings onto this new, perceived threat. Haley's exceptional performance makes this rather schematic character entirely relatable, even during his most disturbing moments. He understands all of his worst instincts, but for all his effort is still unable to resist them. The most remarkable achievement of the film is that the three leads, as well as all of the supporting characters, are viewed with a lucid sense of compassion and humanity. The worst of their flaws and the consequences of their behaviors are presented unflinchingly, but the film passes judgment only on actions, never on people. The way Field and his gifted cast inspire us to feel for these often unlikable people makes the message at the heart of the film quite clear: that adulthood is defined by empathy. Funny, tragic, and very knowledgeable about human behavior, Little Children is full of truth.

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Product Details

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New Line Home Video
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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Kate Winslet Sarah Pierce
Jennifer Connelly Kathy Adamson
Patrick Wilson Brad Adamson
Jackie Earle Haley Ronnie J. McGorvey
Noah Emmerich Larry Hedges
Gregg Edelman Richard Pierce
Phyllis Somerville May McGorvey
Raymond J. Barry Bullhorn Bob
Jane Adams Sheila
Ty Simpkins Aaron Adamson
Helen Carey Slutty Kay,Jean
Sadie Goldstein Lucy Pierce
Catherine Wolf Marjorie
Mary B. McCann Mary Ann
Trini Alvarado Theresa
Marsha Dietlein Bennett Cheryl
Sarah Buxton Slutty Kay
Thomas Greaney Troy
Anna Audia Isabella
Celestial Hakim Courtney
Hunter Reid Christian
Chad Brown Tony Correnti
Phil McGlaston Rogers, Dewayne
Bruce Kirkpatrick Bart Williams
Adam Mucci Richie Murphy
Chance Kelly Pete Olaffson
Rebecca Schull Laurel
Crystal Field Josephine
Lola Pashalinski Bridget
Walker Ryan 'G'
David Cole Skateboarder 2
Weston Elrod skateboarder 3
Erica Berg Richard's Secretary
Leo Trombetta Frank
Christopher Nicholas Smith Steakhouse Waiter
Adam Sietz Large Man
Tom Perrotta Small Man
Stan Carp Cabbie
Sandra Berrios Kind Woman in Hospital
Ivar Brogger ICU Counsellor
Myra Turley ICU Nurse
David Rowdon Tow Yard Attendant
Paul Mott Boy in Katy's Documentary
Margaret Pace EMT
Beatrice Rigaud Concerned Mom at Pool
Mary Goggin Concerned Mom at Pool
Jillian Lindig Concerned Mom at Pool
William Harvey Policeman at Pool
Casper Andreas Policeman at Pool
Matt Garifo Lifegaurd
Brooke Fazio Snack Girl
Monica Dobson Wading Pool Mom
Ken Tirado Bartender
Carlie LaPorta Children at Steakhouse
Joe C. Guest Ted From Richard's Office
Bruce Gross Ray From Next Door
Patrick Larkin Auditor Team Captain
Michael Diesel Police Officer at McGorvey's
Leon Vitali Oddly Familiar Man
Conrad Angel Corral Slutty Kay Fan Club Member
Darrell E. Geer Slutty Kay Fan Club Member
Gil Ira Hayes Slutty Kay Fan Club Member
Mark A. Pierce Slutty Kay Fan Club Member
Marshall Lefcourt Slutty Kay Fan Club Member
Jennifer Rainville Reporter
Gary Anthony Ramsay off-screen anchor
Patricia A. Gangemi Concerned Parent
Cynthia L. Wiese Concerned Parent
Loren Wiese Concerned Parent
Clare F. Mithcell Concerned Parent
John Begley Background Football Player
Travis Koestler Skateboarder
Daniel Falla Skateboarder
Luis Tolentilo Skateboarder
Tugman Tookmanlian Skateboarder
Thomas Newman Conductor

Technical Credits
Todd Field Director,Producer,Screenwriter
Kent Alterman Executive Producer
Albert Berger Producer
Antonio Calvache Cinematographer
Michael Caracciolo Camera Operator
Melissa Economy Costumes/Costume Designer
Toby Emmerich Executive Producer
Melinda Eshelman Costumes/Costume Designer
David Gropman Production Designer
John Kasarda Art Director
David Knox Camera Operator
Randy Houston Mercer Makeup
Belinda Monte Casting
Thomas Newman Score Composer
Patrick Palmer Executive Producer
Tom Perrotta Screenwriter
Todd Thaler Casting
Mike Topoozian Asst. Director
Leo Trombetta Editor
Leon Vitali Associate Producer
Michele Weiss Associate Producer
Chip Williams Makeup
Ron Yerxa Producer

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Little Children
1. Main Titles/Sarah [6:10]
2. The Prom King [3:37]
3. The Bet [7:33]
4. Profound Disorientation [3:03]
5. The Committee [5:46]
6. Richard [6:06]
7. Evening Fitness Walk [2:51]
8. The Town Pool [9:39]
9. Cooling Off [5:50]
10. Scattered Showers [4:50]
11. May and Ronnie [4:24]
12. The Attic [2:08]
13. Riding With Larry [6:00]
14. Flaubert [3:39]
15. The Test [9:26]
16. The Date [4:25]
17. Coming Home [6:08]
18. Lucy's Mom [3:28]
19. The Big Game [6:13]
20. Save the Children [5:55]
21. Ronnie Comes Home [5:11]
22. Running Away [5:01]
23. End Credits [13:01]

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