Lucky Number Slevin

Lucky Number Slevin

4.5 19
Director: Paul McGuigan

Cast: Josh Hartnett, Morgan Freeman, Ben Kingsley


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An innocent man visiting a friend in New York City becomes embroiled in a dangerous series of events after being mistaken for the very man he has come to the city to see in director Paul McGuigan's labyrinthine murder mystery. Upon arriving at the empty apartment of his old friend Nick, the unassuming Slevin (See more details below


An innocent man visiting a friend in New York City becomes embroiled in a dangerous series of events after being mistaken for the very man he has come to the city to see in director Paul McGuigan's labyrinthine murder mystery. Upon arriving at the empty apartment of his old friend Nick, the unassuming Slevin (Josh Hartnett) is troubled to hear the voice of his missing friend's next door neighbor Lindsay (Lucy Liu) expressing concern as to Nick's safety and whereabouts. When Slevin ventures into Lindsay's apartment only to be greeted by the uninviting fist of a thuggish mob henchman, he quickly realizes that Nick is indeed in grave danger. Soon summoned by the big boss and accused of being the deeply indebted Nick, Slevin's attempts to prove his identity are foiled by the fact that his wallet had been stolen upon arrival in the city. With time running out and a complex plot to assassinate one of the city's most powerful crime bosses slowly coming into focus, the arrival of a notorious hit-man named Mr. Goodkat (Bruce Willis) forces Slevin to step up his desperate search and reclaim his identity before he's forced to pay a debt that could cost him his life.

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Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
In the post-Quentin Tarrantino film universe, complicated thrillers laced with black comedy and heavy on clever dialogue have become a genre unto themselves. Lucky Number Slevin is among the more satisfying of the breed. This zesty film has the feel of an edgy little indie, but the A-list cast stamps it as a prestige product. Josh Hartnett portrays an engaging young man who, mistaken for somebody else, gets thrust into the middle of a long-simmering feud between rival gangsters known only as the Boss (Morgan Freeman) and the Rabbi (Ben Kingsley). The wild card in this intricate game is an amoral hit man named Goodkat (Bruce Willis), who seems to be working for both factions. Director Paul McGuigan, who directed Hartnett in Wicker Park, employs narrative tricks designed to dazzle viewers while preventing them from piecing together the narrative puzzle too quickly. McGuigan’s last-reel wrap-up is reminiscent of The Usual Suspects, repeating key bits of footage that, reassembled in a different order with narration supplying added context, take on an entirely different meaning. Does Lucky Number Slevin leave us questioning a few plot points? Possibly. Does it still work as pure film entertainment? Without question.
All Movie Guide
Lucky Number Slevin is about mistaken identity, but as a movie, it's pretty slippery to pin down as well. Paul McGuigan's film starts off like a jokey, self-satisfied cousin of Get Shorty -- every mob boss is a pop-culture poet philosopher, every thug is a gifted wordsmith, and every character dissects and analyzes the semantic irony in his or her dialogue, until eyeballs are rolling all over the theater. Purported cleverness hasn't felt this self-conscious in years, and when Jason Smilovic writes Morgan Freeman a whole speech dedicated to the animated creature known as the "shmoo," the channeling of Quentin Tarantino is complete. By the arrival of the somewhat surprising shift in tone (or identity), the film has already traveled down its path for long enough that the switch-up is somewhat lacking in impact. While this shift gives the film greater complexity, even artistic merit, it also contributes to an uneasy feeling of schizophrenia. Lucky Number Slevin might have been better off choosing one clichéd persona and sticking with it. A sterling cast does distract some from the derivative technique and effortful set design. With Bruce Willis, Josh Hartnett, Ben Kingsley, Stanley Tucci, and Lucy Liu joining Freeman, it's tempting to view Lucky Number Slevin as genuinely hip, rather than the cubic zirconium of cool. It has its share of worthy moments and ideas, especially for those who still find the whimsical mobster movie a fresh genre. But the average viewer may never get past that feeling of mild annoyance, which the cutesy title sets in motion.

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Product Details

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Original Release:
Weinstein Company
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[Wide Screen]
[DTS 5.1-Channel Surround Sound]
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Special Features

Closed Caption; Making Lucky # Slevin; Deleted scenes and alternate ending; Commentary by Josh Hartnett, Lucy Liu & writer Jason Smilovic; Commentary by director Paul McGuigan; Theatrical trailer

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Josh Hartnett Slevin
Morgan Freeman The Boss
Ben Kingsley Schlomo
Lucy Liu Lindsey
Stanley Tucci Brikowski
Bruce Willis Mr. Goodkat
Danny Aiello Actor
Kevin Chamberlain Actor
Sam Jaeger Actor
Dorian Missick Actor
Peter Outerbridge Actor
Corey Stoll Actor
Howard Jermone Actor
Mykelti Williamson Actor

Technical Credits
Paul McGuigan Director
Deborah Aquila Casting
Jane Barclay Executive Producer
Don Carmody Executive Producer
Louis Craig Special Effects Supervisor
Buck Deachman Asst. Director
A.J. Dix Executive Producer
Christopher Eberts Producer
Paula Fairfield Sound Editor
Charles Jude Fever Co-producer
Odette Gadoury Costumes/Costume Designer
Andreas Grosch Producer
Sharon Harel Executive Producer
Andrew Hulme Editor
Kia Jam Producer
Elizabeth Ann Klein Executive Producer
Robert Kravis Producer
Louis Marion Sound/Sound Designer
Tyler Mitchell Producer
Pierre Perrault Art Director
Colombe Raby Art Director
Joshua Ralph Score Composer
Anthony Rhulen Producer
Christopher Roberts Producer
Andreas Schmid Executive Producer
François Séguin Production Designer
Bill Shively Executive Producer
Jason Smilovic Screenwriter
Peter Sova Cinematographer
Tricia Wood Casting

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Lucky#Slevin
1. It All Begins [4:44]
2. A Kansas City Shuffle [12:43]
3. Bad Things Happen in Fours [6:40]
4. Orders Is Orders [4:07]
5. A Small Favor [9:06]
6. The Unlucky Don't Know They're Unlucky [6:35]
7. Lindsey's Investigation [3:18]
8. Cat and Mouse [4:59]
9. Detective Work [4:15]
10. Slevin Gets a Date [6:13]
11. There's Only One Bond [1:58]
12. Time to Come Clean [3:36]
13. A Nice Look for "The Fairy" [:00]
14. "I'll Give Him a War" [5:24]
15. Old Friends Catch Up [3:52]
16. An Answer to a Question [4:58]
17. A World Class Assassin [17:26]
18. End Credits [4:57]

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