Magilla Gorilla: the Complete Series
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Magilla Gorilla: the Complete Series

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Barnes & Noble - Donald Liebenson
The irresistible theme song says it all: "We've got a gorilla for sale / Magilla Gorilla for sale / Won't you buy him, take him home and try him?" In the pantheon of Hanna-Barbera cartoon stars, banana-loving Magilla ranks somewhere below Huckleberry Hound, Yogi Bear, The Flintstones, and Top Cat but above, say, Peter Potamus. Magilla is the front-window attraction at Mr. Peebles' pet store. Beleaguered Mr. Peebles is Ranger Smith to Magilla's Yogi. In the bulk of these cartoons, Peebles (voiced by Howard Morris) happily sells Magilla (Allan Melvin, whose sitcom credits span from Sgt. Bilko to All in the Family), only to have Magilla return to eat up the profits in bananas. In one, Magilla is unwittingly sold to a big-game hunter who wants a gorilla for his collection. In another, a football coach spots Magilla in the window and recruits him for the team. In other cartoons, such as "Motorcycle Mania," Magilla wreaks havoc around the shop. Two comedy teams in the classic Hanna-Barbera tradition are also featured in each episode: Sheriff Ricochet Rabbit and his sidekick, Droop-a-Long (voiced by Mel Blanc), and the feudin' hillbilly cat and mouse, Punkin Puss and Mush Mouse. As has been the unfortunate practice with these Hanna-Barbera collections, the episodes are not presented complete, with the opening and end titles or interstitials, which is all part of the nostalgic fun. One nifty extra, though, is the original Magilla Gorilla promotional film that introduced the character to prospective TV stations. Children of the '60s will go ape for this; and, one hopes, a new generation not yet jaded by contemporary, ADD-enabled cartoons will find it in their hearts to embrace this wholesome, old-school series. How much is that gorilla in the window? Again, the theme song: "Take our advice / At any price / A gorilla like Magilla is mighty nice." Or, as Magilla himself proclaims, "No home should be without one."

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Special Features

Closed Caption; Magilla theme song, live and unplugged: rare footage of Hoyt Curtin and Bill Hanna at the piano, introduced by series animator Jerry Eisenberg; Mr. Peebles pet shop: interactive interview gallery with Magilla Gorilla voice Allan Melvin, series animator Jerry Eisenberg and animation historian Jerry Beck; Here comes a star: archival TV special goes inside Hanna-Barbera studios to introduce this new simian character

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Magilla Gorilla: The Complete Series, Episodes 1-6
1. Magilla Gorilla: Big Game [6:46]
2. Ricochet Rabbit: Atchison, Topeka & Sam Jose [6:46]
3. Punin' Puss: Calling All Kin [6:45]
1. Magilla Gorilla: Gridiron Gorilla [6:45]
2. Ricochet Rabbit: Good Little Bad Buy [6:45]
3. Punkin' Puss: Small Change [6:46]
1. Magilla Gorilla: Private Magilla [6:47]
2. Ricochet Rabbit: Cradle Robber [6:45]
3. Punkin' Puss: Hornswoggled [6:45]
1. Magilla Gorilla: Bank Pranks [6:46]
2. Ricochet Rabbit: West Pest [6:46]
3. Punkin' Puss: Muscle Tussle [6:46]
1. Magilla Gorilla: Groovey Movie [6:46]
2. Richochet Rabbit: TV Show [6:46]
3. Punkin' Puss: Cat Nipped [6:46]
1. Magilla Gorilla: Airlift [6:46]
2. Ricochet Rabbit: Annie Hoaxley [6:46]
3. Punkin' Puss: Army-Nervy Game [6:43]
Disc #2 -- Magilla Gorilla: The Complete Series, Episodes 7-13
1. Magilla Gorilla: Come Blow Your Dough [6:46]
2. Ricochet Rabbit: School Daze [6:47]
3. Punkin' Puss: Seein' Is Believin' [6:46]
1. Magilla Gorilla: Mad Scientist [6:46]
2. Ricochet Rabbit: Sheepy Wolf [6:45]
3. Punkin' Puss: Courtin' Disaster [6:46]
1. Magilla Gorilla: Masquerade Party [6:46]
2. Richochet Rabbit: Big Thinker [6:46]
3. Punkin' Puss: A Tale of Two Kitties [6:45]
1. Magilla Gorilla: Come Back Little Magilla [6:46]
2. Ricochet Rabbit: Two Too Many [6:44]
3. Punkin' Puss: Chomp Romp [6:46]
1. Magilla Gorilla: Fairy Godmother [6:46]
2. Ricochet Rabbit: Bad Guys Are Good Guys [6:46]
3. Punkin' Puss: Catch As Cat Can Day [6:45]
1. Magilla Gorilla: Planet Zero [6:46]
2. Ricochet Rabbit: Itchy-Finger Gunslinger [6:47]
3. Punkin' Puss: Jump Bumps [6:45]
1. Magilla Gorilla: Prince Charming [6:46]
2. Ricochet Rabbit: Clunko Bunko [6:46]
3. Punkin' Puss: Nowhere Bear [6:45]
Disc #3 -- Magilla Gorilla: The Complete Series, Episodes 14-17
1. Magilla Gorilla: Motorcycle Magilla [6:46]
2. Ricochet Rabbit: Slick Quick Gun [6:46]
3. Punkin' Puss: Legend of Bat Mouseterson [6:44]
1. Magilla Gorilla: Is That Zoo? [6:46]
2. Ricochet Rabbit: Mostly Ghostly [6:46]
3. Punkin' Puss: Super Drooper [6:46]
1. Magilla Gorilla: Bird-Brained [6:45]
2. Ricochet Rabbit: Will O' the Whip [6:46]
3. Punkin' Puss: Pep Hep [6:46]
1. Magilla Gorilla: Circus Ruckus [6:44]
2. Ricochet Rabbit: Cactus Ruckus [6:46]
3. Punkin' Puss: Shot at and Missed [6:45]
Disc #4 -- Magilla Gorilla: The Complete Series, Episodes 18-23
1. Magilla Gorilla: That Was the Geek That Was [6:46]
2. Ricochet Rabbit: Rapid Romance [6:46]
3. Punkin' Puss: The Mouse From S.O.M.P. [6:45]
1. Magilla Gorilla: Montana Magilla [6:46]
2. Richochet Rabbit: El Loco, Loco, Loco, Loco, Diablo [6:46]
3. Punkin' Puss: Host of a Ghost [6:45]
1. Magilla Gorilla: Wheelin' and Dealin' [6:45]
2. Ricochet Rabbit: Big Town Show Down [6:47]
3. Punkin' Puss: Feudal Feud [6:46]
1. Magilla Gorilla: Mad Avenue Madness [6:46]
2. Ricochet Rabbit: Space Sheriff [6:46]
3. Punkin' Puss: Heir Conditioning [6:46]
1. Magilla Gorilla: Beu Jest [6:45]
2. Ricochet Rabbit: Red Riding Ricochet [6:45]
3. Punkin' Puss: Hyde and Shriek [6:46]
1. Magilla Gorilla: Super Blooper Heroes [6:45]
2. Ricoche Rabbit: Jail Break-in [6:46]
3. Punkin' Puss: Misfortune Cookie [6:46]

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Magilla Gorilla: the Complete Series 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Penny_Girl More than 1 year ago
This is another classic cartoon from the Hanna-Barbera 1960's collection of wonderful programs. It is fun for young and old. It is simple, yet good, clean fun in the classic cartoon style. Colorful graphics should keep youngsters interested. The character of Magilla will tug at heart strings-even though he is just a fictional character, as will Ogee, the little girl who asks, How Much is That Gorilla in the Window? in the memorable theme song. The only flaw with the video is that the show's great theme song is only played at the beginning of the DVD and not at the beginning of each episode.