Lust, Caution

Lust, Caution

4.5 13
Director: Ang Lee

Cast: Ang Lee, Tony Leung Chiu-Wai, Tang Wei, Joan Chen


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Academy Award-winning director Ang Lee adapts this Eileen Chang story set in World War II-era Shanghai that details the political intrigue surrounding a powerful political figure named Mr. Yee (Tony Leung) in Japanese-occupied Shanghai. Spanning the late '30s and early '40s, the movie introduces us to Hong Kong teenSee more details below


Academy Award-winning director Ang Lee adapts this Eileen Chang story set in World War II-era Shanghai that details the political intrigue surrounding a powerful political figure named Mr. Yee (Tony Leung) in Japanese-occupied Shanghai. Spanning the late '30s and early '40s, the movie introduces us to Hong Kong teen Wong Chia Chi (Tang Wei), a shy college freshman who finds her calling in a drama society devoted to patriotic plays. But the troupe's leader, Kuang Yu Min (Wang Leehom), isn't just a theater maven -- he's a revolutionary as well, and he's devoted to carrying out a bold plan to assassinate top Japanese collaborator Mr. Yee. Each student has an important role to play, and Wong puts herself in a dangerous position as Mrs. Mak; she befriends Mr. Yee's wife (Joan Chen), and slowly gains trust before tempting him into an affair. While at first the plan goes exactly as scripted, things suddenly take a deadly turn and Wong is emigrated from Hong Kong. Later, in 1941, the occupation shows no signs of ceasing and Wong is simply drifting through her days in Shanghai. Much to her surprise, the former actress finds Kuang requesting that she resume the role of Mrs. Mak. Now, as Wong again gains intimate access to her dangerous prey, she must struggle with her own identity in order to pull off the performance of a lifetime.

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Editorial Reviews

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The graphic sex in Ang Lee's Lust, Caution made its NC-17 rating a foregone conclusion, given the MPAA's tendency to blush over the slightest hint of pubic hair. However, without wanting to legislate how an artist expresses himself, one wonders if toning down the sex might have brought this engrossing and epic spy film to a wider audience. Because of a few minutes of gymnastic intercourse, many viewers were deprived the two-plus hours of schemes and machinations related to the assassination of a high-ranking Chinese traitor during the Japanese occupation of China. But Lee's film doesn't function merely as a fascinating procedural on covert operations by freedom fighters; it also explores the moral and emotional consequences of entrenching with the enemy. As Mak Tai Tai, Tang Wei makes a perfectly conflicted central figure, charged with luring Mr. Yee (Tony Leung) by whatever means necessary. Lust, Caution makes it painfully clear that the resistance leadership is just as callous and unyielding as this cruel Japanese collaborator, refusing to think twice about prostituting Mak Tai Tai to achieve the desired outcome. Her tragedy is twofold. Not only did she join the revolution for the love of the very man who's asking her to ruin herself, but by dangling out there for so long, while the leadership squanders opportunities in order to stockpile intelligence, she ends up developing genuine feelings for Yee. And here the need for intense sex scenes becomes clear. The comingling of bodies symbolizes how the lines have blurred between performance and reality, how Mak Tai Tai can no longer dispassionately doom a lover she never even wanted. The film is filled with superb performances and wonderfully observed details, and Lee's camera misses nothing. In this world of calculation and deception, even the shuffling of mahjong tiles has ominous overtones.

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Universal Studios
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[Wide Screen]
[Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Tony Leung Chiu-Wai Mr. Yee
Tang Wei Mak Tai Tai
Joan Chen Yee Tai Tai
Wang Lee Hom Kuang Yu Min
Tou Chung Hua Old Wu
Chu Tsz-ying Actor
Kao Ying Hsuan Huang Lei
Ko Yu Lien Liang Jun Sheng
Johnson Yuen Auyang Ling Wen,Mr. Mak
Chin Ka-lok Tsao
Su Yan Ma Tai Tai
He Saifei Hsiao Tai Tai
Song Ru Hui Wang's Aunt
Fan Kuang Yao Secretary Chang
Lisa Yen Lu Mahjong Partner of Aunt
Anupam Kher Jewelry Shop Manager
Liu Jie Leung Tai Tai
Yu Ya Chu Tai Tai
Wang Lin Liao Tai Tai
Hua Dong Whangai Yee's Amah
Wang Kan Mr. Yee's Chauffeur
Song Jian Hua Yee Tai Tai's Chauffeur
Takesita Akiko Japanese Tavern Boss Lady
Fujki Hayato Japanese Colonel Sato
Seto Masumi Geisha in Japanese Tavern
Koyama Noriko Musician in Japanese Tavern
Shayam Pathak Jewelry Shopkeeper
Gu Zhang-Ping Hong Kong Tailor
Gao Bo-Wen Male Ping-Tan Singer
Yu Qun Female Ping-Tan Singer
Lau Yat Tung Male HKU Theater Audience
Lai Yuk Ching Female HKU Theater Audience
Yuji Kojima Japanese Commander Taicho
Mizogomi Yoko Japanese Teacher
Minamikata Fumika Japanese Tavern Waitress
Anys Fatnassi New Kiessling Café Waiter
Tang Ya Jun Tricycle Cab Driver
Shi Hong Woman at Police Line
Deng Wei Prostitute in Brothel
Li Dou Old Man at Bookstore
Alexandre Desplat Conductor

Technical Credits
Ang Lee Director,Producer
Dan Carnegie Animator
Hubert Chan Animator
Lloyd Chao Associate Producer
Joel Chong Art Director
Song Dai Executive Producer
David Lee Co-producer
Alexandre Desplat Score Composer
Liu Er Dong Production Manager
Jason Edwards Animator
Choi Shun Fai Executive Producer
Tian Feng Co-producer
Eric Fong Production Manager
Eugene Gearty Sound/Sound Designer
Au Wing Hin Stunts
Chien Hsiang Camera Operator
Wang Hui-Ling Screenwriter
Liu Jianhua Production Manager
Bill Kong Producer
Drew Kunin Sound/Sound Designer
Pan Lai Costumes/Costume Designer,Production Designer
Erica Lam Art Director
Kenny Lam Camera Operator
Olympic Lau Art Director
Stacee Lau Associate Producer
Peter Lee Translator
Diana Liao Translator
Michelle Yen San Lo Production Manager
Vicky Lee Lim Loo Casting
Pang Wai Luen Production Manager
Bill Lui Art Director
Ng Wing Lun Stunts
Alex Mok Art Director
Michael Mulock Animator
Kwan Lee Na Makeup
Rosanna Ng Asst. Director,Casting
Wch Ang Peng Stunts
Xu Pengle Co-producer
Rodrigo Prieto Cinematographer
Matt Ralph Animator
Nishimoto Ryuji Casting
James Schamus Producer,Screenwriter
Huang Kai Sen Stunts
Darren Shaw Executive Producer
Gavin Soares Animator
Tim Squyres Editor
Philip Stockton Sound/Sound Designer
Jim Su Animator
Sun Dan Production Manager
Arthur Wong Camera Operator
Wang Tianyun Co-producer
Chi Shui Tim Special Effects
Doris Tse Co-producer
Lee Chiu Wah Production Manager
Fu Wen Xia Associate Producer
Leung Pok Yan Stunts
Ren Zhonglun Executive Producer

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Lust, Caution
1. Shanghai, 1942 (Main Titles) [9:25]
2. A Telephone Call [6:44]
3. China Will Not Fall! [7:08]
4. Join the Resistance [7:48]
5. Remember Your Role [6:59]
6. Lucky [6:52]
7. Small Talk [11:01]
8. Getting the Hang of It [9:01]
9. Betrayed [5:37]
10. Unfinished Job [7:51]
11. No Turning Back [7:22]
12. Address: 2B [9:12]
13. Lonely [7:57]
14. Last Minute Meeting [11:47]
15. Loyalty [3:49]
16. Needle & Thread [7:23]
17. Six Carats [6:44]
18. Precious Gift [11:11]
19. Keep Playing [6:30]
20. End Titles [7:06]


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