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Looney Tunes Golden Collection - Vol. 3
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Looney Tunes Golden Collection - Vol. 3

4.0 7
Director: Art Davis, Bob Clampett, Chuck Jones

Cast: Arthur Q. Bryan


Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Donald Liebenson
Animation buffs will swoon with Pepe Le Pew-like rapture at this third volume of classic Warner Bros. cartoons. While Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 contain the bulk of the masterpieces, that was far from all, folks. Vol. 3 contains many essential, historically significant, and just darn funny cartoons. In "Daffy Duck and Egghead," Daffy makes the most of his first starring role, delivering a rollicking rendition of the Looney Tune theme, "The Merry Go Round Broke Down." "I Haven't Got a Hat" marks the screen debut of a stuttering pig named Porky, who steals the show with his rendition of "The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere." "Odor-Able Kitty" introduces amorous skunk Pepe Le Pew (although he's revealed as a henpecked husband and, in this cartoon only, unwittingly pursues a male cat). Also debuting here is Foghorn Leghorn, in the Academy Award-winning “Walky Talky Hawky,” which, as the title suggests, was created as a launch vehicle for Henry Hawk. Disc 2 (of 4), dubbed “Hollywood Caricatures and Parodies,” focused mainly on screen legends of the 1930s, is a particular delight. "The Coo Coo Nut Grove" features irreverent anthropomorphic incarnations of Katharine Hepburn (a horse), Harpo Marx (a bird), Mae West (a voluptuous lovebird), and Laurel and Hardy (a monkey and a pig). In "Thugs with Dirty Mugs, "Ed G. Robbemsom" can't resist showing off his Fred Allen imitation to the audience. "The Honey-Mousers" recasts The Honeymooners couples as mice, with June Foray as the voice of Alice. Disney may have pioneered the art of personality animation, but the Warner stable of iconic characters is loaded with the stuff. Bugs Bunny, TV Guide's pick for the greatest cartoon character of all time, takes center stage on Disc 1 (“Bugs Bunny Classics”) with such gems as "Duck! Rabbit! Duck!," the third in Chuck Jones's famed "Wabbit Season" trilogy of cartoons starring Elmer, Bugs, and Daffy. Two of Sylvester's very best cartoons are included, the Oscar-winning "Birds Anonymous" on Disc 4 (“All-Star Cartoon Party”), in which he pledges to kick the Tweety Bird habit; and "Claws for Alarm" on Disc 3 (“Porky and the Pigs”), one of his wonderful "fraidy cat" cartoons with Porky Pig. In addition to audio commentaries by animation experts and contemporary cult fave directors and animators (among them Joe Dante and John Kricfalusi), there are tributes to Chuck Jones and Frank Tashlin, archival rarities such as vintage black-and-white cartoons (including the studio's very first, "Sinkin' in the Bathtub") and the unaired TV pilot for the live-action/animated series, "Philbert," and a segment about Warner's wartime cartoons. All 60 cartoons in this set are presented complete and uncut, prompting a parental advisory from Whoopi Goldberg that several of the cartoons contain racial and ethnic stereotypes, an unfortunate comedic practice of the day.

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Special Features

Closed Caption; Commentaries and behind-the-scenes featurettes with animators, historians and voice artists profiling specific cartoons, characters and creators; New introduction by Whoopi Goldberg; Music-and-effects-only tracks on selected shorts; Two Insightful documentaries: Chuck Amuck What's Up, Doc? A Salute to Bugs Bunny; Philbert TV Pilot; The Bugs Bunny show: Bridging sequences and audio recording session; Bonus rareties from the Vaults, including early studio black-and-white and wartime shorts

Cast & Crew

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Looney Tunes: Golden Collection, Vol. 3 - Disc One
1. Hare Remover [7:08]
2. Hare Tonic [7:28]
3. A Hare Grows in Manhattan [8:17]
4. Easter Yeggs [8:21]
5. The Wabbit Who Came to Supper [7:15]
6. Bowery Bugs [8:07]
7. Homeless Hare [7:30]
8. Case of the Missing Hare [7:05]
9. Acrobatty Bunny [8:13]
10. Wackiki Wabbit [7:43]
11. Hare Do [6:42]
12. Rebel Rabbit [7:30]
13. Hillbilly Hare [6:39]
14. Duck! Rabbit, Duck! [7:24]
Disc #2 -- Looney Tunes: Golden Collection, Vol. 3 - Disc Two
1. Daffy Duck in Hollywood [8:04]
2. Hollywood Capers [6:42]
3. The Coocoo Nut Grove [6:43]
4. Porky's Road Race [7:16]
5. The Woods Are Full of Cuckoos [7:16]
6. She Was An Acrobat's Daughter [8:35]
7. The Film Fan [6:52]
8. Speaking of the Weather [7:23]
9. Thugs With Dirty Mugs [7:56]
10. Goofy Groceries [8:53]
11. Swooner Crooner [7:20]
12. Wideo Wabbit [7:00]
13. The Honey-Mousers [6:57]
14. The Last Hungry Cat [7:03]
15. The Mouse That Jack Built [6:56]
Disc #3 -- Looney Tunes: Golden Collection, Vol. 3 - Disc Three
1. I Haven't Got a Hat [7:08]
2. Porky's Romance [7:45]
3. Porky's Party [7:14]
4. Porky in Egypt [6:55]
5. Porky and Teabiscuit [7:45]
6. Pigs Is Pigs [7:17]
7. Pigs in a Polka [7:52]
8. Porky Pig's Feat [8:38]
9. Daffy Duck Slept Here [7:07]
10. Bye, Bye Bluebeard [7:11]
11. An Egg Scramble [6:48]
12. Robin Hood Daffy [6:37]
13. The Windblown Hare [7:09]
14. Claws for Alarm [6:48]
15. Rocket Squad [6:35]
Disc #4 -- Looney Tunes: Golden Collection, Vol. 3 - Disc Four
1. Daffy Duck and the Dinosaur [7:47]
2. Super-Rabbit [8:13]
3. Daffy Duck and Egghead [7:34]
4. A Gruesome Twosome [7:25]
5. Draftee Daffy [7:02]
6. Falling Hare [8:27]
7. Steal Wool [6:53]
8. Birds Anonymous [6:56]
9. No Barking [6:44]
10. Rabbit Punch [7:43]
11. An Itch in Time [8:28]
12. Odor-Able Kitty [7:14]
13. Walky Talky Hawky [7:00]
14. Gonzales' Tamales [6:19]
15. To Beep or Not to Beep [6:39]

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