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Mansfield Park

Mansfield Park

4.1 6
Director: Jane Austen

Cast: Jane Austen


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Adapted from the novel by Jane Austen, the British miniseries Mansfield Park starred Sylvestra La Touzel as Fanny Price, a "poor relation" deposited at the doorstep of the titular country estate at age ten. Raised by her cynical uncle, Sir Thomas Bertram (Bernard Hepton), the ugly-duckling Fanny was ignored or rebuffed by everyone on the estate except for her


Adapted from the novel by Jane Austen, the British miniseries Mansfield Park starred Sylvestra La Touzel as Fanny Price, a "poor relation" deposited at the doorstep of the titular country estate at age ten. Raised by her cynical uncle, Sir Thomas Bertram (Bernard Hepton), the ugly-duckling Fanny was ignored or rebuffed by everyone on the estate except for her cousin, Edmund (Nicholas Farrell). Eventually blossoming into a beautiful woman, Fanny found herself the romantic bone of contention between Edmund and neighboring aristocrat Henry Crawford (Robert Burbage). Though fond of both men, Fanny was not about to make an impulsive choice between them; both Edward and Henry would have to prove their mettle to her before either man could claim her hand in marriage. Telecast in six hour-long installments by the BBC in 1986, Mansfield Park was remade 13 years later as a theatrical feature film.

Editorial Reviews

All Movie Guide - Mike Cummings
This 1986 production has the right ingredients for a praiseworthy adaptation of a classic novel: loyalty to the author's vision, accomplished acting, and historically accurate settings and costumes. But modern audiences may balk at the lack of passion and glamor in the central character, Fanny Price (Sylvestra Le Touzel). She is shy, down-to-earth, primly upright, and merely pretty rather than beautiful. However, this is not director David Giles' interpretation of Fanny; it is Fanny as Jane Austen (1775-1817) wrote her. Of course, in remaining faithful to the 1814 novel, Giles risks alienating viewers who prefer spirited, assertive Austen heroines, like the feminist Fanny (Frances O'Connor) in Patricia Rozema's 1998 adaptation of Mansfield Park. Critics both praised and panned that production, generally because their viewpoints reflected their acceptance or rejection of Rozema's revisionism. The 1983 film -- produced by the BBC as a TV miniseries -- is undeniably superior in at least one respect: its 261-minute running time, which allows it to present more of the plot and more of Austen's original dialogue. But it is undeniably inferior in its production values, appearing stagy, like a play, and the sound quality is only marginally better than that recorded by a portable tape recorder. In both productions, though, the acting and period ambience leave little room for criticism. In the end, the question of which is the better film ultimately depends on whether viewers prefer their Austen pure and straight up or spiked with 80-proof interpretation.

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Scene Index

Side #1 -- Side A, 1-4
1. Burden of Benevolence [8:08]
2. Sober Reflection [8:22]
3. Last Living Moment [8:39]
4. Childless Courtship [9:09]
5. Plans for Conquest [14:50]
6. End Credits [1:20]
1. General Distinctions [7:21]
2. Altered Approach [8:51]
3. Readily Forgiven [10:28]
4. Tour of Antiquities [4:06]
5. A Walk in the Park [21:28]
6. End Credits [1:21]
1. Honest Gentlemen [10:34]
2. Theatrics of Poetry [7:51]
3. Boisterous Behavior [10:14]
4. Epitome of the World [12:24]
5. Lord of the Manor [10:34]
6. End Credits [1:19]
1. Quiet Household [7:53]
2. Obliged to Serve [8:06]
3. A Hole in the Heart [7:59]
4. Gifts of Vanity [6:10]
5. A Day of Pleasure [20:18]
6. End Credits [1:23]
Side #2 -- Side B, 5-6
1. Tangled Schemes [8:41]
2. Unnecessary Indulgences [9:11]
3. Feelings Unchanged [6:56]
4. Misshapen Ideals [16:56]
5. A Brother's Wisdom [8:39]
6. End Credits [1:20]
1. Home Sweet Home [10:23]
2. Ladies in Tow [9:44]
3. A Sailor's Providence [12:20]
4. Traveling in Secret [9:07]
5. Reminiscence of the Past [9:02]
6. End Credits [1:20]

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Mansfield Park 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
After getting past the stage setting of this version, I was impressed by the thoroughness of the adaptation. I have read the book, and if you'd like a good rendering of Jane Austen's mature novel, watch this movie.(I must note, however, that Edmund is disappointing--I pictured him as unassumingly handsome, which this one is not. Just maintain your own mental image of Edmund, and you'll be fine.) This Fanny is true to her character as painted by Jane Austen, though at times she seems spasdic in her dialogue. (But maybe Fanny was, poor thing.) To sum-up: if you've read Mansfield Park, you will not be disappointed in this retelling of the story. In fact, I think you will enjoy it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
I also haven't seen the newer movie version of Mansfield Park but I have seen this older BBC version and I liked it alot. I haven't read the Jane Austen book yet so I can't say how faithful it is to the book but I can say that I thought that this mini series was great and I thought the acting by the whole cast was very good but I especially liked the actors who played Fanny, Edmund, Henry and Mary and I liked how Fanny stayed true to herself and her convictions! I would very highly recommend this DVD to anyone!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I havent seen the most recent adaptation for a movie of M.P. But from what I got, it wasn't that great. Anyway, this is an excellent movie! Costumes are fantastic, characters portrayed vividly and beautifully! I loved this movie, now that I think of it. I've not read the book, but I can tell you when I think of this I think-pure Austen. And this coming from a fifteen year old! But really-it is soooo worthwhile to see!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I loved this movie. I was a little disappointed in the setting because you could tell that it was indeed a set...but I really enjoyed Fanny's performance...she is the kind of woman I would love to be. I'm glad it all turned out good for her..... her Aunt Norris was a pain in the you -know-what but I think if she had been different the ending would have been different to.
JoannaTX More than 1 year ago
I'll admit these aren't the best-looking actors, but it's accurate and faithful to the theme of the book. It was honestly very enjoyable. The only things I didn't like much was that sometimes it was a bit more like stage-acting which I find very annoying. The two main actors also weren't my favorites, but they did okay - with an obvious lack of chemistry. The most annoying thing: The elder brother Tom was OBVIOUSLY younger than the actor playing Edmund - it annoyed me to no end. Mrs. Norris seemed likes a shrewish rat - just as I imagined her. Lol. On the whole, it was very good, certainly better than the 1998 version. The Masterpiece Theatre version is also okay.